Dreadful performance

Hi, and thank you for your reply. Yes, I have tried the frame rate fix for the glass instruments however, I prefer smooth updates to my instruments. For the time being, I am avoiding the airliners as the GA aircraft are fun to fly, (at least the ones I have tried). I do like private jets and wish Gulfstream would allow someone to model the very elegant G4! Keep safe. BRGDS. Charles

I am getting smooth updates with this fix and others appear to be getting much better performance with no visual impact on the instruments. I found the game unusable prior to that as it was taxing the CPU hard due to those instruments not being optimised.

Highonsnow, pls can you provide me with the link to this file because there are several in circulation. I may not have the best optimised version. There are three different file versions available on one website. BRGDS. Charles.

OK, I think I have found it :smiley: Charles

Hi, I have the same CPU I7 3770k with a GTX 1080, 16GB DDR3 2133Mhz. Unless you have a good reason to stay on stock clocks, I suggest to OC all that as it’s really easy and you will have 0 risk if you stay light. For example I never touch voltage. I n bios I just changed the core multiplier to 44 so I run at 4,4Ghz turbo speed (vs 3,9), and changed the bios cpu fan control to be at 100% sooner, the GTX 1080 is, thank to MSI Afterburner, Oc too at 2100Mhz for core (+150) and 5400Mhz for its MEM (+400), with a fan change to run at 100% after 74 degres. The DDR3 is sold for 2133 but I chosen 2400Mhz in Bios and all work fine. I really see a big difference in MSFS and in general for all games . I’m really happy with my good old machine. Just my 2c :wink:

Edit : I forget to say I have a good refresh fan for my cpu, a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 which help to keep temps under 82 degres.

Some people are getting significant step-up’s in performance by using Nvidia driver 452.22, it’s a Nvidia hot-fix driver that has no published fixes for the current 452.06 driver. It’s best to use the DDU tool to remove an older driver so you can have a thoroughly clean environment for a new driver install. I never use Windows to uninstall a display driver. Make sure that your current installed driver has not been rolled back to an older version, Windows can do that behind your back without you noticing. Certainly, a driver re-install gave me better performance. You will notice that some people report a significant improvement in performance while others get nothing. It’s all very strange! Charles

Hi Charles,

This is the original thread for the fix (just updated a few minutes ago with a new release of the fix, v0.1.03 September 9th 2020)

OK, many thanks for your link and work. Will take a look tomorrow. BRGDS. Charles.

Thanks man for this patch.

I’ve had numerous performance issues and had no idea why. I’ve applied this patch and I can now fly in G1000 planes at a constant 40fps :smile:

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Brilliant, I’m glad it’s working well for you!

Fix for those who are facing CTD’s on installing/mid flight, main menu. CTDs Temporary Fix (Awaiting Patch)

i7-9700k, RTX2070 Super, 16gb ram 3200mhz.
Horrible stuttering when approaching any airport, almost crashes on approach.
Have tried with and without overclock. No fix even with low settings.

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Ryzen 9 3900x 32gb ddr4 3200mhz here and most of my 12/24 cores are below 6% usage. In 2020 this should not be a thing anymore…

I have the very same thing. Game is smooth other than regular 2 to 5 secondes drops to 10-12 fps whenever, it seems, some parts of scenery loads during flight.

However, on most approaches/final (and only there) I get massive stuttering where it goes as much as making sounds stutters too, sometimes even crashing the game. This phenomena only appears on final. As soon as I’m landed, performance goes back to normal with the airports corresponding FPS (like when cold and dark or departure). That’s odd!

There are a lot of drop in the global GPU usage. And drops create lag in the game. For exemple when you change camera, or when you move in the cockpit.I monitor my specs during my flights and the problem is still there and only on this game.

This is the most likely cause tbh. I haven’t tested turning off all online function but it makes sense. It’s ok in Beta because limited amount of people are “downloading” streams. Once it’s in the wild, imagine, 10 billion miles flown. How would the servers cope with this insane traffic?

What I’ve tested though it extreme manual caching. I cached the whole Toronto Area on high, 7GBs worth. And the whole KSFO on high, 21GBs. The KSFO still hiccups as my CPU is bottlenecking but Toronto’s smooth with the manual cache. Load times are drastically different too with Toronto loading much quicker with manual cache. Without the cache it’d load about the same everywhere, UK, Tokyo, etc. But with the manual it loads way faster. KSFO is insane, even with cache, it’s over 1 minute staring at the screen.

Everything’s on SSD btw.

With your streaming theory though, wouldn’t it make sense that if you’re flying over 300 kts low to the ground could make this way worst? Like a jet perhaps? I don’t fly jets yet so.

See what’s crazy is this exact GPU graph spikes and drops happened during the unpatched launch of red dead 2 on DX12. On Vulcan it was smooth as butter. I just tried RDR2 after haven’t played for 3 months and it’s still the same after countless patch. The Vulcan graph is smooth while the DX graph spikes like hell. Couple that with streaming textures I dunno bro, sadface.

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Im Flying at 50 FPS (all green) and Suddenly the FPS drops to 10 (red) generating a violent stuttering and soon they go back up to 50 and return to normal, this happens very often during the flight and at any height and on any plane (using Hind - End setting )

I7-9700 K
32 RAM 3000 MHZ
OC to 4.8 Ghz
Maximum Power performance in Nvidia Panel and W10 is set.
FPS development all green graphic


My spec:
3570K @ 4.4
on SSD
Max power just like you. Even set the Win10 gpu scheduling and prog profile. <- This made the menu runs at 527fps. In game not so much difference.

However, I found a peculiar thing about the devmode fps counter.
Vsync on, 60 – red/flashes green green green green
Vsync off, 60 – red/flashes green green green green
Vsync on, 30 – all green
Vsync off, 30 – all green. <-- this makes no sense naw mean? Because the minute you turn Vsync off, the 30 60 option is greyed out. Yet, if it greys at 30, all green (limited by GPU), if it greys on 60, red green. (Limited by mainthread when red)

Something funky is going on in the back.

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Same specs.

Same problem.

I hope the next update addresses this.