Dreadful performance

His PC is fast enough…

Should be fine. My PC runs it fine (RTX2070S, 64GB RAM, i7-9700k).

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I agree, the game is very heavily CPU bottlenecked and depends too much on your CPU while not really using your GPU. The 3080 vs the 2080ti will have very little difference, compared to for example the i7 8700K vs i9 10900K. Of course this will get better over time, they must add DX12 or something.

Yes, what about DX12? We need it as fast as possible. Everything else is ■■■■ and can´t handle modern hardware.

I’m running an rtx 2070, 64 gb Ram, and an i9-9900k, with a 2560p monitor. The game runs ‘ok’, but most of time while on final approach (critical window of time) to an airport, my fps dips so low i’ll have whole stutters that last 10 seconds at a time. This game definitely needs some optimization. (for reference I have to run a majority of my graphical settings in-game at ‘medium’, with the only exception being volumetric clouds at ‘high’.


We need DX12 as soon as possible. Please go to the thread and upvote it.


We need to keep upvoting this thread. Performance in the game has taken a serious hit with yet it seems like MS/Asobo don’t care. Rather they’d hold a bug fixing patch to launch a scenery update. We need a game that works; where the game doesn’t get stuck downloading, where the A320 starts cold, working autopilot, etc. Very, very disappointing.


Performance issue is still there at large airports like KLAX,LFPG,KJFK where it results in terrible stutters and low GPU usage.Guess a cpu upgrade would solve this issue along with more optimizations.
I am running the Standard version for now and those are the three main airports I found that have a huge performance penalty where my CPU takes the hit instead of the GPU.
Otherwise normal flights in a Cesna the sim does pretty well


Is because of this post that they been downgrading graphics to make u happy and us with great system suffer the consequence of bad graphics after patch 1830 iam looking at your system and is very slow specially for 4k come on for the love of god ,u need to upgrade simple or play at low settings until u get a better system.

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try to use Memorychips with a higher clock rate (first have a look to the documentation of your motherboard if a better setting might fits your needs and which clock rate regarding Memory is supported), on my system (i7770k) doing so helped a lot!

when i put 32gb ram i got 15fps increase

and with OC now the game is at least 30 fps everywhere

4790k + 2070

LoL, I don’t know if it was mentionned but I have found a little trick to have more FPS (and sorry if it’s already known)…

Have to UNtick VFR map in panel menu to have (for me) +/- 15 FPS more…

Before :point_right:t2:

After :point_right:t2:

Hope this can help :innocent:

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What is your latest on stuttering? Have you tried the Japan scenic tour yet. The scenery even on ultra is janky. Approaching Tokyo it’s all weird with slow performance and less than amazing buildings. My processor isn’t as fast as yours though. I only have a 6800K

was there any noticeable change you detected after turning it off?

since the last patch, MSFS has become unusable for me
after a long flight time the FPS drops to 5 and this results in a CDT!
MSFS went much better for me in the prerelase!
MSFS is getting worse from patch to patch.

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thanks! will try that out later.

Not really… (sorry for late reaction)

What GHz clock frequency are you running on that Ryzen 5 3600?

Stock speed.
Overclocking a 3600 doesn’t bring any gain at all, and it makes the CPU run even more hot.
It’s watercooled with a Coolermaster ML240.

wow, didn’t know that. I know the new line of AMD has a max of 4.9GHz @ $799.00 usd – trying to get to 5.0GHz isn’t cheap.