Dreadful performance

Hi @LinenOrc9251924
Everything that is running takes something from the PC. My ‘guidelie’ is that if it’s not necessary for FS, kill it! I don’t run anything else but FS. Still waiting for stocks of the 3080 to be real here in Australia. Hopeful that will make for a great experience.

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I am curious and trying out some of these settings myself. But i wounder, why did you switch off shader cache? Doesnt it make the CPU load even worse?

And do you notice less stuttering with low latency set to ultra high? For me it seems to eat away at the fps some, but also i have a GTX 970…

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From what I read, if one has an SSD then shader cache is not required. Obviously I have an SSD. I will experiment with the latency setting, I just used a suggestion from a optimisation recommendation. Now you mention it, I will experiment.

I am playing with this at the moment which I highly recommend …


Interesting, well i have an HDD so i guess il stick to the shader cache on. Just clearned the Nvidia shader folder and perhaps that will do something.

But what about the low latency mode? Are you still using that?

Unreal weather is great btw, love using it!

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Yes, I have low latency mode enabled, Nvidia do give a description or what each of the Control Panel setting do. I think it’s very much down to experimentation. BRGDS. Charles

Maybe this will help you even if you have a different video card/resolution.

My post is explaining the rationale behind all the settings I’ve set for a smooth fps experience and others are reporting this is working better on their systems too:

My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

I don’t get this, but every 10-12 seconds the game stutters at very low frame rates for 2-3 seconds, and then goes back to normal, and this repeats constantly.

I had this issue happen in a previous build, it was fixed, and now it seems to have broken again. Not on the best specs because I’m running a macbook pro with no discrete gpu, but regardless during alpha/beta testing and a period of time after launch I was playing at 1080P and it was smooth, but it seems to have broken again.

I have the application configured to high performance on graphics settings and have game mode on. Don’t really know what else to do.

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Same here, I’m getting “limited by mainthread” even on 3440x1440 high settings… when I look at all the CPU threads, none of them are at 100%.
Hopefully better optimizations are coming, especially with all the new hardware this Q… and VR in the future.


Trust me, performance will be better soon.
To make MSFS ready fir VR, the sim must perform better then it does now.
And DX12 will bring much stable performance, so don’t worry…

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If it’s really “soon” I wonder why they didn’t wait some months with release… could’ve fixed all the bugs, improved performance… and new hardware from AMD/NVIDIA.

Nobody was expecting it in August so no harm done.

Soon is… XBOX series ONE launch date November 10th
Asobo promised to bring DX12 to MSFS at new Xbox launch…

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TBA means to be announced, AFAIK, so they will probably talk more/announce the DX12 update by then.

I doubt they will have that update ready for the Xbox release, but I’m sure they will announce the release of MSFS for the consoles and it will probably come with the DX12 implemented.

Virtually every flight starts mid 30’s even in highly detailed airports. By the time I reach the arrival airport it is down to 10 > 15 FPS. This is really baloney. Is there any hope for FPS improvement and this decay factor I think alot of players see?

Welcome to the club.On my setup its virtually impossible to fly out of Paris LFPG or JFK.May be less of an issue on a faster cpu.What I have noticed when the fps drops at these airports my GPU is completely ignored.

LFPG takes the crown for performing the best PowerPoint presentation!!!
DX12 the holy grain to fix our issues. Lets see what it does when its ready to roll.

I think I figured out the root cause of my issue. I’m looking at my CPU clock speeds and every 10-12 seconds they go from 2.5 ghz + down to 0.79 gigahertz repeatedly. It’s not my graphics card. If the CPU stayed at 2.5 ghz plus constantly then I wouldn’t have these stuttering issues.

I looked up the resolutions on the forums and tried switching processor scheduling to background services but it didn’t work. I have game mode on, flight simulator set to high performacne settings on windows. Feel like there’s nothing I can do on my own to fix this until devs push an update, but they already pushed a cpu update already so I’m kinda confused…

Is it getting good cooling or is power management feature in your computer’s BIOS on? Sounds like it’s throttling.

What is the temp range when it drops?

I would have to check on that but I’m on a macbook pro 16 inch so not exactly pc gaming hardware. Nevertheless, this happened once before 2 months ago, then it stopped with an update, and now it’s gone back to doing it with the latest update. Also, it seems that when I upgrade versions of windows it goes back to having issues. Will try to get a cooling pad, maybe that will help.

Hey @Hester40MT also, I don’t know if the CPU is throttling necessarily, because when it used to work, I wasn’t really hitting more than 25% CPU usage overall, and on top of that I have a CPU that is pretty near the ideal specs and scores about 16000 on cpu mark, where the ideal CPU hits 18,000 or so. It is a laptop after all, but it’s an 8 core CPU and I don’t think my laptop is getting a ton hotter than it should be. I play GTA 5 on decent settings and it works fine.

I would check the temperature. I run MSFS on my laptop without issues. When I bought it (Alienware 17 R4), I removed the CPU fan and put better paste on it. It’s a gaming laptop so the fan system in it is good. Can get loud though! Almost sounds like a jet engine - so don’t need the jet engine sounds from the sim. ha

EDIT: When I do use my laptop, I set it on a cooling pad.

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Okay thanks I will try that and see what happens you’re probably right. I plan to get an EGPU for this setup eventually once we can actually buy the new RTX 30 series cards instead of relying on the internal GPU. Hopefully once a lot of the work is shifted over to the external card it will shift a lot of the heat away from the main unit and I won’t have this issue anymore.

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