Dropdown lists for changing aircraft and controller profiles

Please give us drop down lists for changing aircraft and controller profiles. It is a pain and time consuming to scroll between the aircraft, especial the controller profiles.

Would be great just like in previous flightsims if they would do it!

We really need a drop-down menu for control profile selection.

It seems that with the current system, each time you page through the profiles to get to the one you want, the system actually loads each profile before moving on to the next. This is wasteful, time consuming and results in corruption and merging of profiles unless done really slowly.

Today I discovered that my 4-engine jet profile had converted to the same control options as my complex single engine profile. No fun to reconfigure unnecessarily.

MS/Asobo: Are you listening?

Hello all,

I own a Trustmaster TCA Quadrant. Therefore, I have mulitple profiles saved for different types of aircraft.
Like: A320 profile, B787 profile, VFR profile, PMDG DC6 profile, etc… (and many more to come in the future)

Switching between them isn’t very sufficient.
Is it possible you make this in a drop down menu, so switching between them is easier and faster?


I am with you, please do a drop-down menu

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Please add a drop down menu for selecting control schemes. This allows us to faster navigate to the desired control profile.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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I have several Controller profiles created for my Honeycomb Bravo for various aircraft configs. Today I have to click the left/right arrow, which loads each profile selected, until I land on the profile I want. Sometimes this creates loading lags with the spinny cursor. If enabling a drop down to by-pass this to immediately select the intended profile.

Or how about locally stored controller profiles, so no loading lag whilst it pulls them from the cloud? And how about being able to rename, delete or share profiles?


Can we please have a drop down menu for peripheral profile selections. I have many profiles and it takes a long time to select the one I want.

On the note of drop downs, the drop down menu to select departure point in the world map would be much more user friendly if it was responsive to the content it’s displaying instead of being a fixed size (too small).

In general would love to see the UI overhauled with a philosophy of allowing the user to achieve as much as possible in as few clicks as possible. Bonus would be giving users the option to disable the background graphics in the main menu.



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I am with you, that can’t be difficult…

Also worth looking at this wishlist request, which would improve this further:


I think that would be great, but the first step should to have drop-down list to make selection of aircraft easyer

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Been meaning to request this for a while. Voted.

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Agree with this feature request together with a stronger filtering ability which would allow single prop vs twin prop vs more props vs helico vs single jet vs twin jet vs more jet engines …

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I find it so annoying as I go to select my controls for my throttle as I keep adding more and more for each aircraft. I thought about it and think that instead of going one by one, having a list drop-down when you click it. Just an idea


Implementing this would change my life.


Suggestions for improving the selection process of controllers profiles when switching aircraft:
Replace the Right/ Left arrows which are currently used to select a specific profile, with a drop-down list. It is currently annoying to select a profile when you have multiple profiles to go through until you find your target.

Another vote from me for this very feature request.

Was halfway through making my own post when I noticed this one. Would be a really nice QoL improvement and really shouldn’t be an issue to implement.