Dropdown lists for changing aircraft and controller profiles

Many simmers have a lot of hardware and we need to configure that hardware differently for each plane, some are jets some are not, some have mixture controls some not, some have 1 engine, some 2, some 4.

The combination of many planes and a lot of hardware is a big pain today in MSFS, if we create profiles for each plane and device then when switching planes we have to select the profile for that plane in each of our devices.

My request is very small: Change the way to select a profile to a dropdown menu, in this way we can select a profile for a device without clicking the arrows n times until we reach the desired profile.

There is really no advantage in terms of UI using the arrows, if there are a lot of profiles just add a scrollbar to the dropdown.

Related to this: Ability to have separate control setups for each aircraft without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles?
But a lot easier to develop and would improve things substantially.

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Having a dropdown list would improve that UX a lot, but it still doesn’t solve the fundamental issue of per aircraft profiles per device and auto switching.

I’m working on a solution to this here: Aircraft Manager Pro + Location Manager Pro now available - #16 by Sonicviz

Also cross posted to Ability to have separate control setups for each aircraft without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles? - #334 by Sonicviz

It’s actually not that simple, given the dynamic nature of device setups and numbers of planes people are now accumulating, but I’m working through it step by step. There’s a lot of potential edge cases, and I’m sure a bunch of unknown ones will pop up.

Early alpha (unreleased) atm. Stay tuned!

At list, the controllers, I have 4 controllers in addition to mouse and keyboard; to avoid issues, I set a new controller profile for each type of aircraft. I have at least 6 aircraft, so each controller has hidden 6 or 7 profiles.

Any time I change the aircraft I have to go to each controller and click until the correct profile shows up, could be the first, could be the 7th, and that times 4 (4 controllers) Really??? That was never Microsoft where minimizing the number of clicks has always been a user friendly must.

And by the way, a drop down menu is the mos basic programming feature we can imagine, here since windows 95!!!

Thank you

Yes, it’s a pain and afaik they are looking into it. But wen fix, who no?

In the meantime, I released Aircraft Control Presets recently as part of Aircraft Manager Pro , which lets you automatically switch device control presets on a per aircraft basis:

Yes, it has dropdown lists too :call_me_hand:

Hi, indeed. There are a lot of things we may wish, many dependant on taste, but a few are just basic common IT sense… reinventing the wheel is not innovation… I said soon after release of MSFS: bets simulator ever, worse quality ever… what a pity… I’ll give your tool a go, thanks