Aircraft Manager Pro + Location Manager Pro now available

Avaliable now direct from me @:

Also available exclusively from Orbx marketplace:

Have fun!

Updated with new features to both:
Aircraft control presets with auto-switching:

Start anywhere on land, water, or air:

Free version development discussions for reference:


Congratulations on the releases! :tada: :beers:

I suppose someone has to say it so it may as well be me. I was a bit surprised at the prices to be honest. I know you’ve put in a lot of work and it’s been a pain so please don’t take this as a case of me not appreciating that aspect, but as an example I’ve been considering purchasing the Sky4Sim Premium which is £18 and I’m umm’ing and arr’ing about that. That does also seem like it must have been a lot of work to get all those features implemented and I think they are adding more plus supporting integration into 3rd party aircraft - so I wasn’t expecting your tools to come in so high to be honest. Over half the price of the game itself :slight_smile:

If it was half that I’d be tempted - or like £5 each I would definitely bite without thinking but £33… oh wait, you reduced the discount for both to 10% since I last looked, so £37 is too steep for me, sorry :frowning:

I wish you the best of luck though. I’d pay £36.50 for the controller auto-assign though, so there is that :slight_smile:


Not a problem.

Pricing is always tricky, and unfortunately VAT in UK/EU adds another 20% (launch discount adjusted back to that now - will drop back to 10% “sometime”, was testing).

I consulted a few people about pricing in this area and the feedback I got was it was in the zone (sub $20) individually - $16 with launch discount bundle.

I added a few more features to the free versions, so enjoy!

I wish you the best of luck though. I’d pay £36.50 for the controller auto-assign though, so there is that

I had a look, and pass for now. Too hard basket for me. I’m sure someone else will have a crack at it though!

ps: Map/EFB apps, there’s a bunch of these. Sky4sim looks great too. Free version looks fine as well. I keep meaning to try it out, but personally I wouldn’t need to upgrade to the paid version of that as I don’t need those extra features for my style of flying. Different strokes yada yada. Generous of them to provide it. I have paid PMS50 as well, so kind of redundant for me too.

GitHub - mracko/MSFS-Mobile-Companion-App: Mobile Companion App for MSFS 2020 is a great open source one.


Yeah I can understand that. But you have had quite a lot of visits on the site judging by the hit counter on your threads. Means there are a few hundred interested?

If majority think like me - it comes down to simple maths (especially for a coder lol). What would be better, 3 x 33 or 100 x 10? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah fair one! Can of worms! Maybe one day Asobo will do it. Doesn’t sound like it should be THAT hard for them. Main challenge is the interface for setting up / editing the groupings I suppose.

Nor do I really (short trips in VFR is what I tend to do) but I like the way they are integrating it (Wilga, Mini-500, WB C152 so far that I use) and want to get the most out of it. Plus I think it’s a fair price for that functionality and as you say they give a lot for free. I tried some of the others but as I say, that integration of bringing it into the 3D plane model “realistically” is what I like most about it. Feels more “role play” than only “tools in a browser” if you know what I mean… like “Yeah I’ve got an old fashioned plane but I’ve brought my tablet along!”.

Anyway back to the topic, I’ll definitely have a think about getting at least AM, as I have been using the free one to pick planes quite often since you started this! It’s good, so thanks for making it! :slight_smile:

At approx $50 Canadian for the bundle or $28 for a single the pricing is pretty steep so I’ll be holding off for now. Having said that I tested the free Lite release last night and have to say it’s looking very polished and I love that it loads as the default aircraft selection tool now over the Asobo one.

I’m not terribly interested in most of the pro features anyway but if the Lite version could be made to remember the TAG sort and open at the top of the list with alphabetically sorted tags then it would be perfect!

Thanks again for your work.

Actually it does seem to maintain the tag sort but it re-opens scrolled down to the middle of the page. If it could remain pinned to the top when tag sorted that would be great.

I’m open to adjusting the target price within the bands I was advised were reasonable, though I realise FX rates make local pricing difficult too. The power of the mighty US$ I guess, when your base price is in that currency. I’ve adjusted prices a little for launch, but FX rates and VAT being what they are, it is what it is.

Enjoy the free version. Maybe Asobo will do this soon anyway and make them both redundant.

Pro version features I use a lot, but if the value isn’t there for you sure, stick with free.
That said, if you find yourself using something frequently then there is value there and perhaps a power up could tubocharge that, in addition to supporting the developer(s).
If not, then it goes in the bin with the other dud apps we collect. I know I’ve got a bunch of those, including some of my own :rofl:


I find I only use them for initial settings. Having two monitors, I just pull up what I need on the 2nd screen, it’s more efficient. Or use the toolbar apps, which are easier to see and resizable. Changing camera to look at an EFB I find I drive into the ground a lot, which isn’t good, and I like my FOV clear without a tablet in the way. Multifunction device sounds great too, but for my workflow I like all the apps/instruments I reference to be viewable for scanning, not having to click through things while trying to fly. I guess if you AP fly a lot they’re more useful as you have the time to play with them.

Hah fair one! Can of worms! Maybe one day Asobo will do it. Doesn’t sound like it should be THAT hard for them. Main challenge is the interface for setting up / editing the groupings I suppose.

Sorry mate, but nothing is ever that easy once you dig into it.
Sometimes you have to ask, maybe they haven’t done [insert X] because it’s actually not that easy?

The current ATC/AI discussion is a great example. Even when explained what needs to be done first and why, some people keep insisting it should be easy. :person_shrugging:

Not to mention, they have a long long list of things they’re working on, and priorities vary depending on perspective and plans. I’m sure it’s on their internal roadmap somewhere though.

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True enough, the realities of the global marketplace and proper compensation for work don’t always align with peoples expectations of value.

That ATC / AI thread has been hot for sure, just weighed in over there myself. It probably won’t bring down the temperature but I feel better :slight_smile:

Yeah I noticed this on the latest update just now too. When you sort the list by tags, it’s somewhere in the middle of everything and I have to page back to get back to the “top” of the list now.

Also when you select a “tagged” plane, it then jumps to some random page (page 3 for me) instead of like it used to just keep on the tag ordered page and not move.

hehehe. I didn’t say it was “easy”. I said not that hard as say, ummm, making a whole world :smiley:
But yeah only jesting - I get your point :wink:

100% gets my support and well worth it.

I have seen some of the work @Sonicviz has done behind the scenes, with Asobo/MS “Pulling teeth” to get SDK & Non-SDK information.

He has successfully done things in the UI, that nobody else has even dreamed of attempting - a LOT OF WORK, and a very slick & polished Addon Tool.

A Professional Developer well worth supporting —


Probably a bug crept in as I redid the free version from scratch due to major surgey on the paid version. I’ve had issues getting that selected item repositioning to work in the past, twitchy feature.
10 QA demerit points!

I’ll check it out, a developers work is never done.

Thanks for the vote. It was actually very cool to be able to connect with Asobo devs and get direct info. There seems to be a few of them active there, so mucho kudo’s to MicroSobo for having that channel open.

Just to clarify, the Pro version is not intended to be marketing bs, the features have been differentiated based on casual vs power user, and priced accordingly based on feedback and value added to your regular UI/UX workflows in MSFS.

If you’re fine with the free version, or don’t see the value, that’s ok.
There’s no obligation to upgrade.

I don’t see this actually being a big market (and there are so many different types of users in this space as well), so it’s priced based on feedback I received, other apps priced in the utility space, support considerations (MSFS updates will no doubt break it at some point), and possible future development with some other ideas I have in mind downstream.

Unfortunately, VAT in some jurisdictions plus the US$ FX rate inflates price in local currency. FX rates can swing the other way as well though, at times.

Nothing is ever finished (as if we don’t know that already from MSFS :wink:) so we’ll see where it goes! or not!

Just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for getting these released. These are going to be very useful for me!

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Confirmed it’s an issue with the free version, but not the Pro version. Pro version is fine.
Must have crept in when I did the free rewrite. I’ll add it to the list to track down. Sneeky bugs!


No problemo.

Gotta say, even on my low endish RTX 2060 with all the “issues” MSFS has and the endless complaints people come up with (even me at times) this is still the best ■■■■ flightsim in the history of flightsims.
It’s an immersive digital twin of earth, and just looks so great exploring interesting areas while fiddling with different weather, lighting, and planes. I spent thousands of jumps sticking my head out the door on jump runs spotting or just rubbernecking in the wind and it’s great to be able to recreate those visuals almost 1 for 1 too! Miss the wind though, it was a blast :wind_face:

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I’d just like to give a shoutout to all those who took a leap of faith and bought the pro versions.
You know who you are, thank you!

Here’s a little preview of something that’s been in the development works for a while, and will be coming to Aircraft Manager Pro soon as an alpha test release: Auto control profile switching.

It’s been a long standing gripe within the community, as evidenced by this still active thread from Sept 2020:

It’s looking positive, no showstoppers so far, touch wood, but you never know!
However, due to the complexity of devices that people have, the dynamic nature of them (plugging in/unplugging/failures++, as well as number of planes it might have problems with performance, stability etc that need some stress testing to work out the issues.
So the initial release will be most definitely be an alpha test version, and I hope you can give me some good focused feedback to tune it. More info to follow soon…ish. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend.


You’re a bit early with your April’s Fools joke there mate!

My apologies, I’m sorry to offend your Front End designer sensibilities with such a plain jane functional design, but this is a lean n’ mean aircraft management machine. No sizzle I’m afraid, just meaty bits.

It has been a hard one to crack, but daylight is starting to shine through the code cracks, and as such I’d like to keep this thread focused on the +ve aspects of solution solving. It’s a hard enough job as it is. Thanks!

Codes open though, take a crack at it yourself. Don’t be shy!

Huh? No offence taken at all. But just a few days ago you said you weren’t gonna be able to do this :rofl:

tsk tsk, ye of little faith :wink: I may have underplayed my hand there, I’ve been poking at it for a while.

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