Early access to Public beta is out

Still getting some crazy wind transitions at cruise. Doing a flight from KSDF-KDEN now and I’ve hit two so far. About 75% done with the trip.

I still don’t think it’s realistic that the weather changes suddenly to be some other type of weather. I understand that many wanted to have METAR in the sim but we didn’t have that from release. Those who wanted this are real happy now. We that don’t like it have no options to go back.


Let’s give them a chance to do it right. The upcoming patch is a good indication they care. It might even take a few years, but we could end up with the best weather engines across all sims, I think it’s certainly getting there.
I know Jorg was talking about using certain remote sensing tech to simulate storms. Who knows what else they have prepared for us.


Jeez … the public beta’s not even out yet and already SU8 has been condemned to the bin!!

Can some people please ‘get a life’ as they would say in Ireland !?!?!


Hence the word ‘transition’.
You like ‘blend’.
I fail to see the difference…

The wish was voted for a lot. Hence the change.
You could put up a vote for a toggle if you want? Then we will get a sense of who are the ‘we’ that don’t like it. To my view a lot of people wanted this and like to see some improvements. This patch is a first big step forward in that respect.


Join the beta if you can and you have access. Open to all MS Store customers tomorrow (Monday). Timing is to be worked out based on the feedback - see here for more details:

If it’s as solid as most of the early-access users seem to be suggesting hopefully beta testers can recommend a quick release.

Could you give a feedback if this is better now? I also have pretty bad stutters since SU7 on my 3080Ti

Realistic weather is not to have the weather matching exactly what you see outside your window, is to see weather front and different clouds in the sky reacting to the mountains and conditions at the time of getting the weather data. It is not to have the sky blanketed with the same clouds from start yo finish, from west to east and from south to north. If that will be the case then even the trailer for the game is now misleading.


I think many are not aware of this. And now we all have to step back 20 years for an ancient metar based weather system.


I don’t know, why an update with very important hotfixes like TrackIR or weathergeneration will hold back and only rolled out as beta. This should be a hotfix for all people!


If there’s no major issues it may end up being released this/next week. :crossed_fingers:


Am I the only one who cannot find the TrackIR issue in that list?
I’m sure someone with early access confirmed further up in the thread that it had been fixed, so I’m not really worried.

I’m just surprised nobody has gone ballistic over it, yet. :smirk:

Are you also excluded as a steam user? I find that quite unacceptable. I paid the same as everyone else and would have liked to help make the sim better.


The topic starter who was already in the test mentioned Track IR was working. First post :wink:

Agree. I liked the way it was. Maybe the tag ‘Live’ is the thing that is misleading. Maybe ‘Realistic’ would have been the more accurate description based on recent but delayed weather being used. I really don’t care for live metar around airport weather so much tbh and I hate the crazy SU7 on/offdigital transitions, I do hope this beta eases that visual experience, but I would like to be able to just revert as an option to what we had before. I remain on the hopeful until I see what this beta holds transition wise.


They can’t just add a toggle to turn off METAR because everyone needs the same weather in Live weather; maybe they could add another preset though that is basically the legacy weather system pre SU7. Call the preset “dynamic weather” or something.


Lack of testing prior release made the hotfix necessary in the first place.

So have it tested by the community is a big improvement and should ensure that no hotfix will be required for the hotfix.

Of course it would have been great to make this available to everyone, including the Steam users, but that might have delayed things even more…

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What is the color banding issue everybody is talking about. Do you have an example?

Truer words have never been spoken. Thanks.