Early access to Public beta is out

Its already answered in above posts, guess we can go back to topic. :slight_smile:

I like both when it’s used in the right situation. I think transition is needed in movies when changing between different clips or blending in painting to blend colors. I think blend is better with weather that will make the weather more unpredicted but not accurate. Weather is a flow that not needing any transition or blending IRL. Maybe if we take some pictures of the weather that we want to transition between. We will not see the real weather suddenly transition or blend IRL. It’s not realistic in my opinion.

I think we will have different opinions about all of this. I don’t think METAR is an improvement of the weather. If they improved the prediction and then integrated that improvements in the sim that would be an improvement for me. And made the ATIS to report correct things about the weather that is actually happening in the sim.

I think options is good to have even if it’s hard to code. We could use the sim at release only without METAR and now we can use the sim only with METAR. Obviously they can code it so what is the problem to include options for it like they did with those sliders of graphics settings?

Does that not tell you something if other games suffer it too? … like possibly it’s your hardware or graphics driver and not the sim? My wife’s usually housetrained cat had a little accident before she could escape outside shall we all blame Asobo for that too :poop:

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Ah sorry - I wasn’t aware that you couldn’t do that sort of thing. Is that still true even if you take ownership of the exe/folder?

This was true for me too, but you can take ownership of the file/folder if necessary too. Sorry, off topic

I am not the only person who has this issue and this has been documented on the forum already. Just because you don’t have this issue doesn’t mean others don’t.

Please understand that if other games have this issue it cannot be a coding error on Asobo’s part. It’s either Nvidia or possibly DirectX and that’s where the cure will have to come from.

Let me clarify, this only occurs for MFS game and after SU7. Yes, there is a possibility that it could be related to other coding related but again I only saw this after updating to SU7.

Ref: Metars

It’s a case of chicken and eggs.

You want to be able to get accurate Metars in the sim ( and ASOS AWOS info)

As the sim cannot be 100% accurate with the weather, trying to emulate the current real weather, Real world Metars obtained over the internet are not going to necessarily match the sim.

So there needs to be a way to generate Sim Metars from the weather in the sim,

And there is a way to get Metars generated from the sim’s – (Thank you WT ?), but so far, its not that well implemented by other devs.

TAFS are another matter,

const metar = await Coherent.call(‘GET_METAR_BY_LATLON’, lat, lon);

You can also get Metar by airport ID

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Well that’s different, I was taking you literally. And I do get it occasionally too, most noticeably in the JF Arrows but also in the Solo and to a lesser extent others depending on lighting conditions … Trying in DX12 to see if it still occurs would be my first suggestion.

I didn’t think of DX 12 but will reconsider.

That’s awesome. Why couldn’t they use that on the world map or in the vfr-map? Then we didn’t need to complain it’s not matching? Or ATIS could have used that information? Maybe i missunderstood you there, But that i think would be an improvement to have METARs based of the weather in the sim instead of using real METAR to create weather.

You need to take ownership and have permissions, can’t remember exactly how it’s done but uave a search on Google will give you a step by step guide

Probably because this JS AP was only introduced very recently.

I do not know for sure, but I suspect Asobo may be using this new API to get the Metars when you are on the World Map page. ?

However, elsewhere, Metars are more typically got direct from the Internet, using various external tools, or by system within the sim using an API call to a Real World Internet weather site, often requiring key for access. ( Ie The PMS50 Garmins)

The obvious advantage of getting the Metars, generated from the SIms weather, is that you should then also get accurate Metars when using non-real weather, profiles, or other Apps like REX.

But these improvements take time, as they evolve, and other Devs (including Asobo) start to make use of new feature introduced into the sim.

The METARS on the WORLD MAP page may be the start of this. ?

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I was talking about simulating low level cloud layers, and cloud layers in general. That was purely done with Meteoblue. That’s why I think that METARs are important. Meteoblue alone can’t possibly predict visibility and low IFR weather.


Opening ACCESS PERMISSIONS to the Folder that contains flightsimulator .exe for your own access, is not something you should do,

unless you really know what you are doing.

But it’s Your PC, you can do whatever you like – but be prepared for resulting “Issues” – That folder is normally not accessible by you, even as Admin, for a good reason :sunglasses:


Never had any problems myself, was pretty straight forward, only reason I done it was so I could access .exe for my nvidea control panel

Then they use those real METAR in the meantime we wait for that feature to be developed on? For me using real METAR to create weather is a step backwards in my opinion. It may be more accurate but not realistic. And planning a flight i can do without it. I use predictions to plan a flight. Isn’t predictions used to plan flights IRL too. We want to know how the weather may be in the future not how the weather is because it’s always changing. It’s only at landing and takeoff we want to know what the current situations is to be able to plan the takeoffs and landings. Even if we have the METAR report the weather can have changed when taking off and the METAR has not reported that type of weather yet.

This would be a good Topic for another thread. What could be done is not really relevant to this Early Access Beta Thread .

(even if it is an interesting Rabbit Hole to go down while killing time, waiting for the EVERYONE early access)

Ill try it next time, thanks! :slight_smile:

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