Enough (13 months) is Enough

“From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and accurate aircraft
Wrong since 2020

Deluxe version: "additional highly accurate planes
Wrong since 2020

“live real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction”
Wrong since 2020 (though we all know the lighting works)

August 2020: Longitude has swaying issues. Still not fixed.
SU5: game was mostly unplayable with CTDs
SU6: clouds are ‘streaking’ as i fly over them. I have 8 more bugs than when SU5 and it’s hot"FIXES" were released. So: this sim, for me, is actually getting worse with every update.

I gave up before and I’m giving up again. I want to use my flightsim to fly some simulated flights. I can’t.

Enough (13 months) is enough. Perhaps they’ll have it in another year or two.

Every single time I want to launch the sim I find that the excitement is gone because I know there’s a better chance than not, of my flight CTD’ing and I’ve started thinking to myself, “Why bother…it’s only going to crash”

I have 8 more bugs now than I did before SU6.

There’s nothing left to do…seriously. I wasted my money and plenty of time trying workarounds for Asobo’s incompetence.

I’ve reinstalled the sim more times this year than I’ve re-installed Windows.

I gotta get out of this. I sincerely wish all of you best of luck and happy fyling.


“I’ve reinstalled the sim more times this year than I’ve re-installed Windows.”

And I suspect that therein lies your problem. If you’ve had to re-install Windows multiple times in the past year then perhaps your problems are deeper than MSFS.


I completely understand and I’m totally with you on this. Although I was fortunate not to have many CTDs, the direction this sim development has taken is not on the same road with me. I’ve been an Alpha tester, I’m glad that I didn’t buy it paying the whole sum for a retail version, but used the XBox Game Pass to test it. And every time I was disappointed more and more.

Fanboys, please, remember that I’m entitled to my opinion as much as you are.


Looks like moderators will need to extend their shifts these days to deal with all those frusturation. Weird is not ha ? Most of the community is getting out of tolerance and critisim is getting quite hot even if you close and try to mute all those topics. You still try to sweep dust particles under carpet but don’t ignore the possibility of dust particles can accumulate enough to become a mountain :wink: Just sharing simple basic life experince though. Kind regards.


WU6 not SU6 but yeah, i get your frustration, personally I’m still loving the Sim but just frustratingly annoyed by the severe lack of Quality Control associated with this title since day one.


There were additional planes in the deluxe versions. But where did they say they would give even more?

I have installed re-installed Windows zero times, and have re-installed MSFS zero times.


I guess it’s the “highly accurate” he is referring to


Sim Update 5 was an absolute disaster. In my opinion of 20+ years of gaming it was one of the worst updates in the history of gaming. It took an unpolished work-of-art and turned it into a buggy, disaster piece of software.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited patiently, grounded from flying, for 1.5 months to see if they could restore faith after World Update 6… Sadly, they fixed nearly nothing and introduced even more bugs.

Microsoft, it’s time to fire Asobo and hire a more experienced developer who can save this Flight Sim. Asobo clearly cannot handle it. I don’t need to explain more, but it shouldn’t take 3+ months to MAYBE fix lights on AI planes to make Vatsim flyable…or some of the other hundreds of new bugs introduced since Sim Update 5. We need hotfixes weekly or daily to fix these amateur mistakes, but clearly Asobo is in over their heads.

Microsoft, do the right thing and hire a new dev team.


The pop in effects are fixed, are they not?
The flight models are improved from update to update, and they do not tell each time. For example the extra 300 model was changed so it does not fell so easily on the nose. They are still working on the models.

And by the way take a look at the Switzerland elevation model, it is mind blowing. Overall they go forward step by step, but sometimes it happens that we have to go one step back. Some patient is required.

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They are partially fixed, but even at Ultra it’s not back to normal. There is still pop in that did not exist prior to Sim Update 5.

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You can’t build a house without a foundation!
You are thinking about how much cow poo and chocolate you see in Switzerland but we have a toy-like physic model and some BASIC function like TRIM is not working on most planes.


The trim is not working? Would you explain this to me?

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To be honest I dont have a PPL, but I have some flight lessons. And I am pretty satisfied how the trim is working on this sim.


Here we go. Yet another thread goes down the drain…


What a childish comment to make.

Seriously some people need to grow up.


Well, I’ve had about 3 CTD’s the past 13 months and thoroughly enjoying every minute in the sim. Flew around the world in the CJ4 and dozens of places with pretty much all the aircraft (modded or not).

And I’ve been simming sinde FS4.0 for DOS so I do have some material and knowledge and experience to compare …

He is a hater.

I hold the state of the sim against the impression they gave us since the big announcement. The proof is in the pudding. Garbage in, garbage out. My guess is this sim/game was not invented from scratch- they took bits and pieces from here and there, cobbled something together and hoped for the best. Well, here we are.


Sim is completely flyable in WU6. There are bugs ofc and stuff not added yet, but it’s a great sim in the making. You don’t see it that way, fine, then I suggest you silently take your hat and show yourself out. We’ve seriously had it with these types of posts. Most of us just wanna move on from all that pointless vitriol. I think it doesn’t need to be said any longer: Xplane and P3D are there and alive. cheers