ESC Pause deploys spoilers and full flaps while in flight

Every time I use the ESC (Pause menu), regardless of what plane I fly, my spoilers and flaps are deployed when I unpause. If I do not retract flaps and spoilers, the aircraft stalls (obviously).
Does anyone else experience this?

Before pause:

After pause:

Are you using a Thrustmaster TCA Throttle? See this link.

Hello, I’ve scrolled through that, but I can’t find the solution there, though I’m glad you know it’s a solvable problem.
So please can you simply say here what we need to do to stop the flaps going to max and the throttles to Toga etc whenever I press the ESC key (pause then un-pause)? This bug is infuriating.
That would be really appreciated!
Many thanks in advance.

Yes, I do use the TCA quadrant. Thanks, but that solution is for reversers, not for flaps and spoilers when ESC is pressed.

I have the same problem so would be interested in any solution.

Yep – and for me, as well as the max flaps, I’ve also got the in-cockpit throttles suddenly going to full TOGA thrust as well (when I do pause then un-pause) – even when my physical Quadrant device throttles haven’t been touched and are at idle !

If your using the FBW Development A320 then you can resolve that by calibrating through the flypad.

Calibrate don’t help it happens in all aircraft, when pressing esc it’s not todo with any hardware it’s a bug that’s been around since sim was released as far as I’m aware

Nope. It’s nothing to do with the A320NX’s EFB throttle calibration.

I’ve just discovered what’s happening:

Those of us with the basic Officer TC Pack have two separate USB devices: the Sidestick; and the USB Throttle device.
Both of these USB devices have default FS2020 input assignments pre-set for: Throttle; Flaps; Spoilers – ie. they are DUPLICATED.
For example, the USB Sidestick device has a single throttle slider; and of course the USB Throttle device is controlling throttle too.
Now, when you press ‘ESC’, FS2020 forgets that you’ve been using the dedicated USB Throttle quadrant device for engine thrust and instead sets the engine thrust corresponding to the position of the slider on the Sidestick device! [so this is a BUG in FS2020]
Same thing is happening with Flaps and Spoilers inputs etc.
ie. Wherever there is a duplication of inputs, FS2020 forgets that you were using the USB throttle device and resets over to whatever it thinks the switches & sliders on the Sidestick are asking for.

The WORKAROUND is to go to the controller settings (in Options) for the respective device where you don’t want it to duplicate the input and then CLEAR CURRENT INPUT, so you don’t have duplication any more between the Sidestick buttons and/or slider and any button/slider assignments on the USB Throttle device.
To add to this mess, the TC Throttle settings page [in FS2020 controller options] even shows input assignments for buttons and sliders for optional TC Quadrant extension devices that you may not even own – eg slider for spoiler control! So you need to clear all those respective bindings too that you are not using – because you don’t have that device fitted.
Hope this helps.


Apologies. At some stage I got confused

I noticed that if you pause the game, then return to the sim, your throttle is set to zero and flaps have been deployed to full. Is this normal? Is this happening to anyone else?

Thank you.

Is this the “live pause”? I didn’t now about the flaps but it certainly cuts the throttle. Best way to pause it is to simply press the escape key (so menu screen pops up) then press it again when you’re ready to continue.


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I’m using the escape key.

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y’all this has begun happening to me as well. Specifically the throttle going FULL TOGA after unpausing.


  1. normal cruise flight
  2. press backspace to pause
  3. resume flight

This is nearly a game-breaking bug, even more so with sensitive addons like the DC-6 and Milviz 310 that will literally break mid-air if you jam full throttle. There has to be a fix, this is madness

Have you seen DreadfulHydra50s post above? Unbinding the superfluous/duplicate control assignments effectively fixed the issue for me months ago.

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yup that was it! weird, it didn’t do this for the years i had MSFS. they must have changed something under the hood. love when that happesn. but at least it’s fixed now

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I still have this issue (flaps at maximum after un-pausing ESCAPE key) and yes I use the Thrustmaster HOTAS Boeing setup

I suddenly have this issue too, either after AAU2 or CU2. I use a Velocity One Yoke. Didn’t had that issue 2 weeks ago.

I love you

Anytime I go into a pause menu during a flight and come out of it my flaps are fully extended and spoilers are up. This happens in the crj and a320. Do I have a setting that is wrong? I am very confused why this happens every time.