Experiencing several random CTD’s

Hi all, after last patch i started to have as well random CTD. Never had a single CTD before. I am usually using 32NX or 787 default.
I tried already both to delete and disable rolling cache but it didn’t work, I am still having random CTD in different areas, not related to any spacific place.
I will try to set real time traffic to off, I have no AI traffic running, while multiplayer is already off, set to group only.
Let’s see what happens. It definitely all started with the latest patch for me though.
Thanks for your hints.

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Its a 2080 super - Currently using the 460.89, it did still happen with the previous driver versions though, I think I was running a version of 456.xx until mid December…

turn traffic off. If that doesnt work, turn off multiplayer too.

hmm… the 2080 should works fine with latest driver version.

As say’d… these “Coherent” stuff was a bit tricky…

EDIT: how is the setting of your Glasscockpit Update-Refresh Rate ?

I have left the Glasscockpit refresh on Medium

Was on Decent to KFLL at FL200 and got a CTD… SO ANNOYING. I will have to try the AI Traffic Off.

Yep defo try without ai traffic/live/multiplayer

So I was a loud screaming fist raising user about CTDs myself immediately after the update. Just had a few liveries which I deleted and followed the Asobo protocol for CTDs. Basically it’s updating windows, Nvidia driver, and virtual memory adjustment. My virtual memory was 23gig on the D: Drive so switched to 3gig on C:Drive. In addition, stopped all weather, multiplayer, ai and real flights. Basically bare bones stock flying.

As time has moved on, I’ve added those back including FbW latest stable A320 and some liveries. Multiplayer/Ai/Real weather also. No CtD. Although out of the bleu in Las Vegas I was speeding around the city in a Beechcraft 350 when the graphics suddenly went to crud. My computer lost internet connection. Had to exit, reset and start over. I’ve done cross country flying for hours and hours with multiple stops with no CTD.

Anyway, that’s my experience.


I have to say that switching off any traffic (AI, live, etc.) worked for me. While deleting and switching off rolling cache didn’t (even though I’m still keeping it off), disabling all traffic worked.
I’ve been doing several flight, some of them in the region of 5 hours, and no CTD so far.
Just for info :wink:

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great to know!

Been consistently getting CTDs with the new update. Just tested turning off live traffic, and so far so good!


I switch off rolling cache and I get CTD. I am going to try switching off all traffic. If this doesn´t work, I leave MSFS.

Not even I can enter MSFS, so I can not try to switch off all traffic. I had to wait until ASOBO solve the problem after last version.

Sorry to hear that. All I can recommend is Zendesk and the forums. Lets hope this gets sorted ASAP.

If you are using the MS Store version of MSFS you could try ‘repair app’ in advanced app settings. (Don’t use reset app as this could delete all the in game downloaded content-the 95gb worth of stuff! Repair app is safe, however, that doesn’t delete the data!

and don’t forget to try it one time without installed mods.

Some of your posts suggest that you have mods installed, therefore the hint.

I remove from community: DA40NX, DA62X, A32NX, PHP-NoTooltips, fspackages-g3000, fspackages-g1000, advanced-vfr map, ivao_x-csl, avaldesign-lecu.

I leave in community: liveries-a320, navigraph-maintenance, navigraph-navdata, jsf-levd-valladolid.



now you can try step by step which mod cause your issue :slight_smile:

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Thank you; I will do. The only question is that before today, with all the mods in community I had no CTD.

we have a new category

possible you can find some interessting posts there.

Often mods needed an update after a new release of MSFS. Why you run just now in issues I can’t say…

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