Exploring the world in the Beechcraft Bonanza

Leg 304, Tifton, Georgia via Florida to Fairhope, Alabama, USA

DAY06_21.PLN (14.2 KB)

Exploring the coast along the Gulf of Mexico. The day started out very nice yet the rain moved in later in the morning. PG Areas are a bit less dense here, yet still a lot of detail to explore. Hitting every PG area is the goal! (Although meanwhile new ones have been added in Europe, another day)

06-21 Henry Tift Myers KTMA 6:23 AM
06-21 Moody Afb KVAD 6:34 AM
06-21 Valdosta Rgnl KVLD 6:41 AM
06-21 Finlayson Farm 9FL8 6:52 AM
06-21 Jefferson Landings 74FL 6:55 AM
06-21 Berry Grove 7FA8 7:01 AM
06-21 Charlotte’s Field 53FD 7:09 AM
06-21 Tallahassee Intl KTLH 7:19 AM PG Area
06-21 Flat Creek 5FL6 7:41 AM Jim Woodruff Lock 30°42’30.3"N 84°51’48.7"W
06-21 Lawrence 1FD0 7:55 AM
06-21 Hammock 5XFL 8:02 AM
06-21 Carrabelle-Thompson X13 8:19 AM
06-21 Dog Island FA43 8:25 AM
06-21 St George Island F47 8:37 AM
06-21 Apalachicola Mun KAAF 8:41 AM
06-21 Costin A51 8:49 AM
06-21 Mexico Beach KMEX 8:58 AM
06-21 Tyndall AIr Force Base KTYY 9:00 AM
06-21 Tyndall Afb KPAM 9:03 AM
06-21 Panama City-Bay Co Intl KPFN 9:10 AM Panama City PG Area
06-21 Panama City Beach Airstrip FA07 9:25 AM
06-21 Destin-Ft Walton Beach KDTS 9:55 AM
06-21 Eglin Afb/Destin-Ft Walton Beach KVPS 10:02 AM
06-21 Eglin Air Force Base KEGG 10:05 AM
06-21 Wright KWRG 10:09 AM
06-21 Eglin Test Site B6 FL34 10:15 AM
06-21 George T McCutchan 8FL6 10:19 AM
06-21 Whiting Field Nas South KNDZ 10:23 AM
06-21 Spencer NOLF KNRQ 10:29 AM PACE PG Area 30°36’23"N 87°10’49"W
06-21 Pensacola Intl KPNS 10:44 AM
06-21 Garcon Field 24FL 10:48 AM Gulf Breeze PG Area 30°21’59"N 87°10’30"W
Pensacola PG Area 30°24’26"N 87°13’5"W
06-21 Pensacola Nas/Forrest Sherman KNPA 10:59 AM
06-21 Ferguson 82J 11:02 AM
06-21 Perdido Winds Airpark AL08 11:08 AM
06-21 Barin NOLF KNBJ 11:11 AM
06-21 Edwards KJKA 11:15 AM
06-21 Dauphin Island KEAF 11:26 AM Traffic on ‘runway’
06-21 Jeremiah Denton 4R9 11:35 AM
06-21 H L Sonny Callahan KCQF 11:42 AM
06-21 Klumpp AL78 11:47 AM

Flight time 5:13 39 stops

Departure from Henry Tift Myers Airport

Leaving Tifton behind before sunrise

There she is, above Cook County

That’s my Germanic background speaking, the sun is regarded as male in English speaking countries. Same with the moon, male in Germanic countries, female in English countries. In Russian its different again and the gender of the moon depends on the phase, Luna is feminine, while Mesyats (waxing half moon) is female.

Berrien County

Flying out of Moody Air Force Base


Landing at Valdosta Regional Airport

Highgrove Farm

Brooks County

Finlayson Farm

Jefferson Landings, Thor follows me where ever I go

Berry Grove

Berry Grove Airport

Charlotte Field

Upper Lake Lafayette and Piney Z Lake

Tallahassee International Airport

Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium, named for its longtime Hall of Fame coach

Tallahassee is home to Florida State University

C.K. Steele Plaza (bus stop) in Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida

Florida State Capitol (1977 skyscraper) and Florida Historic Capitol Museum

Interesting configuration…

First Baptist Church of Tallahassee

Continuing on to Jim Woodruff Lock on the Apalachicola River at Chattahoochee

Holding back Lake Seminole

Hammock Airport

Carrabelle-Thompson Airport at Tate’s Hell State Forest

Named after Cebe Tate, a 45 year old local farmer plagued by a panther that kept attacking his livestock.

There a multiple versions of the local lore

Dog Island, Florida at St George Sound

Dog Island Airport

Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park

Apalachicola Municipal Airport

Costin Airport in Gulf County

T. H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Mexico Beach in Bay County, Florida

Tyndall Air Force Base

Westrock in Panama City along East Bay

Panama City-Bay Co Intl

Looks like this airport has been closed for a while, yep closed October 2010

Hampton Harbour along Grand Lagoon

Rick Seltzer Park

Hotel Edwater Beach Resort and the M. B. Miller County Pier sticking out

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

Hidden Lagoon Super Race Track and Golf

Panama City Beach City Pier

Pinnacle Port between Philips Inlet and Powell Lake

Henderson Beach State Park, Indian Bayou Golf & Country Club

and the Mid-Bay Toll Bridge accros Choctawhatchee Bay

Henderson Beach State Park

Destin-Ft Walton Beach Airport

Eglin Air Force Base

Wright Airport

Eglin Test Site B6 at Camp James E. Rudder

Spencer NOLF Airport, helicopter training site

Santa Rosa Energy Center

Plant Crist on the Escandia River

North Northwest Pensacola

Pensacola International Airport

Garcon Field in Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park

Plaza De Luna Memorial Monument in Pensacola

Statue of Spanish conquistador Don Tristan de Luna

Admiral Fetterman Field at Community Maritime Park

Bayou Chico Bridge

Pensacola Nas-Forrest Sherman

Home to the National Naval Aviation Museum

Jack Edwards National Airport

Gulf Highlands

Baldwin County

Fort Morgan, 19th century military fort at Fort Morgan aka Fort Bowyer, Baldwin County, Alabama

The Estuarium at Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Jeremiah Denton Airport on Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island Bridge Hwy 193

H. L. Sonny Callahan - Fairhope Airport

FInal stop today at Klumpp Airport near Fairhope

Looks like it’s no longer in use, an over grown field while the ‘terminal’ area is used for storing campers and boats (Street view from April 2011)

It says it’s operational (2013 data) and has been around since 1987, private strip

To Mobile and New Orleans tomorrow, further along the coast.

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Leg 305, Fairhope, Alabama via Mississippi to Lafayette, Lousiana,USA

DAY06_22.PLN (9.6 KB)

Mobile, New Orleans and Baton Rouge are on today’s menu. There was a heavy thunderstorm in New Orleans, the constant flashing started wearing on my nerves. Louisiana is the 2nd-most lightning-prone state and it proved it today. (Florida is first where I had plenty lightning as well)

06-22 Klumpp AL78 7:18 AM
06-22 Belforest AL61 7:20 AM Spanish Fort PG Area 30°40’12" 87°53’30"W
06-22 Mobile Downtown KBFM 7:45 AM Mobile PG Area
06-22 Mobile Regl KMOB 7:51 AM
06-22 Skywest Airpark 62AL 7:55 AM
06-22 Helena KHEM 8:02 AM
06-22 Lott Intl KPQL 8:05 AM
06-22 Ocean Springs 5R2 8:15 AM
06-22 Keesler Afb KBIX 8:24 AM
06-22 Gulfport-Biloxi Intl KGPT 8:29 AM Gulfport PG Area 30°21’55"N 89°5’23"W
06-22 Diamondhead 66Y 8:41 AM
06-22 Turkey Bayou Airpark 5MS2 8:52 AM Short, broken ‘runway’
06-22 Birdwin 7LA1 9:16 AM Unclear runway
06-22 South Lafourche KGAO 9:31 AM
06-22 New Orleans NAS JRB/Alvin Callender Field KNBG 9:42 AM New Orleans PG Area
06-22 Armstrong New Orleans Intl KMSY 10:21 AM
06-22 Lakefront KNEW 10:32 AM
06-22 St John The Baptist Parish KAPS 10:49 AM
06-22 Stevens strip 32LS 11:03 AM
06-22 Sheridan’s Strip 44LS 11:06 AM Short strip, trees
06-22 Hammond Mun KHDC 11:08 AM
06-22 Plane Crazy 25LA 11:13 AM Very short
06-22 Rebel Field 0LA9 11:20 AM
06-22 Baton Rouge Metropolitan, Ryan KBTR 11:29 AM Baton Rouge PG Area
06-22 Castille Field LA16 12:11 PM
06-22 Lafayette Rgl KLFT 12:19 PM

Flight time 5:01 25 stops

Departure time, Klumpp airport in the morning, scattered showers on the radar

Dreary morning in Fairhope, Alabama

Spanish Fort on D’Olive Bay and Lake Forest

At Spanish Fort Blvd - Old SPanish Trail

Meaher State Park between the Blakeley River and Apalachee River

Mobile along Mobile River

Mobile Government Plaza

Mobile Civic Center (left) and Mobile convention center (on the river)

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

USS Alabama served for 5 years from 1942 to 1947, mainly in the Pacific. Ended up here in 1964.

Landing at Mobile Downtown Airport

Helena Airport in Helena, Mississippi

Lott International Airport

Pascagoula River

I 10 at Seventh Bayou

The road is basically a bridge over the Bayou, built on concrete supports

Landing at Ocean Springs Airport in Gulf Park Estates

Bay Marine Boat Works in Biloxi on the Gulf of Mexico

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi

Keesler Air Force Basse

We can use some of that rain up here!

Gulfport, the second-largest city in Mississippi (after Jackson)

Turkey Bayou Airpark

Bit of an odd situation

Not sure what’s going on here, looks alright on Bing maps although the marker was also in the wrong place. Google street view shows parked planes along a worn runway in 2021, it’s there

Enough with the dreary weather, to the sun shine above the clouds

Over Biloxi State Wildlife Management Area

Chandeleur Sound

Eloi Bay, Louisiana

Hwy 300 below at Wood Lake

Started my descent over Black Bay

The Mississippi river

Plaquemines Parish

Wilkinson Bay

Mud Lake

Snail Bay

Kings Canal and Yankee Canal

Lafourche Parish

The terrain quality is so so here, but what a spectacle in the sky

Bayou Perot

Arriving in New Orleans at Bell Crevasse

Most of the docks are sunken, a common problem with PG data

St Louis Cathedral (18th century church) at Jackson Square

At Café Fleur De Lis (below) looking for Bourbon St, not easy in this weather

Found it, Bourbon St at Bienville st, Iberville st ahead

Heart of New Orleans’ French quarter

Mardi Gras aka Fat Tuesday on Bourbon St

Some think Mardi Gras may be linked with the ancient Roman pagan celebrations of spring and fertility such as Saturnalia, which dates back to 133–31 BC, honoring the god of agriculture, Saturn. In Christianity it celebrates the last fatty meal before Lent season. On Bourbon st it’s boobs for beads.

Mercedes-Benz Superdome home to the New Orleans Saints

Before 2011 it was simply known as the Louisiana Superdome, which served as shelter during the 2005 hurricane Katrina that flooded New Orleans. The company I worked for donated a bunch of our street nav systems which helped locate people trapped in their houses. Rescue boats could navigate the streets via GPS to the right house. It was a bit less convenient for helicopters as it kept routing them along the streets, but still helped find the right address while everything was hardly recognizable from the air.

Paddlewheeler Creole Queen at Spanish Plaza

New Orleans Fairgrounds, longtime horse-racing and festival spot

John Ryan Stadium and Metairie Country Club in Shrewsbury

Airline Dr at Causeway Blvd

Armstrong New Orleans Intl

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, straight across the middle of the lake to Lewisburg

New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Breakwater Park and Bucktown Harbor Marina

Suburban Canal in Jefferson Parish

Elmwood Canal at Metairie

Duncan Canal at Kenner

A lot of pumping action to keep New Orleans dry

Continuing on, at St John The Baptist Parish

I 55 through Owl Bayou

Joyce Wildlife Management Area

Copart - Baton Rouge (salvaged car auction)

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

I can see my shadow, is it clearing up?

O.K. Allen Bridge in Baton Rouge across the Mississippi River

Port of Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana

Exxon Baton Rouge

Mid City North, all the things you never see with auto-gen scenery

Hollywood Casino Baton Rouge

Currently the gambling operations are moved from the river boat onto shore, planned to be completed in 2022. Perhaps she will sail once again.

Louisiana State Capitol (constructed 1930-1932)

Laurel St at 3rd St

Louisiana’s Old State Capitol (completed 1849)

Horace Wilkinson Bridge at the Port Of Greater Baton Rouge (south side of the city)

Iberville Parish

Whiskey Bay Pilot Channel

Atchatalaya River in the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge

Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge is where one of my wife’s favorite shows is made

Bayou La Rose

Lafayette Regional Airport in southern Louisiana

Final stop for today, more scattered showers ahead

Next leg, I’ll be moseying on down to Texas.


Deleted, merged

Not sure where in Texas you plan to visit, but Austin (including the state capitol and the University of Texas campus) is very well represented in photogrammetry, and I found I was able to land on top of the UT basketball stadium (large circular building with a flat top on the south side of campus) although that’s probably more difficult in a Bonanza compared to the Shock Ultra I was using. :slight_smile:

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(deleted, posted in the wrong topic)

Leg 306, Lafayette, Lousiana to Austin, Texas, USA

DAY06_23.PLN (8.8 KB)

Houston and Austin have great PG Areas. The weather cooperated as well today, great flight.

06-23 Lafayette Regl KLFT 7:06 AM
06-23 Tee Brad’s 13LS 7:15 AM
06-23 Little Pecan Island 3LA4 7:28 AM
06-23 Nunez LA12 7:32 AM
06-23 Cameron Airstrip 1LS5 7:43 AM
06-23 Texas Menhaden Strip XS76 7:56 AM
06-23 Seafood Warehouse Park XS77 8:13 AM Galveston PG Area 29°19’4"N 94°47’10"W
06-23 Scholes Intl At Galveston KGLS 8:32 AM
06-23 Austinia TS50 8:40 AM Johnson Space Center 29°33’7"N 95°5’52"W
06-23 Ellington KEFD 8:51 AM
06-23 William P Hobby KHOU 8:56 AM Houston PG Area 29°45’29"N 95°21’12"W
06-23 George R Brown Convention Center 29°45’08.9"N 95°21’27.3"W 9:31 AM San Jacinto Monument 29°45’0"N 95°4’51"W
06-23 George Bush Intercontinental KIAH 10:01 AM The Woodlands PG Area 30°9’25"N 95°27’31"W
06-23 Baytown KHPY 10:18 AM
06-23 Ferris 25TA 10:22 AM
06-23 Rogers 9TA3 10:25 AM
06-23 Roeder 49TA 10:27 AM Mind the power lines
06-23 Dunham Field 1XS1 10:31 AM Kingwood PG Area 30°2’32" 95°13’12"W
06-23 Lake Bonanza 33TA 10:53 AM
06-23 Easterwood Field KCLL 11:14 AM
06-23 Texas A And M Flight Test Station 83TX 11:18 AM
06-23 Coffield Regl KRCK 11:28 AM
06-23 Bird’s Nest KEDC 11:39 AM Austin PG Area 30°15’36"N 97°45’0"W
06-23 Austin-Bergstrom Intl KAUS 12:21 PM

Flight time 5:15 23 stops

Lafayette Regional Airport, ready for take off

The sun is up, Lafayette just doesn’t know it yet

Over Lafayette Parish

Tee Brad’s Airport in Vermilion Parish

White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area

Grand Lake

Little Pecan Island in Cameron Parish

Little Pecan Island Airport


Cameron Airstrip, yep still more lightning

Odd dotted rectangular ponds near Smith Oaks Sanctuary in Texas

Smith Oaks Sanctuary

Galveston on the Galveston Channel, an island city on the Gulf Coast of Texas

Pier 10

1892 Bishop’s Palace and Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Texas International Terminal

First time I see a ship with that hatches all open, maybe you can land a small helicopter inside

Scholes Intl At Galveston

Port of Texas City

Johnson Space Center where NASA Mission Control Center is located

No PG data here, so a closer look at the good old shuttle

What mission control is looking at

Houston, a large metropolis in Texas, home to just over 7 million people

University of Houston

TDECU Stadium, home of the Houston Cougars, almost finished here

Texas Dow Employees Credit Union Stadium opened on August 29th 2014 replacing the old Robertson Stadium which served the university since 1946, demolished end 2012.

University of Houston-Campus Recreation & Wellness Center

Toyota Center, home to the Houston Rockets, Space Jam!

Hilcorp Energy Company (construction started 2014) - Park First of Texas, LLC (demolished June 2017)

Another look in the past at Lamar and Travis

Downtown Aquarium and Sam Houston Park

Another run through downtown along Lamar St, here at 5th St

Lamar St at Caroline St

Curious why did Houston rename all it’s downtown avenues to streets. Houston Avenue is apparently still used locally although it doesn’t exist anymore (Houston st) and signage still use the old names as well

Not that they dislike Avenues, Dowling street (Confederate officer) was renamed Emancipation Avenue so you have Dowling Street Bar & Lounge, Emancipation Avenue, Houston, TX. And in that area you have Avenues crossing other avenues. I always considered the US naming system very practical, avenues one way, streets perpendicular, North-South / East-West divided from the center lines. Houston messes it all up!

Landed on George R Brown Convention Center, bit bumpy, but do-able

Minute Maid Park, Astros’ home ballpark

Court of Appeals First District, probably once one of the biggest buildings in Houston

Houston Zoo and Pioneer Memorial Obelisk (lower right)

1936 granite obelisk commemorating Houston’s founding men & women & city centennial

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

NRG Stadium formerly Reliant Stadium (opened 2002), home of the Houston Texans and first NFL facility with a retractable roof on the left

And Houston Astrodome, the world’s first multi-purpos domed sports stadium (opened 1965) and originator of the term astro-turf. It also featured the “Astrolite”, which was the first animated scoreboard

Westside district along I 10

Gerald D Hines Waterwall Park

King Ranch Texas Kitchen steak house below my plane

Memorial Park, 1500 acres with golf course, running trails and arboretum

Spotts Park at the junction of Waugh Dr and Memorial Dr

Finally landed at George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Still more to see here, Lyondellbasell CVON

Womble Company, Inc

Super Mario Odyssey! I mean San Jacinto Museum of History

Greener pastures at Ferris

Hanson Aggregates at Dunham Airport, not a racetrack which I first thought it was

Kingwood nearby Lake Houston

Austin Materials

Around West Fork San Jacinto River

Lake Conroe Dam

Grimes County

Texas World Speedway at College Station

Another one lost to progress (1967-2017)

Cedar Creek winding through Burleson County

H H Coffield Regional Airport-RCK, better than in the middle of the runway

Manor Downs. Texas’s oldest pari-mutuel (betting system) horse racetrack, closed 2017

Grateful Dead 9-13-83 at Manor Downs Austin TX

Manor Downs today

University of Texas in Austin

Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium, home to the Longhorns football team since 1924

All Saints’ Episcopal Church (bottom right) on campus

The bubble, @bwc1976 a bit more landable than the basketball stadium, still too short

Touch and go, no way to stop in time

Slowing down below 70 without ground effect results in the plane rolling over since SU3. It’s asier to hit a small target on water with the stabilizing effect. I would need a strong headwind to land on this.

Sid Richardson Hall and LBJ Presidential Library

Texas Capitol, 1888 granite & marble structure with House & Senate chambers

A closer look to revive an old meme “This is Sparta”

It’s the underground Capitol Annex behind the Capitol building

Congress Avenue Bridge and Buford Tower on Lady Bird Lake

Originally built in 1930 as a drill tower for the Austin Fire Department

Auditorium Shores at Town Lake Metropolitan Park and 422 at the Lake (open plot, build in 2016)

Saying goodbye to Austin from “Greetings From Austin Mural” at W Annie St and S 1st St

Last stop today at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Next leg. more of Texas, on to San Antonio and beyond.

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Deleted, merged

Very cool! In the football stadium picture, the two tall tan buildings on the far left side of the picture are Jester West and Jester East, (14 and 10 stories respectively) which together make one of the largest student residences in the world, housing about 2900 and completed in 1969. I spent my freshman year there. Rumor has it that it was designed by someone who usually designed prisons. :slight_smile:

Nice to see. That doesn’t look so bad, for comparison my student housing in Amsterdam (part of it, 3,500 students together over multiple tower flats and smaller housing) Pretty similar

Pretty similar.

I lived on the 12th floor, right underneath the approach path to Schiphol. I stayed their for years after dropping out and getting a job. Housing in Amsterdam wasn’t easy to get and expensive, probably still is. I made my first timelapse there while at work. (script capturing images all day 2001 digital camera)

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Very cool, I would have loved to live under the approach path! I do get to see plenty of low flying jets when I drive past downtown San Diego at least.

It was interesting and a good excuse not to care about volume levels when it came to watching movies :slight_smile: Every couple minutes a plane would be louder anyway with western wind. It was cool that you could see at least 5 planes lined up to land in clear weather at night, with more lights coming into the line from the sides.

Eastern wind generally had less noise (take offs) since the passenger jets climb quite steeply. Yet once in a while you got a heavy cargo plane taking off on a low shallow climb. That made the whole building shake, both awesome and a bit terrifying at the same time :slight_smile:

El Al Flight 1862 didn’t make it, crashed after I just moved there. It crashed into one of the apartment buildings I lived in for the first 4 years of my life.

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Leg 307, Austin to Amarillo, Texas, USA

DAY06_24.PLN (11.0 KB)

More of Texas, and a tiny bit of Mexico, skirting the border.

06-24 Austin-Bergstrom Intl KAUS 6:23 AM
06-24 San Marcos Rgnl KHYI 6:32 AM
06-24 New Braunfels Mun KBAZ 6:38 AM
06-24 Randolph Afb KRND 6:45 AM San Antonio PG Area 29°25’10"N 98°29’30"W
06-24 Kelly Fld KSKF 7:17 AM
06-24 Castroville Mun KCVB 7:23 AM
06-24 Hondo Mun KHDO 7:31 AM
06-24 Squirrel Creek Ranch 4TE9 7:38 AM
06-24 Garner KUVA 7:51 AM
06-24 Benson Airstrip 2XS8 7:54 AM
06-24 Fort Clark Springs 74TX 8:07 AM
06-24 Laughlin Afb KDLF 8:18 AM
06-24 Del Rio Intl KDRT 8:24 AM Amistad Reservoir and Dam 29°26’59.5"N 101°03’29.0"W
06-24 Trampa Santa Rosa KCIA 8:39 AM Short ‘runway’
06-24 Los Pecos Airstrip KCIG 8:42 AM
06-24 Terrell Co 6R6 9:04 AM
06-24 Fort Stockton-Pecos County KFST 9:29 AM
06-24 J-Bar Ranch 8TE2 9:47 AM
06-24 Midland Intl Air And Space Por KMAF 10:06 AM
06-24 Midland Air Park KMDD 10:24 AM Midland PG Area
06-24 Lamesa Muni 2F5 10:42 AM
06-24 L P Askew Farms 00XS 10:51 AM Unclear runway
06-24 New Home TX01 10:59 AM
06-24 Tarry Bank 82TE 11:02 AM Lubbock PG Area 33°35’20"N 101°52’19"W
06-24 Lubbock Preston Smith Intl KLBB 11:23 AM
06-24 Abernathy Mun F83 11:31 AM
06-24 Hale Co KPVW 11:38 AM
06-24 Hereford Mun KHRX 12:04 PM
06-24 R D Williams 5TS7 12:13 PM Amarillo PG Area 35°12’0"N 101°54’55"W
06-24 Rick Husband Amarillo Intl KAMA 12:35 PM

Flight time 6:12 29 stops

Austin-Bergstrom Intl, I tried to get some more sleep but the skies were calling

Sneaking out of Austin before dawn

Dang, I have been spotted. Good idea weather, flash photography!

Kyle, the moon is providing plenty light as well

San Marcos River in Hays County

San Antonio in south-central Texas

Following the I 35 to the center

Tower of the Americas (750ft)

People start to work here really early, or forget to turn off the lights…

The Alamo (in the dark area) I’ve heard so much about it but never knew where it actually was

Originally known as the Misión San Antonio de Valero founded in the 18th century

The site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Although Texas lost the battle to Mexico, the Alamo became a symbol for Texians’ battle for idependece from Mexico. (However the reason is not all that glorious, mostly to do with Mexico’s abolition of slavery in 1831, Texas held on to slavery until 1865)

La Antorcha de la Amistad (The Torch of Friendship) by Mexican sculptor Sebastián

At Bill Miller Bar-B-Q (the building with the red paint)

The Central Library of San Antonio

Alamodome, multi-purpose stadium

Alamo Stadium and Trinity University Baseball Field

Landing at Kelly Field

Sunrise over Uvalde County

Alamo 5 Solar Plant on approach to Garner Field Airport

Kinney County

Fort Clark Springs

Mud Creek

Crossing Sycamore Creek while approaching Laughlin Afb in Val Verde County

Laughlin Air Force Base

Del Rio, the county seat of Val Verde County

Amistad Reservoir and Dam in the Rio Grande, also the border with Mexico

Acuña Municipality

Landing at Los Pecos Airstrip

Following the Rio Grande for a bit, the border between the US and Mexico

Over Val Verde county, looking at Mexico

Palma Canyon

Terrell County Airport-6r6

Hwy 285 in Pecos County

Crane County

Odessa, home to Jack Ben Rabbit, an 8-foot-tall statue of a jackrabbit

There’s a replica of Stonehenge here at The University of Texas Permian Basin

Ector County at Everitt Number 3 Lake

You don’t realize how many oil wells there are until you fly over them, it keeps on going

Scientific Drilling International and Oddessa Terminal along the I 20

K&D Truck Sales and Rimrock Raceway (go karts)

Landing at Midland International Air & Space Port

Home to the first airplane built in Texas, the 1911 Pliska Aeroplane

A replica of the Pliska Aeroplane in action

Big Sky Theatre in Midland

Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Midland, an oil industry center in the Permian Basin area in Western Texas

Midland Air Park after Tumbleweed Park

Dawson County, more solar farms

Lamesa Municipal Airport

Lynn County

Lubbock Memorial Arboretum in Clapp Park

Lubbock is known as the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll legend Buddy Holly (1936-1959)

Texas Tech University in Lubbock

Jones AT&T Stadium, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders

At 13st and Avenue M, flying through downtown

BNSF Railway Co

J Robert Massengale Station (power station) along the I 27

Cone Elevator of Lubbock

Hale County

Swisher County

Castro County

Hereford Municipal Airport-Hrx and Green Plains Hereford, part of the Biofuel Manufacturing Industry

Not a racetrack, trains get (un)loaded on that big oval

Amarillo Country Club

Amarillo’s water comes from wells into the Ogallala Aquifer and from lake Meredith

At SW 8th st and S Polk st, the center of Amarillo

Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts, the one with the wavy roof

Scrap Processing Co

Amarillo Metals Co (recycling center) and Gavilon Grain LLC

Solar, wind, biofuel, recycling, for a brownish looking state, Texas is pretty green

Martin Road Skate Park

The Amarillo Zoo, Wonderland Amusement Park, Thompson Dog Park and Ross Rogers Golf Course

Final stop today at Rick Husband Amarillo Intl

I’ll be heading east next leg, to Oklahoma.

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Leg 308, Amarillo, Texas via Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Texas, USA

DAY06_25.PLN (10.9 KB)

Oklahoma, Tulsa and Fort Worth in this leg. Great cities, very nicely detailed. Oddly Dallas has no PG data, so I’ll give the Ewing Family a miss for now, plenty to explore with PG data.

06-25 Rick Husband Amarillo Intl KAMA 6:52 AM Sanford Dam 35°42’50.7"N 101°33’11.0"W
06-25 Hutchinson Co KBGD 7:05 AM
06-25 Perry Lefors KPPA 7:16 AM 40 knot winds
06-25 Wheeler Mun T59 7:30 AM
06-25 Clinton-Sherman KCSM 7:50 AM
06-25 King OK98 8:05 AM Hill in runway
06-25 Will Rogers World KOKC 8:22 AM
06-25 Downtown 2DT 8:27 AM Oklahoma City PG Area
06-25 Woodleaf Aero Estates 5OK6 8:52 AM
06-25 Stillwater Rgnl KSWO 9:06 AM
06-25 Crystal 0OK9 9:15 AM 40 knot winds
06-25 Gull Bay Landing 00OK 9:25 AM
06-25 Tulsa Intl KTUL 9:50 AM Tulsa PG Area
06-25 Jantzen 93OK 10:01 AM Unclear runway
06-25 Hatbox KHAX 10:09 AM
06-25 Davis KMKO 10:14 AM 34 knot headwind
06-25 Arrowhead 91F 10:35 AM
06-25 Mc Alester Rgnl KMLC 10:45 AM
06-25 Cochran Ranch 6OK7 10:56 AM
06-25 Stuart Ranch OK89 11:10 AM
06-25 Eaker KDUA 11:19 AM
06-25 Boatner Field OK90 11:21 AM Denison Dam 33°49’06.8"N 96°34’13.3"W
06-25 Kidd-Private TX12 11:29 AM Unclear ‘runway’ field
Overtressed Aircraft Game Over, restart. Must have switched the wrong option around.
06-25 Kidd-Private TX12 11:36 AM
06-25 ‘nuggs’ Flying M TE68 11:39 AM
06-25 Grayson Co KGYI 11:41 AM
06-25 Butler 11TX 11:43 AM
06-25 Lm Ranch TA93 11:45 AM
06-25 Mc Manus Field 8XS6 11:51 AM
06-25 Dallas-Ft Worth Intl KDFW * 12:11 PM AT&T Stadium 32°44’52"N 97°5’34"W
06-25 Fort Worth Meacham Intl KFTW 1:07 PM Fort Worth PG Area, Heavy stuttering, PG forests

Flight time 6:08 29 stops

Rick Husband Amarillo Intl, ready for departure

Taking off over Carson County

Sanford Dam in the Canadian river, yep lightning no matter what type of clouds

Hutchinson County Airport-Bgd

Hutchinson County

Perry Lefors Airport in Gray County, it sure is windy today

Sunrise over Wheeler County

Wheeler, located on the eastern border of the Texas Panhandle

Wheeler Municipal Airport

Wheeler Historical Museum, featuring Alan Bean (1932-2018), fourth man on the moon

Roger Mills County

Washita River in Washita County, Oklahoma

Spring Creek in Caddo County

Will Rogers World Airport in Southwest Oklahoma City

Known as “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son”, Will_Rogers (1879-1935) was born to a Cherokee family in Indian Territory, now part of Oklahoma. A great Renaissance man, died too soon (plane crash while surveying a mail-and-passenger air route to Russia). Some of his sayings:
Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.
Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.

Oklahoma Downtown Airport

Seems to be gone, street view from Feb 2021 shows brand new houses where the runway was

Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder

And Myriad Botanical Gardens

Oklahoma Business District

Oklahoma City Hall at Bicentennial Park

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, home of the Oklahoma City Dodgers

Regatta Park (below) and Centennial Land Run Monument (left) in Bricktown River Walk Park

Bricktown River Walk Park

Omni Hotel (opened Jan 2021) is missing in FS2020 (also on Google maps, but there in street view)

Centennial Land Run Monument

Marking the opening of the land in Oklahoma Territory with the Land Run of 1889

Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma City MEPS, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and Alfred P Murrah Federal Building, the trees below and to the left of my right wing

Alfred P Murrah Federal Building was the target of the Oklahoma city bombing in 1995, by anti-government extremists Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. A truck bomb killed at least 168 people, destroyed more than 1/3rd of the building, and damaged 324 other buildings.

Stillwater Regional Airport

Keystone Lake and the Arkansas River

Tulsa on the Arkansas River

BOK Center (multi-purpose arena) and Tulsa City County Library

320 South Boston Building

Tulsa Downtown urban canyon flying

Holy Family Cathedral

ONEOK Field, home to the Drillers minor league team

Center of the Universe, mysterious spot where noises are echoed back much louder

Philtower Building, neo-gothic and art-deco building from 1928, designed by Edward Buehler Del

I’m too low to match the scene, but you get the idea

Arkansas River in Wagoner County


Eufaula Lake, Canadian River running through

Eufaula Dam holding back the Canadian River

You won’t get to Canada following the Canadian River. The river starts in Colorado and flows into the Arkansas River southeast of Muskogee. Likely mistranslated from Spanish or French in the 1800s.

US Army Corps of Engineers campground across from Evergreen Marina

Arrowhead Airport

Arrowhead State Park Golf Course

Pittsburg County, the clouds are creating weird illusion today

Cochran Ranch

Atoka County

Boatner Field

Denison Dam in the Red River

Kidd-Private Airport

Oops, landed in the field. Checking on Google the ‘runway’ was on the other side of the road

Little Elm in Louisville Lake

Lewisville Lake Dam

Sam Rayburn Tollway junction with the I 35 Stemmons Fwy at Louisville

Dallas-Ft Worth Intl

That deserves a closer look, it’s one of those follow the line mazes

Buzzing the tower

A new personal record for low underpass

Just strolling by at 160 knots

The workers are too cool to look up

Close encounters of the tail kind

Continuing on to Arlington, AT&T Stadium

Formerly Cowboys Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys

Arlington is a bit low res, on to Fort Worth, located in North Central Texas

Fort Worth Convention Center

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel

Tarrant County Court

Tarrant County College on Trinity River Campus

Fort Worth Zoo along Clear Fork Trinity River

Will Rogers Memorial Center, Casa Mañana and Farrington Field in the Cultural District

Casa Mañana (performing arts theater) and Farrington Field (named in memory of E.S. Farrington, a long time superintendent of the Fort Worth Independent School District)

Will Rogers Equestrian Center - Burnett Building and Will Rogers Auditorium

Dickies Arena located in the empty spot in the back (2017-2019 construction)

Now one of the best best rodeos in the country

Camp Bowie Blvd crossing with West 7th st, University Dr and Bailey Ave

Fort Worth Stockyards, historic former livestock district, home of Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame museum

Final stop today at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport

Further east tomorrow, northern side of Louisianna then Mississippi.

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Deleted, merged

Leg 309, Fort Worth, Texas via Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Missouri to Quincy, Illinois, USA

DAY06_26.PLN (20.5 KB)

A mega marathon leg. The longest for being active at the controls, all over dense terrain including 9 photogrammetry areas. Data consumption for this leg was 21.2 GiB. 6 states, 58 stops and too many pictures.

06-26 Fort Worth Meacham Intl KFTW 7:14 AM
06-26 Ft Worth Spinks KFWS 7:21 AM
06-26 Mims Farm 01TX 7:32 AM Ellis County History 32°23’7"N 96°50’52"W
06-26 Harbor Point 74XA 7:47 AM
06-26 Tyler Pounds Rgnl KTYR 8:02 AM
06-26 Kilgore 4TX6 8:17 AM Longview PG Area 32°28’6"N 94°43’46"W
06-26 Kilgore 4TX6 9:08 AM
06-26 Harrison Co KASL 9:24 AM
06-26 Shreveport Rgnl KSHV 9:36 AM Shreveport PG Area
06-26 Shreveport Downtown KDTN 9:55 AM
06-26 Barksdale Afb KBAD 9:58 AM
06-26 Arcadia-Bienville Paris 5F0 10:13 AM
06-26 Ruston Regl KRSN 10:22 AM
06-26 Monroe Rgnl KMLU 10:43 AM Monroe PG Area
06-26 Hooks Meml M79 10:51 AM
06-26 Gustafson 71LA 11:02 AM
06-26 Scott M80 11:06 AM
06-26 Freebird 7MS7 11:20 AM
06-26 Hawkins Field KHKS 11:26 AM Jackson PG Area
06-26 Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International KJAN 11:42 AM
06-26 Dee’s strip 5MS6 11:52 AM
06-26 Kaehr 6MS6 11:57 AM
06-26 Harrell Field MS08 12:02 PM
06-26 Carthage-Leake County 08M 12:11 PM
06-26 Kosciusko-Attala Co KOSX 12:20 PM
06-26 Winona-Montgomery County 5A6 12:31 PM
06-26 Grenada Mun KGNF 12:40 PM
06-26 Panola Co KPMU 12:55 PM
06-26 Williams Field 08MS 1:03 PM
06-26 Berryhill Farms MS64 1:09 PM
06-26 Memphis Intl KMEM 1:15 PM Memphis PG Area
06-26 General Dewitt Spain M01 1:55 PM
06-26 General Dewitt Spain M01 3:34 PM
06-26 McNeely 63AR 3:41 PM
06-26 Delta Regl KDRP 3:49 PM
06-26 Stans Field KBRR 3:57 PM
06-26 Carlisle Mun 4M3 4:09 PM
06-26 R V Stewart Field AR55 4:18 PM
06-26 Adams KLIT 4:22 PM Little Rock PG Area
06-26 North Little Rock Municipal KORK 4:59 PM
06-26 Bobwhite Hill Ranch AR84 5:05 PM
06-26 Arkavalley 12A 5:12 PM
06-26 Clinton Mun KCCA 5:25 PM
06-26 Searcy County 4A5 5:34 PM
06-26 Misty Meadows MO65 5:52 PM
06-26 Lake Taney Como 1MU1 6:00 PM Small field
06-26 Gimlin 18MO 6:11 PM
06-26 Childress Airstrip MU12 6:15 PM Springfield PG Area 37°11’47"N 93°16’48"W
06-26 Springfield-Branson National KSGF 6:36 PM
06-26 Textor 41MO 6:41 PM Internet down again
06-26 Stockton Mun MO3 6:52 PM
06-26 Skyriders MO52 7:03 PM
06-26 Bar-Vik MO89 7:16 PM
06-26 Eldon Model H79 7:26 PM
06-26 Jefferson City Memorial KJEF 7:40 PM Jefferson PG Area
06-26 Columbia Rgnl KCOU 7:48 PM Columbia PG Area 38°56’58"N 92°19’32"W
06-26 White Cloud Flying Field MU23 8:12 PM
06-26 Bradley KMBY 8:23 PM
06-26 Shelby Co 6K2 8:33 PM
06-26 Quincy Rgnl-Baldwin Field KUIN 8:49 PM
06-26 Mt Sterling Mun I63 8:58 PM

Flight time 11:14 58 stops

Departing from Fort Worth Meacham International Airport

Fort Worth at dawn

First stop at Ft Worth Spinks Airport

Sunrise over Johnson County


Yes, lightning as usual, every single day

Ellis County Historic Courthouse, a lone landmark in Waxahachie, Texas

This courthouse is the fourth one to stand on this site, starting with an 1850 log cabin costing $59, a wooden frame structure in 1854 for $1,999, and two-story yellow limestone structure with a tower for $40,000 circa 1870. Finally the most recently restored courthouse was formally accepted in 1897 at a cost of approximately $130,000 plus the supervising architect’s fee. link

Cedar Creek Reservoir

Harbor Point Airport / Gun Barrel City Airpark LLC

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport

Home to Historic Aviation Memorial Museum

Kilgore Airport-4TX6

Longview, mostly located in Gregg County

Gregg County Historical Museum (small red building on the left side)

Longview Transit Station

FTSI on E Whaley St

Harrison County Airport

Arriving in Shreveport, Louisiana, next to Cross Lake

Independence Stadium and Hirsch Memorial Coliseum - George’s Pond, home to the Shreveport Mudbugs

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, 1920’s venue, the building lust left of my nose

Downtown at Milam St an Edward St

At Cotton St and McNeil St

Shreveport Fire Department along Twelve Mile Bayou

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino, Shreveport on the Red River

Shreveport Aquarium at Downtown Riverfront

Boomtown Casino Hotel

Diamond Jacks, heading for Shreveport Downtown Arprt-Dtn in the distance

Landing at Aeroportul Arcadia-Bienville Parish

Monroe on the Ouachita River

Monroe Downtown Rivermarket

Monroe Civic Center

Youngs Bayou (small river crossing the road and tracks)

Monroe Regional Airport behind the Pecanland Mall

Hooks Memorial Airport in Richland Parish

The Mississippi River in Warren County

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Hawkins Field Airport in Jackson

Jackson, the capital of Mississippi

Mississippi State Capitol

Jackson Volcano underneath the Mississippi Coliseum

Settled 2,900 ft. beneath the city, this extinct volcano is said to be about 70 million years old

Jackson State University

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium, home to the Jackson State Tigers

Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport

Ross R. Barnett Reservoir at Spillway Overlook, Pearl River flowing out

Pearl River winding through Leake County

Carthage-Leake County Airport

Kosciusko-Attala County Airport in Attala County

Grenada Lake Dam in the Yalobusha River

Enid Lake

Panola County Airport

Safari Wild Animal Park in Panola County

Williams Field in Tate County

Arriving in Memphis, Tennessee at Barnhart Crane & Rigging

So many great songs have come from Memphis, yet this one automatically sticks in my mind

FedExForum on the right, Mississippi River on the left

Orpheum Theater on Beale St

Silly Goose, vintage styled lounge on Peabody Pl

Memphis Music Hall of Fame (red building) with a statue of young Elvis in the park behind

The building behinf the Music Hall of Fame (to the right) is gone, all parking lot

Autozone Park, minor league baseball stadium

Civic Center Plaza with Memphis Police Department and the Fire Museum of Memphis

Sun Studio, birthplace of Rock 'n Roll, opened by rock-and-roll pioneer Sam Phillips in 1950

Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash recorded albums here

Stax Museum of American Soul Music and Elmwood Cemetery dating from 1852

Richardson Oilseed Products, on the way to Graceland

Elvis Presley’s Meditation Garden

Graceland Mansion, home of Elvis Presley from 1957 to 1977

Graceland with Lisa Marie Airplane, Elvis’s Convair 880 Jet, built in 1958

Landing at General Dewitt Spain Airport

Crittenden County

Stans Field at Cotton Plant, Arkansas

Lonoke County


Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport at Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas

North Little Rock on the Arkansas River

William J Clinton Library and Museum next to Heifer Village & Urban Farm

First Security Amphitheater

Little Rock Downtown area

Arkansas State Capitol

War Memorial Stadium, hosting Razorback & other college football games, plus special events

Kavanaugh Blvd in Hillcrest Historic District

Big Dam Bridge at Cook’s Landing Park

The longest U.S. pedestrian & bike bridge (4,226 feet), spanning the Arkansas River atop Murray Dam

I 430 at Two Rivers Park Bridge, safe to fly under

Greers Ferry Lake

Landing at Clinton Municipal Airport in Van Buren County

Buffalo River in Searcy County

Tomahawk Creek in Marion County

Misty Meadows on Bull Shoals Lake in Scott Township, Missouri

Taking off from Misty Meadows over Bull Shoals Lake

Edgewater Beach, Ozark Beach Dam on the right (not visible in game)

South Linn Township

Arriving in Springfield, Missouri at Conco Quarries Inc

Along E Republic Rd

Wonders Of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium

Robert W. Plaster Stadium at Missouri State University

Missouri State University with JQH Arena, home to the Missouri State basketball teams

Hammons Field, home of the Springfield Cardinals and Central Bank (tower)

Park Central Square

Birthplace of Route 66 Roadside Park

On April 30, 1926 a telegram was sent from Springfield’s Colonial Hotel—demolished in 1997—proposing that the road from Chicago to Los Angeles be named Route 66. It is for this reason that Springfield is recognized as the birthplace of Route 66

BNSF yard in Northwest Springfield

BNSF Springfield Signal Shop

Bona Glade Natural Area on Stockton Lake

Wasson Bluff, Hwy 215 crossing the lake

Pomme De Terre Dam and Lake, potato lake, why not

Lake of the Ozarks

(The tv series, good show, is mostly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia)

Village of Four Season in Camden County

Arriving in Jefferson City at the Missouri State Capitol

Cole County Circuit Court (building with the tower)

Missouri State Penitentiary Museum, showing an old lethal injection machine

US District Court Clerk and Missouri State Penitentiary (museum) from the 1800s

Columbia Regional Airport

Faurot Field and Hearnes Center at the University of Missouri

University of Missouri, located in Columbia

Boone Quarries at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area

Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area

A closer look at the Quarry

While it’s starting to rain again

Bradley Airport

Above (some of) the clouds on the way to Quincy

Quincy below

Quincy is known as Illinois’s “Gem City”

Quincy Rgnl-Baldwin Field

One more flight to Mt Sterling

Final stop of the day at Brown County Flyers Association Airport

Next leg, more of Illinois, fewer hours :slight_smile: Fun for a rainy day, but that was a long sitting.

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Cool. I am doing a similar project. Also in the Bonanza, but IFR. From Cebu, Philippines to Zurich, Switzerland. Currently, I’m in India. Flying as low as it’s reasonable, but with increased sim rates over boring areas.

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I’ve also started using sim rate to manage exploration better. I usually slow it down in PG Areas to have plenty of time to find the interesting views (and give the sim time to catch up resolving the area), then speed it up while flying over empty terrain or in the clouds to catch back up to real time.

I always fly with live weather, which only works when it matches with the right time yet half an hour earlier or later doesn’t really matter. Live weather is not that accurate. The times I write down are in EST but not always exactly matching my local time. Sometimes I quit a bit sooner, sometimes later when running behind sim time. (Sim time also starts falling behind on its own in areas with lots of stuttering)

It makes things easier to manage. ‘Bank’ some time ahead, set sim rate to 1/4 and do groceries while the plane crawls over a body of water. Same when something comes up, pause, simrate to 1/4, then go at 2x speed where possible to catch back up later. I’ve done so many landings, landing at 2x speed goes very smooth now.

All these PG areas in the USA make me fall behind all the time though, it’s an effort to catch back up to real time. Yet much better than rushing by the interesting parts.

Good luck on your journey!

Leg 310, Quincy, Illinois via Missouri and Kentucky to Chapmansboro, Tennessee, USA

DAY06_27.PLN (9.2 KB)

A lot of wind today, more rain as well, but visibility wasn’t too bad. 5 more PG areas today, smaller ones, 8.5 GiB of data streamed on this leg.

06-27 Mt Sterling Mun I63 7:05 AM
06-27 Greater Beardstown K06 7:12 AM
06-27 Abraham Lincoln Capital KSPI 7:27 AM Springfield PG Area 39°48’3"N 89°38’56"W
06-27 Bock Farms 3LS7 7:43 AM
06-27 Roy Burden Rla 2LL3 7:49 AM Unclear runway
06-27 Hooterville 7IS3 7:55 AM
06-27 John Scharff 33IL 8:00 AM
06-27 Niklaus Rla IS26 8:07 AM
06-27 Oink Acres 17LL 8:11 AM Champaign PG Area 40°6’3"N 88°14’8"W
06-27 Mayhall 5LL3 8:42 AM 26 knot headwind
06-27 Mattoon Airport KNAR 8:55 AM
06-27 Vandalia Mun KVLA 9:16 AM
06-27 Silver Creek 3IL1 9:28 AM
06-27 St Louis Rgnl KALN 9:36 AM
06-27 Lambert-St Louis Intl KSTL 9:45 AM St Louis PG Area 38°37’33"N 90°11’24"W
06-27 St Louis Downtown KCPS 10:16 AM
06-27 Lindauer 83LL 10:26 AM
06-27 Sparta Community-Hunter KSAR 10:31 AM
06-27 Southern Illinois KMDH 10:47 AM Carbondale PG Area
06-27 Veterans Airport of Southern I KMWA 10:59 AM Marion PG Area
06-27 Vienna KVIN 11:13 AM
06-27 Kentucky Dam State Park M34 11:25 AM
06-27 Lake Barkley State Park 1M9 11:44 AM
06-27 Sabre Aaf (Ft Campbell) KEOD 11:55 AM
06-27 Whifferdill TN77 12:08 PM

Flight time 5:03 24 stops

Starting at Mt Sterling, the weather and light look almost identical to yesterday, except it’s morning now

Mt Sterling Township

La Moine River joining the Illinois River

Greater Beardstown Airport-K06 in Cass County, Illinois

Virginia Township


Pleasant Plains

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport in Springfield, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln lived in Springfield from 1844 to 1861 before becoming the 16th president

Springfield, the capitol of Illinois, lit by lightning

Illinois State Capitol Building

Pinnacle Club Lounge at the top floor of 700E Adams St

Old State Capitol and Union Square Park further back

Union Station (rail museum) at Union Square Park

The Alamo (bar), nice mural

Leaving Springfield via Pillsbury district

Hooterville Airport-7IS3 at Hallsville

Clinton Lake, IL. I found a Clinton Lake before in Kansas

Clinton Lake State Recreation Area

Arriving in Champaign at Kraft Foods

Champaign Campus Town

Boney Creek running through Midtown parks

University of Illinois Armory (stadium) with military recruiting offices, scholarships and enrollment

Zuppke Field at Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center behind

Robert Zuppk was the University of Illinois head football coach from 1913 to 1941

Detention Basin (reservoir) at Healey St, looks like Champaign can use some rain

Orpheum Children’s Science Museum in a former vaudeville theater

Crystal Lake Park Family Aquatic Center and the Champaign County Fair

Continuing on over Bowdre Township

Richland Township, Lake Shelbyville in the distance

Dry Point Township

Vandalia Lake

Landing at Vandalia Municipal Airport

Wood River (town) along the Mississippi River in Madison County

Edward Ted and Pat Jones-Confluence Point State Park

Where the Missouri River joins the Mississippi River

Landing at Lambert-St Louis International Airport

St Louis, Missouri at Grand Blvd and Sullivan Ave

The Dome at America’s Center, home stadium of the St. Louis Rams

The Gateway Arch, 1965 630-foot tall monument representing a door to the western part of the country

Old Courthouse where former slave Dred Scott (1799-1858) sued for freedom (unsuccessfully)

A landmark decision in 1857 of the US Supreme Court in which the Court held that the US Constitution was not meant to include American citizenship for black people, regardless of whether they were enslaved or free, The decision inflamed the national debate over slavery and deepened the divide that ultimately led to the Civil War in 1865.

Following the ruling, the Chaffees deeded the Scott family to Taylor Blow, who manumitted them on May 26, 1857. Scott worked as a porter in a St. Louis hotel, but his freedom was short-lived; he died from tuberculosis, but at least his wife and two daughters lived on in freedom.

Busch Stadium, red-brick ballpark, home of the St. Louis Cardinals

Enterprise Center, hosting ice hokey and other sports and Stifel Theatre (opera house)

St Louis Aquarium at Union Station

1004 Pine St

Alton & Southern Railway Co on the way to the airport

Landing at St Louis Downtown Airport with Gateway Grizzlies baseball club on my right

World Shooting and Recreational Complex at Shotgun Lake

I had no clue what this was from the air, it’s nearly 5km long!

Sparta Community-Hunter Airport

Ora Township

Carbondale in Jackson County, Illinois

Home to Southern Illinois University

Which in turn is home to Saluki Stadium and Banterra Center next to Campus Lake

Evergreen Park at Carbondale Reservoir

Marion, county seat of Williamson County. Here at W Deyoung St and Civic Cir Blvd (mall)

Downtown, only 17,000 people here

A dispersed urban area that developed out of the early 20th-century coal fields

Williamson County Fairgrounds

Vienna Airport, Pope County, Illinois

Actually much closer to Glendale, 18km from Vienna

Bay City on the Ohio River, the border with Kentucky

Kentucky Dam State Park Airport

Kentucky Dam, holding back the Tennessee River and Kentucky Lake

Next to it, Barkley Dam, holding back the Cumberland River and Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley at the smaller Energy Lake

Winn Materials at Clarksville, Tennessee on the Cumberland River

Final stop today in Cheatham County

At Whifferdill Airport-TN77

Next to Dyson Ditch Wildlife Refuge

Looks like a nice place to stay overnight. Tomorrow on to Nashville.

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Leg 311, Chapmansboro, Tennessee via Kentucky to Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

DAY06_28.PLN (10.7 KB)

Three very photogenic cities today, Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis, all with their own character. Fort Wayne looks pretty good as well. PG data is wonderful, another 10.6 GiB streamed this leg.

06-28 Whifferdill TN77 6:51 AM
06-28 John C Tune KJWN 6:59 AM Nashville PG Area
06-28 Nashville Intl KBNA 7:41 AM
06-28 Lebanon Mun M54 7:52 AM
06-28 Jackson County 1A7 8:11 AM Dale Hollow Dam 36°32’13.9"N 85°27’04.4"W
06-28 Hollow Regional 44I 8:25 AM Wolf Creek Dam 36°52’06.1"N 85°08’49.3"W
06-28 Russel County K24 8:35 AM
06-28 Taylor Co KAAS 8:46 AM
06-28 Addington KEKX 9:01 AM
06-28 Vine Grove 70KY 9:05 AM Fort Knox 37°52’60"N 85°57’55"W
06-28 Godman Aaf KFTK 9:09 AM
06-28 Louisville Intl-Standiford Fie KSDF 9:21 AM Louisville PG Area
06-28 Calrk Rgnl KJVY 9:55 AM
06-28 Salem Mun I83 10:04 AM
06-28 Grissom Mun KBFR 10:12 AM Monroe Lake Dam 39°00’30.7"N 86°30’41.7"W
06-28 Monroe County KBMG 10:20 AM
06-28 Kenstin Manor 24IN 10:28 AM
06-28 Zupancic Field 9IN7 10:31 AM
06-28 Twelve Oaks II87 10:34 AM
06-28 Kay Air 20II 10:39 AM
06-28 Indianapolis Intl KIND 10:44 AM Indianapolis PG Area 39°46’21"N 86°9’38"W
06-28 Indianapolis Motor Speedway 39°47’41.66" N86°14’20.23"W 10:52 AM
06-28 Indianapolis Metropolitan KUMP 11:19 AM
06-28 Sheridan 5I4 11:28 AM
06-28 Indian Hills Flying Field 2II0 11:36 AM Kokomo PG Area 40°28’30"N 86°7’40"W
06-28 Kokomo Mun KOKK 11:41 AM
06-28 Wabash Mun KIWH 11:50 AM
06-28 Beck Pvt II14 11:57 AM
06-28 Homestead 29IN 12:02 PM Fort Wayne 41°3’21"N 85°16’8"W
06-28 Fort Wayne Intl KFWA 12:31 PM

Flight time 5:38 29 stops

The sun is up already, time to go

First stop at John C Tune Airport-Jwn on the Cumberland River

Arriving in Nashville, the capital of Tennessee

Tennessee State Capitol

Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum and St Mary of the Seven Sorrows built in the 1840s

Fort Nashboro, 1780 log-cabin outpost, the foundation of Nashville on the Cumberland River

Nissan Stadium on the other side of the river, John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge on the left

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge with a view of Fort Nashboro

vXchnge - Data Center - Nashville

Bridgestone Arena, home to the NHL’s Nashville Predators

Music City Center, convention center next to Bridgestone Arena

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, flying down Rep. John Lewis Way S

Ryman Auditorium, known as the “Mother Church of Country Music”

In front, Honky Tonk Highway on Broadway

Honky Tonk Highway, open until 3am with live music

Vanderbilt University

Charles Hawkins Field and Vanderbilt Dudley Field

Looping back to down town over Vanderbilt University

333 Commerce St aka The Bat Building (617ft)

And on to Music Valley northeast of Nashville

Home to the landmark Grand Ole Opry House

hosts live radio shows featuring both country music greats and new acts

The show that made country music famous. Emanating from Nashville, TN since 1925

Garden Conservatory at the Gaylord Opryland

Heading to Nashville International Airport over the Cumberland River

Nashville International Airport

J Percy Priest Dam Site and Reservoir

Lebanon Municipal Airport

Jennins Creek in Hence Hollow

Landing at Jackson County Airport on the Cumberland River

Dale Hollow Dam and Lake

Dale Hollow Dam Recreation Area at Dry Branch (the river)

Dale Hollow Reservoir

Hollow Regional Airpor

Named Spring Creek Airport on Google

Very pretty approach over Spring Creek

Wolf Creek Dam holding back the Cumberland River

Russel County Airport

Otter Creek in Larou County

Fort Knox next to Godman AAF

depository for storage of precious metal bullion & valuable items of foreign governments

Fort Knox is considered the most heavily guarded place in the world

Only Goldfinger ever attempted to break into Fort Knox

Godman AAF right next to Fort Knox

Landing at Louisville International Airport aka Standiford Field

Standiford Field was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1941

Taking off again to visit Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city, on the Ohio River

Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay amusement park

Cardinal Stadium at the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex

Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby

Heading downtown, Ohio River ahead

University of Louisville, home to The Speed Art Museum

Downtown at W Jefferson St

Belle of Louisville Riverboats and KFC Yum! Center

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

120ft long bat, replica of Babe Ruth’s bat, placed here in 1995

The bat is signed by Buf Hillerich who made the first Louisville Slugger bat in 1884

Kentucky International Convention Center and Diane’s Louisville on Starks Building, Vue at 3rd (left)

Louisville Slugger Field, home of minor-league baseball’s Louisville Bats

Atkins Quarry on the way to Clark Regional Airport

Clark Regional Airport, approach over Jeffersonville

Cementville in front of the runway

East Fork White River in Guthrie Township

Monroe Lake Dam

Kenstin Manor next to Beanblossom Creek

Indianapolis International Airport

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the Indy 500 & many other races

Indy 500, one of the first racing games I got addicted to

I could only win by taking out all the other cars… The crashes and pile ups were glorious

And now it’s in full detail in a flight sim! (but no cars racing around yet :crazy_face:)

You can land on it, not recommended, very bumpy

The real drivers at work

On to Indianapolis, aka Indy, the capital of Indiana

Victory Field, home to the Indianapolis Indians

Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts

Bankers Life Fieldhouse. home to the Indiana Pacers

Indianapolis Artsgarden next to Rhythm! Discovery Center

Indianapolis Artsgarden, cultural center and popular wedding venue

Soldiers & Sailors Monument

Neoclassical limestone memorial, houses a Civil War museum

Indiana Statehouse, Indiana’s neoclassical capitol, home to state government since 1888

Landing at Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport

Bridgewater Club

Indian Hills Flying Field-2II0

Kokomo, the county seat of Howard County

Kokomo Municipal Airport

Wabash Municipal Airport

Beck Pvt in Clear Creek Township, a grass trip next to the IN-5

Fort Wayne Country Club along W Jefferson Blvd

Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center

McCulloch Park with Ft Wayne’s Farmers Market (opening 2022)

Parkview Field and Foellinger-Friemann Botanical Conservatory behind the parking garage

Allen County Courthouse

Fort Wayne is located where the St Maries and St Joseph river come together to form the Maumee River

Fort Wayne Water Filtration at the confluence of the St Maries (right) and St Josepth (left) rivers

South Side High School Athletic Annex below the Hanson Quarry

Last stop today at Fort Wayne International Airport

Ohio next, Dayton and Cincinnati.

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Leg 312, Fort Wayne, Indiana via Ohia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee to Asheville, North Carolina, USA

DAY06_29.PLN (10.7 KB)

Trading in the plains for some nice rolling hills and an actual mountain. A bit fewer PG areas this leg, but more interesting terrain as a trade off. Still another 9.5 GiB streamed today, photogrammetry uses a lot of data.

06-29 Fort Wayne Intl KFWA 6:13 AM
06-29 Decatur Hi-Way KDCR 6:19 AM
06-29 Mulholland OI99 6:26 AM
06-29 Sidney Mun KSCA 6:39 AM
06-29 Apple 0OH7 6:42 AM
06-29 Waco 1WF 6:47 AM
06-29 James M Cox Dayton Intl KDAY 6:51 AM Dayton PG Area 39°46’34"N 84°11’45"W
06-29 Moraine Air Park I73 7:16 AM
06-29 Hook Field Mun KMWO 7:25 AM
06-29 Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field KHAO 7:31 AM Cincinnati PG Area 39°5’58"N 84°30’37"W
06-29 Cincinnati Muni Airport Lunken KLUK 8:10 AM
06-29 Clermont County I69 8:17 AM
06-29 Creager 3OH7 8:24 AM
06-29 Bernie’s OA10 8:27 AM
06-29 Lewis 1OH9 8:37 AM
06-29 General Electric 92OH 8:45 AM US Grant Bridge 38°43’39"N 82°59’50"W
06-29 Ashland-Boyd Co KDWU 9:17 AM
06-29 Newlon I41 9:28 AM
06-29 Ona Airpark 12V 9:32 AM
06-29 Mallory WV12 9:50 AM
06-29 Island WV08 9:58 AM
06-29 New River Gorge WV32 10:19 AM
06-29 New River Bridge 38°4’4.40" N81°5’3.94"W 10:25 AM
06-29 Raleigh County Memorial KBKW 10:36 AM
06-29 Mike Ferrell Field WV09 10:47 AM
06-29 Welch Mun I25 10:54 AM
06-29 Tazewell Co KJFZ 11:06 AM
06-29 Tri-Cities Regl Tn/Va KTRI 11:30 AM
06-29 Skyline Peak 33NR 11:48 AM Biltmore Estate 35°32’27"N 82°33’11"W
06-29 Ashevill Rgnl KAVL 12:08 PM

Flight time 5:55 29 stops

Departing from Fort Wayne just ahead of sunrise

The sun popping right up while climbing

First stop Decatur Hi-Way on Hwy 224 in Union Township

Second stop Mulholland in Center Township. So many airports here, I need to skip more

St Marys State Fish Hatchery in Grand Lake St Marys State Park

Sidney Municipal Airport- KSCA

Historic WACO Airfield in Concord Township

Great Miami River Recreational Trail in Northridge, Harrison Township, Ohio

Kettering Field on the Miami River in Dayton, located in western Ohio

RiverScape MetroPark, right after the Mad River joins the Miami River

Day Air Ballpark home of the Dayton Dragons

RTA Hub, the 5 little stalls, bus station

The Commercial Building on S Ludlow St, the one with the glass dome roof

Sinclair Community College behind Sinclair parking garage

Stuart Field at the University of Dayton

Carillon Historical Park

Home to Wright Brothers National Museum, a bit overgrown in FS2020

Orville Wright was born in Dayton in 1871, Wilbur was born in Millville in 1867

The first powered flight was at Kittyhawk, NC, on the Atlantic coast in 1903

Miami Bend Park in West Carrollton

Moraine Air Park

Miamisburg, also along the Great Miami River Recreational Trail

The trail hugs the river for 75 miles, I would love to go cycling on that trail

Mound Golf Course at Miamisburg Mound Park

home to Ohio’s largest prehistoric burial mound, made by the Adena culture (800 BC to 100 AD)

Middletown Regional Airport

Arriving in Cincinnati at Carthage neighborhood

Ivory Dale

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Nippert Stadium, home to the Bearcats, on The University of Cincinnati Campus

(Site of) TQL Stadium, originally West End Stadium, home to FC Cincinnati, soccer stadium

The picture shows the former Stargel Stadium, which was dismantled end 2018

Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals, John A Roebling Suspension Bridge and Great American Ball Park, home to the Cincinnati Reds

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center behind Great American Ballpark

Fountain Square

Cincinnati Music Hall at Washington Park, home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Here’s some nostalgia served up by the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra

Findlay Market, Ohio’s oldest continuously operated wet market

One of Cincinnati’s most cherished institutions, welcoming more than one million visitors each year

Museum Center in Cincinnati Union Terminal

On the track side, Robert D Lindner Family OMNIMAX Theater

Bellevue Beach Park on the Ohio River

Campbell County, heading for the airport

Cincinnati Municipal Airport - Lunken Field ahead

Riverfront Live and Peddlers Flea Market before the runway

Clermont County Airport

Creager Airport

Lewis Airport-22II on the James A Rhodes Appalachian Hwy

General Electric Airport at GE Aviation Engine Testing in Peebles, Ohio

US Grant Bridge over the Ohio river at Portsmouth, Kentucky

A three span cable-stayed structure, built between 2001-2006

I haven’t flown upside down in a while, a wee bit close to the deck

Enough clearance but it still slammed me down into the river after unpausing, can’t fly underneath this one

Ashland-Boyd County Airport

Robert Newlon Airpark in West Virginia

The Ohio river forms the state border here, Ohio on the other side

Ona Airpark-12V next to Ona Speedway

St Albans, West Virginia on the Kanawha River

Looking for Mallory Airport, while flying over Spring Hill, South Charleston

There it is, nicely hidden

Flying low has its disadvantages

Scotts Island Airport ahead at Chesapeake

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, not as good as the B&O, but a great asset in the second stage of the game, especially when teamed up with the PRR (1830: Railway and Robber Barons board game)

I started writing a PC version of 1830 back in the 90s with a friend. We got the database, map management and bidding rounds done, about to start on the main game play loop when I found the game for PC in a store. It came out in 1995. At least we didn’t get that far yet! Pre Internet days.

Scotts Island in the Kanawha River

Taking off next to Diamond on the north bank

Montgomery and Dunn Hollow (coal mine)

Alloy, originally known as Boncar

Kanawha Falls

New River Bridge at New River Gorge

New River Gorge Airport at Ames Heights close to the bridge

New River below, hmm that bridge looks like a runway

No need for the airport, this works perfectly fine

No problems flying under this one

3,030 feet long, 876ft high, completed in 1977, then the world’s highest regular roadway bridge

Home to Bridge Day

Terry, West Virginia

Raleigh County Memorial Airport

Pocahontas Coal Co LLC on Stonecoal Creek

Mike Ferrell Field

Welch Municipal Airport at Big Four on Elkhorn Creek

Tazewell County Airport

A bit longer stretch to the next stop, up to 10,000ft for an overview, above Russel County

Washington County, located in the Apalachian Mountains

Bristol cradling the border between Virginia and Tennessee

The border runs through State st, center of town

Tri-Cities Airport

Lamar on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee

Lamar Alexander Rocky Fork State Park, Big Bald mountain ahead

Big Bald (5,515ft)

Skyline Peak Airport

Flat Creek in Buncombe County

Weaverville in Buncombe County, North Carolina

Biltmore Estate, George W. Vanderbilt’s iconic French Renaissance château

Completed in 1895, 250 room château with walled garden and conservatory

George Washington Vanderbilt II (1862-1914) art collector and member of the prominent Vanderbilt family

Asheville Regional Airport

Final stop for the day, just before the rain rolls in

I’ll be heading east tomorrow, more of North Carolina