EXTREMELY slow and fluctuating download speeds

Issues with loading in-game is terrible.

Also noting now while trying to download an update to EDDM in content manager.
A 2.96GB update is still ongoing after 30 minutes, with download speeds between 30mbit/s down to 00.01mbit/s.

I’m on a cabled 1000mbit and have only an issue in MSFS.


After the latest City Update I had to reinstall everything. Downloading all previous content will took me days, even with 200 mb cable I only got approx 2-20 MBits/s max.

Very frustrating.


I know in the NE USA, there is one node that is in the route to the CDN that is bad. Sometimes I too get the 10mb download speed… Sometimes I will use Nord VPN to connect to somewhere in central USA, and then my speed issue go away.


It can’t be right. It’s 100% ASOBOS mistake and they should fix it.


There are a couple older posts not related to MSFS 2020 that I looked at about a year ago because I had the issue where a reload of my laptop would take 3 days. The bad switch in the internet routing if you are in NE USA isn’t a Microsoft router. I forgot who owned it. But that is where I learned about Nord VPN and connecting to a different DNS server than my default one. When I did that, I got a different internet route for MSFS content, and the speed improved. If it was in the code, changing DNS server wouldn’t effect the speed.


I’m in Europe and this issue has been here before. Just got reintroduced about a week ago.


Try using vpn.
Didn’t have the slow download myself but vpn has helped others in the past

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for me i cant even turn on online functionality, “applying settings” screen stay forever and do nothing, must stay at offline. servers are totally down for now i think

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I bought the game some weeks ago and had similar issues right away from the first installation.

Extremely choppy and unstable downspeed, going down to well under 1MBit/s fluctuating and so on.

No other program or download has this problem.

For me, the solution was to set a specific setting in windows as per this thread:

There are many suggested solutions there and i tried most of them, however the only one that worked for me was to set this in a cmd-shell:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=experimental

After setting this, i restarted the pc and tried again and it worked.
Maybe this works for you. If it doesn’t you can always set it back to normal (netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal)

Here’s my post from that time in the same thread:

Since then the sim downloads constantly at my full connection speed.


Absolutely - even more so in this very case where it is clear that it must be the sim/server and not the users connection when users don’t have any other connection issues.

NP! Let me know the outcome - would be interesting if this works for others too :slight_smile:

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I remember seeing posts where some ISP’s started throttling the game streaming because reasons (greed?). If your ISP is known for streaming throttling, you may have to go to a VPN as well.

There can be numerous causes of slow streaming, many of which are out of the developers hands. I.e. ISP throttling or the bad switch mentioned above. Don’t be so quick to blame them until you pinpoint the true source of the problem.

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Not sure if the whole discussion should lay in the MSFS 2024 area, as the 2024 build isn’t out yet … ? :thinking:

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Thank you for that, very interesting!

Just curious, would that route or connection be in play for loading the sim, or streaming “terrain data”?

Thinking of how that would effect load speed while loading the sim. Or stutters while flying.

The route was to the CDN (Content Delivery Network) where the installation media is. I don’t think it is the same place that the world data comes from.


Gotcha! That makes sense😊

It’s only with Asobo’s MSFS i have issues. It’s just started again, and it’s happened many times. ONLY with MSFS.

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i downloaded recent updates (CU2) (AAU2) over WIFI Mobile Cellular 4G Network, 30mbs average, no problems, download took munities only, it doesn’t seem related to servers.

i can even sim @ 4k @ peak of 120mbs over this “standard cellular” network, specially when iam on a move. (not available 24 hours, but @ least 8 - 12 hours a day availability @ this rate).

@GAD16DK Have you tried using a VPN? There are several free ones you could try out there, like Proton VPN which I have used. Establish the VPN to any other country than your own, then launch the sim to test.

It’s never maxed out my 550Mbps connection, but a few years back when I was getting horrendous speeds, I tried the VPN and got a steady ~200Mbps rate.

I suspect some regions just have hammered servers, and making the sim think its in another geographic location makes you download from different content servers. I don’t think this is a case of ISP throttling, but obviously not 100% certain of that.


This is really a “Your Mileage may, (and likely will), Vary” situation.

I haven’t tried the “autotune=experimental”, but I endorse all the comments about using a VPN, or the servers being hammered.

I have had days where speeds were dazzling, and other days like it was embedded in Jello.

Sometimes changing the endpoint, (via a VPN), fixed it, other times it just stank being me.

It’s not just the servers, the route can have a huge effect, and what’s happening on that route.

  • Is there a War Of Tanks tournament going on somewhere along your path?
  • Is there a huge football/soccer tournament going on that EVERYONE is watching?
  • Is Netflix running a M*A*S*H reruns festival?
  • Is it “patch Tuesday” at Microsoft?
  • Did Linux Mint, (or Red Hat, or Ubuntu, or etc.), just release a major update/new version?
  • Is there a major outage on your route somewhere?
  • Etc.

It’s just Asobo.

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