F-15C/D/E/I Flight Model and Performance Rework Mod (DC Designs F-15)

Here is my New Flight Model and Performance Rework for DC Designs F-15C/D Eagle & F-15E/I Strike Eagle aircraft.

I designed New Flight Model for F-15C/D Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle and F-15I Ra’am, because the default is too strange and mess. Therefore, I decide to start this flight model and performance reworks.

Here is rework list what I can remember

◈ Completely reworked and redefined Flight Model & Characteristics

◈ Reference Performance Target of Reworked New Flight Model
: Real-Life F-15C/D/E/I (A-A Loadout Drag Profile)
▷ Take off and Landing Performance Simulation
▷ Level Flight Acceleration above 10,000 feet
▷ Combat Maneuvering Capabilities
▷ Aerodynamic Center, Weight Distribution, Moment of Inertia Characteristic
▷ Maximum Take Off Weight and Loadout Weights
▷ Angle of Attack and Stall Characteristics
▷ Plus, Stability and Recovery

◈ Almost reworked Engine Performance and Characteristics
▷ Performance reworked as F100-PW-220 & F100-PW-229 (Thrust and Fuel Consumption)
▷ Simulate Military Thrust (90% RPM in the game, but 94% to 96% RPM in real-life F100-PW-220, and 97% in real life F100-PW-229)
▷ Simulate Afterburner (Thrust and Fuel Consumption increasing)
▷ Simulate Fuel Consumption for 60% Idle RPM to 90% MIL RPM, plus Afterburner
▷ JFS Engine Startup Time
▷ Response times and ETCs

◈ Also, others fix and reworked :slight_smile:
▷ Flight Path Marker Location Redefine
▷ Landing Gear reworked to solve unstable taxing
▷ Add Landing/Taxing Light (This can see in the cockpit)
▷ Plus tons of fixes…but I can’t remember everythings…

◈ Reference Data
▷ Technical Order Documents about F-15A/B/C/D/E
▷ NASA Research Reports
▷ USAF Flight Test Reports
▷ Other Technical Research Papers and Reports
▷ + Personal Experience
*Served over 2 Years in Air Force for F-16C/D Block 52 Maintenance Department (Ret. Staff Sergeant)
**Ph.D of Aerospace Engineering

It is F-15E only, not yet for F-15C.

Now It supports New Flight Model and Engine Simulation Model for F-15C/D Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle and F-15I Ra’am.

Have a nice day everyone. :slight_smile:



Beautiful, thank you

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Have a nice day and good time for flight. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Just in time for the weekend too!

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I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

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I have extracted it to the folder for Windows Store as described in the readme.

How can I see the plane in the sim? Do I need to activate it? In “others” in the plane menu it’s not visible.


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Did you have a DC Designs F-15 addon? This F-15E rework mod requires DC Designs F-15 Payware Aircraft addon.

No I just copy pasted the folder, what do I need to download?

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It requires PAYWARE Aircraft addon. You need to buy it.

After buy and install ’ DC Designs F-15 addon ', my F-15E variant rework will be applied.

This one just buy and install it?

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Yes, it is correct
Remember, my mod is for F-15E variant only now. (Because of difference aerodynamic characteristic and performance from F-15A/B/C/D and F-15E) :slight_smile:

Thanks, if I buy this… what happens after installation? Are the planes appearing in the plane selection menü?

Yes, it is correct. :slight_smile:

▣ V1.05 (Revision 19) Update Changelog

:arrow_forward: Adjust some flight characteristics

:arrow_forward: Brightness of Landing / Taxing fix (Slightly brighter)

:arrow_forward: Change start conditions what related to parking brake and landing/taxing lights

:arrow_forward: Change visible condition about External Fuel Tanks

  • External Wing Tanks : Now it related to External fuel tank 1 and 2 quantities
  • External Centerline Tank : Now it related to JDAM station weight (It just visual, not related to fuel capacity)
  • Misc : Update external loadout about MFD WPN Page

Stunning thank you see and hear them every day as the fly over us in and out of RAF Lakenheath :smiley:


▣ V1.05 (Revision 19 - Minor Fix 1) Update Changelog

:arrow_forward: Fix Wrong Version information in Loading Tip Text
:arrow_forward: Add Changelog about Revision 19 in Loading Tip Text

(Sorry, I think I was forgot the press save button.) :cry:

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I’m loving it, I did find that when you start at runway, the HSI will not align to VOR. When you do a start up it does - that is what I was messaging you about. Now if we can just get rid of the TAA tearing. For now I am running a one setting down from TAA. Thanks

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화면 캡처 2021-02-01 015027

Um…sorry, I’m not living in english native area. So, I didn’t exactly catch your question.
Did you mean ’ VOR needle is seperated, why it is not aligned automatically? ’ is it correct? or about VOR needle’s vector?

It could be my explanation too. But yes that is what I am talking about in the picture. The middle part of the vector will not separate when trying to align to VOR with DME station, if start your F-15 from a given runway. I will double check but pretty sure. It works fine if you manually start or hot start plane from a parking position. Maybe Dean can take a look at. Thanks

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Okay, I’m catching your issue now. I already investigated and found the reason and how can fix it. It is occurring from wrong settings in default value (I mean DC Design’s Default Value setting). It is fixed now and… Fixed version will be released within 1~2 hours.

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