Famous Flyer 07: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2

Japan Air Self Defence Force livery. Just click on the Crispy’s Liveries link below for download link.


Looks amazing, thank you!

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I’m getting the same effects you’ve mentioned. Also when taking off the slightest bit of rudder and the plane tips to the left or right far too much. Not sure if the plane is meant to do this in real life but it just seems to be over exaggerated. This happens with Live Weather on and off. Other than that it’s a real beauty to fly in VR. Does anyone else experience this and if so have you found a fix or way round it?

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Would you be able to do a British Airways Livery if possible please. I would be forever grateful.

Try the control settings I’ve published (Honeycomb, but it may work on other controllers too):


Thanks for the quick reply. I will definitely try that. I use Logitech Rudder Peddles so hopefully it’ll work. Will report back in due course.

Thanks that fixed the problem :+1:

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Please. Somebody know how to set the wx radar?
I’ve touched all the knobs, and always the screen is black and no indication that is running.

I had the same issue. Only thing that helped was a re-install.

You turn it on with the switch at the upper left corner (it should be on by default since the update) and you will only see rain on the radar, not clouds. There is no indication if it’s on or not, except the position of the switch


Also, after the update, the landing gear sounds seem to have been removed :confused:

Woh, I certainly haven’t noticed that. Pretty sure I still here that landing gear loud as ever, but a little more delayed.

The sound is made by the landing gear door, not the wheels itself.

Yeah, but now it only sounds briefly when the door is almost completely closed. Also, the sound volume has been turned down so much that it’s barely audible now.

Maybe it’s a platform specific issue. Xbox here.

I’m on PC

Could be… I know on my first install I didn’t have inside prop noise. After the update I did although the patch notes didn’t mention any audio changes.

Maybe reinstall?

Hello, today I had a short flight (150km) with the Mitsubishi MU-2. I turned on the autopilot with NAV and ALT but the NAV-Mode did not follow the flight path; the Garmin was in GPS-Mode… Do you have that issue too?

Yes I dont think they’re coupled (old autopilot) so GPS guidance only. BUt correct me if wrong of course.

The A/P will track Nav on the classic panel, if that helps anyone.

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Did you head towards the track, or just engage NAV and hope that it would automatically lock onto the GPS track? Most aircraft now (the MU2 included) will only pick up the track once they’re close to it, generally you’d engage NAV but use heading mode to intercept first.