FeelThere KLGA anyone?

I just saw that Feelthere released their KLGA. While I crave a proper rendition of KLGA I saw the pictures and am sort of skeptical as to how good this thing is (no terminal interior, taxiways look bland, the color seem a little off and a little comicy.
Does anyone have the Airport? How good is FeelThere generally?

I would love a good KLGA (there was a freeware attempt to fix it, but it appears abandoned).

I don’t know much about this dev, so I’m a bit skeptical.

Also, in regards to your post about “no terminal interior” - I don’t understand why people A) want this and B) why devs waste time on it.

This is a flight simulator, not a “passenger simulator” and while realisim is important, if doing the inside of a terminal has even a 1fps hit, not clear to me why people think it’s worth it.


I would wait. KRDU is still broken…Not overly impressed with this developer.


I started using this as a metric to determine how much effort went into a scenery. If a dev wants to compete at the top level, they are implementing whatever is possible on a given platform. Whether it makes sense or not.

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I couldn’t agree more regarding terminal interiors. Give me a realistic, solid external texture, over a transparent, inevitably sparsely/cartoonishly modelled, fps sapping interior, every single time.

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Just got it and it’s okay.

The runways and surrounding riprap are done well. Good amount of clutter. The main terminal buildings are okay. Parking lots and main entrance building has lots of detail. No interiors though.

It’s no Orbx but for 12.99euro I would say it justifies it’s price and I don’t regret buying it.

i with ya, terminals inside rendering would be nice if it will full of people, and only if it will full of moving people, other way it’s scenery of langoliers, just more creepy and useless, because it’s all invisible from ac, but if inside terminals will the life that’s will noticeable and cool

As if this is any reference… The quality of ORBX is mediocre sometimes… There are better references for quality now than ORBX.


At least partial modeling of the interior is noticeable from the outside if you’re taxiing past and can see inside the windows. It doesn’t have to be “airport simulator” quality, but having a fake interior painted onto opaque windows will only ever look correct from exactly one angle. If a window faces the ramp, I feel like at least some rudimentary modeling of the interior is appropriate.

The terminal interiors are neat but unnecessary would rather have good FPS.Im an Airline Pilot for a living so the next part is from my experience. Most of the time you can’t even see in the terminal from the cockpit due to the glare/tinting of the glass. Also generally your pretty busy with setting things up for the flight or if you have time looking up good places to eat at your layover destination so I can’t say I ever really look in the terminal from the cockpit atleast purposely. As for KLGA I’m based there IRL and the scenery looks pretty accurate for what they’ve built so far/plan to build…

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Many a terminal interior will be less demanding on resources than a couple of extra benches placed outside it.

Most are just a small number of flat planes behind some transparency.

It definitely adds to the fun for me.


other simulators have “pretty accurate” scenery, they call it “plausible”. but for MSFS I want accurate AND realistic.

So, I own the XPlane version of this scenery and will be getting the MSFS version and I imagine it, like the XP version, will be a solid 6-7/10 depending upon your priorities:

  • The scenery buildings might seem a little bland, but the KLGA buildings IRL right now are new, flat plained, geometric, glassy, and, well, somewhat bland. They’re brand new, so there’s no real wear or detailing. It’s somewhat true to form…
  • That said, of what’s there, detailing is reasonable and realistic and it’s a huge improvement over the default.
  • The freeware KLGA is seemingly abandonware, not updated since December, and has lots of conflicts with other addons, scenery, and apparently ILS as well.
  • No interiors is no big deal for me. I’ve never cared and never even looked on the airport sceneries I have which I know have interiors… I’d prefer to save the 2-3 FPS, the 4 months of dev time, and the extra $10,…

My feeling is that if this is an airport you use a lot (which it is for me), the $15 is absolutely worth it, especially as we likely won’t be seeing another KLGA for some time, if ever…


For the record, there is another KLGA coming from Bravo Airspace that details the airport in its current construction phase. NEXT UP --- KLGA - News & Previews - iFlysimX Forums

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My home airport so purchased it this week. Definitely not in the same league with some of the better FlyTampa/Orbx/DD stuff but a nice upgrade over the stock airport. Buildings bland but the aprons and taxiways are much better. Worth it in my book. Will be interesting to see if they maintain it as the airport is completed.


I have the KLGA from feelthere. KJFK is already a premium airport I also purchased the KEWR to complete the local NYC area airports, I also read here that Westchester county airport will be releassed soon and obviously I’m gonna grab it. I’m so happy now that KLGA is here. There was a freeware KLGA on Flightsim.to last year but it was horrid! And I’ve ben waiting so long for another developer to release KLGA. Thank you feelthere, cause when I load up into KLGA now, I actually do feel like I’m there💖

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And Stewart is a premium airport as well, and with New Haven by OrbX, the tristate area is shaping up nicely. Sadly, none of those airports representing NY/NJ/CT is a solid “A,” but I’ll take a slate of “B’s” over default…

FlyTampa eventually should be coming out with KBOS, which should be great. I imagine OrbX will bring over Nantucket eventually. There’s a “B” level Bangor out, and possibly a “B” level Manchester as well? All we’re missing are good Philadelphia, Burlington, Atlantic City, Portland (ME), and Hartford airports to really round out most major Northeastern US destinations in MSFS…

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That looks really interesting, but I’ve never understood sceneries that depict airports in the midst of construction. Unless they plan to continually update them, they’re out of date the day after the scenery launches…

In the developers post, he explains that the project will be ongoing. He will continually update the airport as construction progresses.

“Updates will be met. When a building goes down and when a new one goes up, expect updates”