Fields of Red Lights at Night USA

Anyone know what the large fields of red lights I see across the U.S. at night are?

In my experience they’ve turned out to be fields of wind turbines. Pretty bright, aren’t they?

it is the wind turbine fields - think of them as cactus patches and make sure never to land in one…

Windfarms confirmed, as seen SW of Chicago:

Yep, wind turbines, usually, but they can also be from storage tanks and other things.
Wind turbine lights should flash, though.

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Should check them out over in Palm Springs, California.

I appreciate the linkage.

If anyone happens by here, please head to the link shown and vote the topic up to help get it prioritized for a fix, at least if you’re the kind of person that likes more accurate night lighting effects!

Who knew we had so many wind farms in the US.

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