First thoughts on sim update 5

So far, only like 1 or 2 hours, all in steam gauge planes, its fantastic. Only a couple issues having to do with controls (Flaps, unable to turn fuel selector). Other than that, performance is great, scenery looks fantastic, and so far no CTD, except in the installer. Very sorry for those who have experienced otherwise.

Thank you very much all work well now :grin:

They lock it cause of xbox version ??

Try it
General settings → accessibility → cockpit interactions and switch to @BriL0ve said

Can someone explain why the discovery flights and landing challenges run so flawlessly. My cpu stays on fairly low usage and gpu stays pegged on 100% and these flights are unbelievably smooth. Load into same area from flight planner and frames drop and still get some stutters even after update. 10700k and 2070s. What makes the performance so well on the discovery flights?

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i did change it to legacy but doesn’t let me flick the taxi, runway, landing and wing light… only the strobe and nav logo light… the strobe switch does nothing… the dome lights is also not clickable… on the flywbywire a32nx (marketplace)… the stock a320n is ok on all switches so far…

There are some release notes you might want to check out here you go. Microsoft Flight Simulator Available Today on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass

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If you got to general, accesibility than cockpit interaction system and turn it on legacy it goes back to normal. Your welcome.

What is this cockpit interaction system lock mode? Things turn blue and flash when the mouse goes over them, but clicking on the cockpit controls and moving the mouse wheel etc does nothing.

very good update so far

@mafiaz1980 I think that’s broken. You have to use the development version (which is way better anyway) that you can find at FlyByWire Simulations.


mouse settings not on default results in mouse not working ,
CTD in menu ,
CTD while loading
CTD while standing still on runway.
msfs not listening to it’s own settings ( Max Frame Rate 60 ) then get 105 in menu and 73 while on the runway…
Menu selection not responding for – up to a minute.

and this from someone who had Zero problems till this update

i did download the 0.6.1 installer and install it using the installer… and even tried the development mode but encountered same issues… is there new version than that? or should i use the official version and try again?

The frame rates are certainly a lot better. But jumpy in parts when switching external/internal views. Noticeable improvement on the ground at airports. Slow camera pan with Alpha hat switch also bit twitchy at times.

I have been able to increase detail sliders to 150 (from 100), while keeping res slider at 80. (1440p UW, 3700x, 3070, 32gb) Mix of High/Ultra. Increase cockpit refresh rate also to medium from low.

Ground textures above 5000ft seem lower resolution in trial flights in France & Italy. More flights needed to confirm. Draw distance was ok.

152/172 pitch trim behaviour seems off using Bravo. One small turn up/down and planes react far too much.

WT G1000 screen brightness is too dark and unable to zoom in/out on MFD map.

CRJ has PFD speed freeze (Aerosoft aware).

WT CJ4 circuits around LOWI performed very well :+1: did not use FMC.

Overall the performance part is hugely encouraging, definitely a few issues to get sorted.

@mafiaz1980 It depends on when you downloaded it. If it hasn’t been in the last 24 hours, then yes, download it again. And make sure it’s going either directly into your Community folder, or even better, use an addons linker and put it wherever that wants you to. But if you don’t already have that, trying to add it at this exact moment in time may add unnecessary complexity to your situation, but do plan to add it later.

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i will try this again… thanks…

Update: I was able to get it flying after taking out the Aerosoft CRJ, FlyByWire a320nx and the Winter and Spring Foliage packages out of the Official content folders. I had the community folder emptied already but that apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy the sim. Flying but now i have to setup up AFC Bridge glitchy software for the Honeycomb controlers and all my Community add-ons too FUN!

unbelievable. after a new installation without mods still the same result. Infinite loading. I’m speechless.

ok an update. when i load fiumicino Rome LIRF everything works but when i want to go to chicago KORD i get stuck while loading. does anyone else have such problems or something went wrong with my sim?

It works!!!.. i followed the instruction on how to clean the fbw a320nx installation. Deleted on the appdata directory. Uninstall the marketplace a320nx. Install the development, and poof… switch working… haha… thanks man…


My experience…

Emptied community folder. Got core exe update from Steam. Launched game. Update went fine…took a while but saw numbers about 250 Mbit. Rebooted.

Went into the game and updated content. Content update went fine too. Rebooted.

Went to world map…I could move the map, but when I released the button, it would scroll (rotate the globe) to the North Pole. Unplugged the Xbox controller I was using for drone control…lockup. Had to ctrl alt del out of it.

Back in, changed mouse to legacy. Mouse worked as normal. Plugged in the Xbox controller…lockup again.

This game cannot handle any peripheral changes, plug ins, unplugs, etc. not mouse, kb, controller, nor launching of WMR app. All cause a lockup, 100%.

Went into my standard reference location setup, xcub at Meigs, looking north at the city. Had about +15 FPS and much smoother. Went into VR. Blurry, but smoother.

Installed the latest Nvidia driver something.41 with HAGS on. Reentered that same scene. Clear and stutter free. Glitchy, sticky mouse when trying to pan the chase view is gone. Instruments clear. Esc menus in VR are much more clear too. In cockpit, much smoother. The xcubs flap handle, the worst offender, does not stutter with head rotation. New WT G3x was also installed, no problems I’ve yet found.

My big stutter tests are two items. Taxi fast right by taxiway lights and look to the side as they go by. No stutter or wagging anymore. Second test, take off and buzz the Meigs add on boats in the harbor at about 100 kts and about 100 ft. Look down at them. They would always or sometimes flicker back and forth. not now. They pass smoothly rapidly by beneath the wing in VR.

Huge improvement in VR overall. Got a few random stutters that feel like data loading stutter, likely with server load. I’ll wait and see if those get better at a time other than launch +5 hours.

I can’t say I noticed terrain nor scenery popins. Maybe just my old eyes, so I’ll count my blessings, and not look too hard for them. Some POIs markers popped in when turning my head, but the delay was millisecond brief.

Buzzed downtown Chicago buildings at speed and looked to the side at windows and roofs. No stutter. Impressive. All the formerly usual stutter/flicker triggers did not happen.

I’ve begun slowly reloading the community folder with stuff if I know they work ok or are updates for SU 5. No issues yet. If I find an issue, I’ll pull the offender and wait for an update.

As expected, there are bugs along with the improvements and a few performance compromises as well. I think they compromised well, but yes not all the performance improvement was free of quality impact.

The decision to default mouse mode to the new one was a poor one. Default for PC should have been legacy. Don’t use AI planes, so I didn’t encounter that bug. This legacy FSX code should have been purged a long time ago anyway.

The program lockups with peripheral changes is bad and needs fixing, which will probably come later. But it is avoidable in the meantime. I hope data load times will get better too. Cmon guys, use some of that Xbox moolah to buy a few servers and a fatter pipe, or in today’s world, provision a couple hundred more VMs. Call Jeff if you have to, I’m sure he has a few he can loan you.

Improvements are there, but it feels rushed out the door. I’m sure beta testers found all of this stuff, and they dropped these things below the red gotta-do line, along with DX12, so as not to delay the Xbox gold rush.

Overall, I’m glad for the improvement, but at the same time I have the suspicion that it’s optimized for the (nomex on) low-end Xbox hardware relative to a high end PC. It’s like there’s still a lot of wasted ram, vram, cores, and cycles.

And the max system load menus…cmon guys. I know your power over there in France is all nukes, but we’re on coal over here. Is it too much to ask you to give the planet and our power bills a break?

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