First time back in a few months and shockingly bad!?

Hi All,

First time back flying in a bit and wow performance is at an all time… I didnt think it could get worst but it has! 12 FPS at KORD… CPU is getting hammered havent changed any settings since I last played. mix of high and ulta and LOD at 200.

I9 11900k

What an earth are they doing at Asobo??? My PC isn’t the best out there I know but it’s no slouch either…

also, PG looks herendous, melted buildings everywhere. I have 1TB fibre internet…



Dont run it 4k maybe? Not really necessay for a title like this. It seems youre even rendering at a higher res than your screen.


I am to try and force more GPU utilization. running at the correct resolution is worst

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While there are occasional stutters and whatnot, this looks like it could be another, solvable issue.

So let’s start with the dumb, basic stuff.

Did you clear your rolling cache, empty your community folder, and update all mods?

If that fails, drop your TLOD down to 100.

thanks for the tips but unfortunatley tried all of that.

contemplating a restall or do I just wait till August to the next sim update.

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You may need a reinstall. And really, sorry to run through the obvious stuff but you know how many folks forget to do all that.

I mean, I would consider trying render scaling at 80 and TLOD at 100 and failing that, a reinstall unless you don’t mind waiting until the next update which does look like it will address performance and stability.

What you are experiencing is not something I have seen a LOT of folks reporting. The performance issues for high end systems like yours are typically occasional stutters.

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Try this, it worked for me: How To Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator Slow Download | NEW in 2022 – The Droid Guy
Also changing your DNS settings might help.
I use: and
Another handy link: All versions - Slow download speed – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (


Well, my PC IS one of the best and I was down to 15FPS when I tried to take the Boeing 247 out of Catalina last weekend. Pointless. But only 2 months left until a possible fix :metal:


No need to apologies whatsoever, I appreciate the response. I am going to try the render scaling now and see how that goes!

if I have to do a reinstall will it remove community folder content and custom camera views for example?

Thanks once again!

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Definitely the custom content. So worth moving all that to a backup folder on your desktop or something.

I think those settings and whatnot get saved to the cloud but I could be wrong.

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Running at a lower resolution is slower?! Then something is very wrong.


yeah just tried, GPU utilization goes way down which I understand. FPD drop around 1 or 2 when reduced to 80.

Lower your resolution scaling to 100 or lower and lower your Terrain LOD. Seeing how badly your main thread is being hammered, I’m suspecting you have TLOD pretty high. I find that over 150, it tends to start looking like your numbers.

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I am really curious what kind of numbers a render scaling of 80 and TLOD of 100 would get. Just to rule out something being wrong with the install itself instead of a settings misconfiguration. This has all the markings of settings being set too high.

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Indeed. And my money is on TLOD by how that CPU usage looks.

Even with a 5950x, I have to keep it at 150 or else I start seeing bad CPU performance.


But you can still flood it with a combination of too high res at too high settings and of course add-ons. Knock your sliders back to something a bit more realistic for starters if you havent already.
Multiplayer? Online AI? AIG? All fps killers
People will probably need to see your settings to give better answers. An FPS graph in isolation isn’t really much use to anyone

Could it be that the TLOD has been manually changed to 9 or so? I think that the sim will display 400 in that case?

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What happens if you set your settings from the settings menu to high? Seems like there is more happening then just a problem with the sim.

Unless the cfg file is locked, it will revert back to 400, so that’s likely not it. I’m suspecting that the TLOD setting is just maxed out at 400.

Until the OP gives more info, we’re just guessing.

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World update 8 was great in terms of smoothness and graphics but maybe too good to be true. This FPS thing is a problem dating back more than 20 years or so. Graphic cards are getting bigger but not better. My graphic card is probably bigger than the rest of my PC and yet FPS still averaging 30.