Fix Horrible Runway Lights

Agree. The whole lightning system need a big overhaul - ugly lighting, runway lights that are on all the time even in the day in good visibility and runway centerline lights that are actually on the runway centerline. Getting all these things fixed would make a big difference, it spoils to he look of airports at the moment.


I’d love to add my thoughts here too.

Developers (or especially Asobo) modelling physical lights and embedding that into runways would be amazing. But it would cut into the frame rates. Taxiway and runway lights by default are modelled far too big too.

The other thing that I wish could be reduced is the light ‘orb’ size! Reduce that light circle by a factor of 4, or even better, allow users to scale the effect themselves.

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In addition, please fix the masking filter set to the approach lighting and runway lights. The intent is to mask the approach lights on the opposite end of the runway and block runway lights when viewed perpendicular to the runway. The side effect is runway lights are partially masked when on a straight in approach and approach lighting fades in and out.

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Yep, my friend sent me a screen shot telling how real it looks. What he remembers from real life flying. I have tested the demo myself and while not perfect the lighting assets are much better. MSFS has a lot of work to do in this area.

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Well, FlyTampa did manage to do a workaround when it comes to their payware-scenery.

FlyTampa Boston (KBOS) Taxiway lights

But unfortunately they only have the correct cannope lights only on their taxiways.

The runway lighting is still so bad as it uses the default SDK lights. Its 2022 Asobo PLEASE FIX IT!

I even noticed that some guy posted some kind of fix at but it does not work all the time.

If some random guy can do it, why Asobo can’t? 2 Years after release. If they would fix it, there would be one reason less for using Xplane.


That taxiway does look much better. I guess we will have to go to door to get people out to vote. I think they should do a complete asset assessment and improve across the board. Starting with the runway lights.

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Wow! I’ll be getting this mod in the meantime!

And as you said, if one random guy can do this, surely Asobo can?

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tell this Asobo… its just sad that they do not care for the details. some hundrets of people have to vote for this topic

My only personal problem is navigating taxiways. My brain, I suppose just does not want to read them properly. I am always missing turns, etc.

The thing I have wanted much more is MUCH brighter external lighting on the aircraft like the C172. It does not, for me do a sufficient job of front or side lighting to clearly help me see turning/taxi points.

I do wish in the real-world, airports would adopt the new ‘electric’ paints that illuminate so every strip was perfectly outlined. #FAA

Only a 2 year old wish with over 200 votes that is getting no attention… :upside_down_face:
Voted. :+1:

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That’s the thing, it’s not quite enough votes. The bottom item on the lifetime wishlist summary from the last dev update has 271 votes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Hopefully it’ll be on there in the next one after all the completed wishes have been removed!

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Where can I find this?

Here is the newest one: [BLOG] September 29th, 2022 Development Update if you scroll down you will see the lifetime wishlist snapshots.

They release a new one here every week: News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Geesh well can we combine 24 with this so it can make the 1st page.

What do you mean?

I just realized that was the bug list and not wishlist so forget what I said . 24 bug list is about airport lighting

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Maybe this thread and votes could be merged with this one:

If a moderator could maybe look into if that would be possible?
Maybe a problem when one is a wishlist and the other is a bug report, I donno.


Aren’t the VASI’s /PAPI’s meant to be visible up 20 miles during the nighttime?

As for the White Rabbit though…

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Hi, yes, you can see PAPI lights from very far away at night. For this, I was specifically speaking to the approach lighting.
The visibility for approach lights and beacons is reversed.

I am surprised at how little attention Asobo gives this topic. Yes I understand the lights are hard coded into the sim but its a bit too much when the runway lighting is brighter than the sun visible miles away at any altitude and thru clouds etc (Asobo claims to have fixed the sun thru clouds issue in SU11).