Flickering and partially disappearing airport/runway lights

The first time I saw this after SU6 I thought there might be a cloud or low ground fog over the threshold. It looks like a filter is applied. I also noticed this black haze in other parts of the simulation. I was landing at KSJC and I noticed this “blackness” also extended out of the water around some of the land areas close to the bay.
I hope they get this night experience updated as I do all of my flying in real-time and weather and flying locally after work this time of year in the Pacific NW it is dark.

Flying into KDEN last night, but tonight I flew into EHAM and did not notice the issue.

Lucky you, I flew from LFPO to LFOP last night with a Cessna and it was terrible. Everything, street lamps included, was flickering.

me too, with PMDG DC 6, the runway loses its lights as I get close.

does anyone have this issue even at daytime?
sometime i see PAPI lights from 6-8nm and disappears at final and reappears at few meters before touchdown on dayflights, it’s kind of frustrating,
it looks like only some people are experiencing this issue so if I can tentatively fix this issue by changing settings I would love to know how to…
I have been trying various settings but at this moment no luck.

I seems that the problem with the disappearing runway lights is happening with the addons. If I fly to a standard airport (no addon) there is no problem at all but when I fly to a destination where I have installed an airport addon (fo example Flightbeam KDEN, ORBX ENTO) the airports lights and even the taxi lights are crazy dissapearin or floating!!! :unamused:

Nope. I have just two Addon Airports and I didn’t saw it there, but at a lot of the Standard ones.
It’s not a matter of, who created the Airport.

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No that isn’t it either. I have zero airport addons (and don’t use airport lights or anything similar) and I’m still affected by the issue, seemingly completely at random.

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Yesterday, VFR flight (In Bonanza) from EGPE, tour of Scottish Highlands in daytime before returning to home base at EGNT in the dark. Although approach and taxiway lights all present, no VASI/PAPI or runway lights of any kind. Landed safely and as I know EGNT very well no probs.
Edit - should add I’m using the Orbx addon for EGNT.
Checked with EGNV - runway lights partially missing as are all the blue taxiway lights. The blue apron edge lights are okay though.

This video nails the issue. Notice the “Creeping black haze” that is preceding the aircraft and that the lights of the parallel runway also fade under the black.


Sooo, some of my airports recently got updated, and the change logs say something about “SU6 compatibility fixes” and “fixes for runway and taxiway lights”…

Seems as if things Asobo broke might have been passed on to the 3PD to fix. Will be fun to update 250+ airports in the community folder. Thanks Asobo :-1:

Given the nature of the glitch, and its apparent randomness, I seriously doubt it’s anything to do with individual airports and I further doubt tinkering with them will fix it. Asobo broke something fundamental with SU6 and they need to fix it.

The Release Notes of SU7 don’t mention anything regarding flickering…

Have had this on a few airports, just did a short hop EGLL to EGLC to test it and it wasnt the same each time I flew (3 times).

Mainly there was nothing on the inital part of the runway, just the approach lights and bars, then as you got very short final the first segment of the runway gets lit, then futher down goes dark - but the turn off lights remain lit for the whole of the runway

I’m having the exact same issue in effectively all airports, default or 3rd party. Very annoying. Before I found this thread, I was sure there was something wrong with one of my addons. At least I’m happy to see it’s an Asobo issue.

Yes, I remember seeing the issue during daytime soon after I bought REX ground textures and at first I thought something was wrong with the addon. But that coincided with the release of SU6, only it was only minutes ago that I realized it’s a widespread issue.

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Fingers crossed it’s fixed in SU7 because other than that, SU6 has been golden for me.

The release notes for SU7 don’t mention anything regarding flickering when it comes to runway and/or taxiway lights, so I wouldn’t be too optimistic… :wink:

Having done some night flights since the last update I’ve noticed an issue with the runway lighting on final approach where patches of it dissappear and then reappear.

Watch from 1:08:00 onwards to see what I mean

I also have had the same issue arriving into EHAM on Rwy 6.

This is with the MSFS store addition. Also using Rex textures for the runways.

As REX textures was my #1 suspect, the first thing I did was to disable the addon. But it made no different at all. The same for every other addon I tried.

To me this is not a cosmetic issue. Under various circumstances it can become exceedingly difficult fo find an airport at night without RNAV navigation. In my last few attempts, even with GPS and VOR DME guiding me to the airport, there were times where I couldn’t see any lights at all coming at right angles from the runway, even at a distance of 3-4 miles. Let’s hope for a quick fix rather than having to wait for SU8 or whenever (since nothing has been mentioned for SU7).