Flight plan lost after resuming saved flight

The following problem seems to exist.

I am planning a flight on the world map and starting it.
The flight plan is loaded in the Navi of the plane and I fly off.

Now I save the current flight, in the middle of the flight with ESC → save/load.
One day later I want to continue flying at this point.
I start the sim, go to the worldmap, press save/load and load the flight.
I am at the right place in the flight and everything seems to be ok, only the Navi hasn’t loaded a flight plan anymore. No flight plan is loaded in the Navi.

If I enter the same flight plan on the worldmap like in the save and then load it with the “save/load” function, then the navi has loaded the flight plan correctly.

It seems that when you load a save from the world map, it takes over the flight plan entered in the world map into the navi. If there is no flight plan planned, then the navigation system has none, although one was entered when the flight was saved.


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