Flight Simulator 2020 on Xbox One?

I don’t think the existence of low-end machines running on low graphics settings nullifies the existence of higher visual quality settings as used on higher-end machines in any way.

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Why would they market it and sell it as working on the S if it won’t run it?

Why do you keep repeating this?

Maybe it won’t run per your expectations?

Not that I know anything about XBox, but, I’m just wondering where you’re coming from?

Not “possibly”…it “will”.

The Xbox One S and the Xbox Series S are different products.

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Oh. See, I know nothing about XBox :roll_eyes:
Why would they repeat a name? To confuse users?

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hehehe the naming scheme is … unfortunate :wink:

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“One s” I specifically put the one there so it doesn’t mix up the series s. (Edit: rephrased it in a nicer tone)

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What do to mean it will? There’s no confirmation, there hasn’t been news on the Xbox one series version of the game, only the series x/s

Perhaps he was as confused as me by your reference… (as I said, I’m definitely no expert on XBox)

You said “Only the X could possibly pull it off” and I said "Not “possibly”…it “will”.

In other words - the Series X won’t possibly pull it off, it will pull it off.

Omg please use your brain, this post is about Xbox one not xbox series. I was talking about the Xbox one x

As everyone has noted, that wasn’t obvious at first from your post, at least not to people unfamiliar with how Microsoft names their boxes. You just said the S… you didn’t say Xbox One S. I didn’t know it was different. For all I knew Microsoft said it works on XBox S/X… soo…

But I get it now.

You know, kind of like me telling everyone to use ADE… to the uninitiated, “what the heck is that?” (Airport Design Editor).

Alright I understand

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Thankyou mate.

I just saw Turtle Beach will release some new hardware for the flight simulator for the Xbox, see Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System Features

I may get one for my PC. Like the all in one solution.

Also interesting that this says Xbox one compatible, getting back to the original post.

But that doesnt mean that MSFS will come to the Xbox One, it will not, as it seems.
Jorg once said they will se if its possible after they have dont the Series X/S version.
We just dont know yet…

MS confirmed in their E3 press release that Flight Sim WILL be playable on Xbox One via the newly upgraded Xbox Cloud Streaming. So you’ll stream it to your console, rather than playing a ‘native’ version.

Here is the quote:

For the millions of people who play on Xbox One consoles today, we are looking forward to sharing more about how we will bring many of these next-gen games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator , to your console through Xbox Cloud Gaming, just like we do with mobile devices, tablets, and browsers.

Another great example of the ways in which MS are lowering the barrier for entry for flight sim and other technically advanced titles. You love to see it!

Here is a link: Xbox Unveils its Biggest Exclusive Games Lineup Ever - Xbox Wire


INCREDIBLE Xbox Series X | Phil Spencer Speaks On Brand New 2021 Xbox Games & Xbox Game Pass Critics - YouTube

All this talk about The Cloud and its ability to essentially replace or bypass CPU and GPU is amazing.

Are experts actually claiming that data streamed into an Xbox One will not have to be processed at all by the Xbox CPU or GPU? If it still does have to be processed by CPU & GPU, how is an Xbox One going to fair with MSFS? 5G is great n all but… :crazy_face:

What would Intel’s response be if CPU’s were not required anymore; same with Nvidia and their GPU’s?? PC builders and PC component manufactures may just go out of business…“The Cloud” makes new PC hardware obsolete…what a headline!

Xbox one Specifications:
8th Gen Octa Core 1.75 GHz AMD Jaguar (2013 :anguished:)

AMD Sea Islands (2012 :astonished:)

8GB DDR3 @1.07 GHz (2007 :face_with_thermometer:)

Network Interface
802.11n, Gigabit Ethernet ( :zipper_mouth_face:)