Flight Training - Lesson 1 Does Not Respond

I was really proud of myself . . . for about 5 minutes. After weeks of preparation and work, I finally reached the point where my computer build, hardware, and software (MSFS 2020) were happy with one another . . . or so I thought.

I dutifully began Flight Training, Lesson 1 full of confidence. That is until the “Lesson” refused to take the left (or any other) mouse click to “lock the clock knob.”

Tried restarting the lesson, MSFS, etc. Same thing.
Until I can “lock the clock knob,” LESSON OVER.

Any suggestions? Do similar things happen throughout the training lessons?

Think I read one lesson where even if one lands perfectly the trainer says FAILED!



Have you looked at some of these? Maybe you have the same problem as them.

I’ve looked at many. One of the “clues” is that MSFS can be fussy as to which number keys you use. I finally managed to get by lessons 1 and 2 but 3 is giving me a fit. This is the lesson where one puts the pitch lines where directed by the “teacher.” Problem is, it tells you to put the cruise indicator on the horizon and hold it there for 20 seconds. As soon as the indication hits the horizon, the screen fades to black, stays black for about 3 seconds, then comes back on with the aircraft in a very steep upward pitch. Nearly impossible to stabilize the aircraft so the ESC key is the only way out. Does this over and over.

What gives with these lessons?