FlightControlReplay V5 for MSFS

AviationLads published a retrospective video of various promotional clips that they made in 2022 and that impacted a lot in the flightsim community : aircraft, sceneries, even virtual airlines partnered with the video producer to showcase spectacular features and visuals.

All these videos were recorded with the steady help of my tool FlightControlReplay. As you can see, it is also used by professional and content creators because it’s well loaded with unique features, and it supports many other addons with specific code like the advanced airliners of PMDG 737, Fenix A320, iniBuilds A310, Just Flight 146 Professional, Cabri G2 and Bell 207 Helicopters.

I hope you enjoy this trailer for memories of 2022 fantastic releases.
Watch directly the part dedicated to FlightControlReplay at 2’00 in the video.

Official Trailer GoodBye 2022 | 4K

For all existing users of the old FlightControlReplay 4.5, you are invited to enjoy the enhancements and optimizations provided by the new Version 5 with a reduced price upgrade, special for you.

Now dedicated to MSFS and P3D v5 only, my custom code has been optimized, deeply revised, and it is also reflected on the program handling and the new design of the user interface.

Check below the unique features found in FlightControlReplay Version 5 compared to the older tool :

  • New User Interface 2022
  • Customizable Size and Transparency
  • PMDG 737 + Fenix A320 Support in MSFS
  • iniBuilds A310 support in MSFS
  • Asobo Cabri G2 and Bell 207 helicopters support in MSFS
  • Intregration in MSFS Toolbar for in-game launch and control
  • Automatic cameras switch for cinematic replay
  • GhostPlane: formation flying live with one AI duet MSFS
  • Next gen memory management
  • Touchdown and landing speed report

Watch a few videos made by flightsim youtubers with the help of FlightControlReplay :

Flight Sim Addict

MSFS | PMDG 737 + Ops | Ryanair | Birmingham Airport - Dublin Airport | HD 1080p

Microsoft Flight Simulator: ULTRA realistic flight from Toronto to Halifax | HD 1080p

Blu Games
FLYDAY! Lets Go! | Fenix A320 | MSFS (Vatsim) | HD 1080p

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In order to facilitate your use of FlightControlReplay, you may consider the following options :

In Options General tab: Activate the feature “Automatically LOAD Replay after RECORD” : you don’t need to search and manually load the last recorded flight, it is instantly ready for replay when you stop the record.

In Options General tab: Activate the feature “Start recording automatically if you fly”, then select below and specify the altitude 2,000 feet to autostart the recording session for the next flights, everytime you descend below the altitude of 2,000 a new record will be saved without need to pause, touch and setup FlightControlReplay !

In Options Audio tab : Activate the Voice Recognition to control record and play actions. The list of available controls are detailed in the User manual.

If you want to watch new videos produced with the help of FlightControlReplay, enjoy the shows below :

Blu Games
Transavia | PMDG 737-800 | MSFS (Vatsim) | HD 1080p

WestJet 737-800 Full Experience | Puerto Plata to Toronto | HD 1080p

Flight Simulator 2020|Smooth Landing|PMDG 737-800! | HD 1080p

This feature is not working for me. It never starts recording, and as long as you leave a checkmark in it’s box it will not allow you to manually start the recording either, until you uncheck the feature. Please advise.

Hi !

For use this feature remember to check the option but bot only . For activate it please Check also RECORD button . In that way record will not start until your condition is satisfied .


Tried that too, but did not work for me. I entered a few different altitudes as well, such as 700, 500 and also 300. Was not able to find a way to get it to start recording automatically on my end.

Edit** - perhaps this is because I do not have the “run as administrator” checked? My username is already an admin but I will check this as soon as I can and report back.

Is there a shortcut key that can be set to start and end recording? Such as “R”…press once to start and then press again to stop? Would be nice to have this, and also a beep sound just to let us know when recording has begun and stopped.

Ok, so it works now I’ve run it as administrator… but I have found that the auto-record feature will only work once for your first landing, not again for a new 2nd landing you perform, unless you “disconnect” the recorder from the sim after you are done with the 1st recording and then “connect” again, press record again and then it will continue to auto-record once below your desired alt again.

***Another UPDATE: Well, truthfully the “auto record” feature is flaky and unreliable at best as it only works half the time. Even after disconnecting/reconnecting it often will either not record at all, or it will record too late at the wrong altitude. Needs to be fixed so it’s reliable…the altitude should be in feet above ground level. Also the key shortcuts do not work. I changed the record key to “R”…but it never works for me.

Sorry for leaving comments here like this but your support email that you’ve posted here gets no response, for me. I emailed it a couple days ago without any reply.

Hi !

Thank you for your notification ! I m testing right now and the connection & disconnection issue will be solved in next update ! for support please use official forum , otherwise moderators kills me ! :wink:



New users of FlightControlReplay5 decided to upgrade from the previous version 4.5 for the latest airliners add-ons support, or to have the Cinematic Replay, or the new User Interface look with multiple sizes.

But not of all them were aware that the first change comes even before you actually start using FlightControlReplay.

The setup is now also easier and faster compared to the old tool :

  • for MSFS users : it’s all included in 1 automatic setup. No more separate codec, or Windows additional service to download and install. Just run the setup and GO.
  • for P3D users : things are also simplified as much as I could do. You start the same and single automatic setup and then remain only 2 Microsoft separate packages that are required. They are free to download for Windows of course, and nothing special is required during their install, so it’s not a big deal.

As you can see, for most users, in MSFS, FlightControlReplay 5 is a new experience since the beginning. So if you have the old tool version 4.5, get rid of this and upgrade now !

See how amateurs and professionals use my Replay utility to create content for their respective YouTube channel :

MSFS I PMDG 737-800 + Around The World Day #4 | Egyptair | Athens Eleftherios - Cairo Int’l

simMarket Official
Rio de Janeiro in MS Flight Simulator | Santos Dumont | by Paulo Ricardo | simMarket Trailer | 4K

Flight Sim Vlogs
MSFS LIVE | Real-World Lufthansa OPS | Brussels to Frankfurt | Fenix A320 | VATSIM


FlightControlReplay v5 for MSFS now compatible with JustFlight FSTraffic

Today we are proud to announce that FlightControlReplay v5 has been updated with its new build 2302.3 to be compatible with Just Flight FS Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thanks to the joined efforts of Just Flight and FlightControlTools made, FS Traffic and FlightControlReplay v5 work together as of now !

Both products run at the same time and the User can choose to record a FS Traffic AI planes (by activating this feature in FCR menu Options)

By doing so, User can record the AI traffic in the surroundings of his current position.

After the recording session, if the User wants to Replay the FSTraffic AI, he can Load the Replay file as PLAYAI and can move the initial position of the objects (giving an offset).

If User wants to fly with the recorded FS Traffic AI as User Plane, he can do that by loading Replay as Standard User Plane Replay. More info if necessary in the AI Traffic section of the user manual.

In that way you can Relive an AI Traffic flight in the virtual cockpit !

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