Fly any helicopter with an Xbox gamepad

Fly any helicopter with an Xbox gamepad if you want with my settings. Calibrate it like I show in the first video, and use the right trigger RT in Collective Axis, and the laterals right stick as Tail Rotor Axis, and the left stick as cyclic. To trim it use the right stick up/down in combination with other handy comfy key, to release the rotor trim I use the middle button of the right stick, and Y and B as increase decrease collective buttons when trimming it. I do not use “set rotor longitudinal/lateral trim”, they are like don´t work for me or what they suppose have to do, and break my trim setting when I press them, I have to seek info of what that has to do and how.

Much much much better for me than the MSFS predefined helicopters gamepad. And each helicopter you can save a different configuration of secondary buttons if needed.

I read someone like an RC helicopter, to have in the right stick the collective and pedals, I prefer mine.

Would be ideal like others flight simulators have, that the triggers were with full movement, and not half movement one, and the other trigger the other half, and not needed then to adjust like me in that way.

And the left trigger you can use it like brake axis, better for tail wheel aircraft and regulate better the brakes pressure, to not kiss the tarmac with the nose.

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