Flying the DCA RNP 19 in the new Working Title G1000 NXi

Coming very soon to a PC and XBox near you in Early Access on the Marketplace, the Working Title Garmin G1000 NXi. We decided to take the NXi for a spin on one of the most demanding approaches for an autopilot: the very snakey and very tight DCA RNP 19.

In this video we highlight a bunch of the new features, such as fully coupled VNAV, RNAV with LPV, RF legs, the HSI moving map, and more. We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this thing!


XBox too ? Great achievement ! Congrats, Bishop398

This looks complicated indeed :cat:

This looks awesome Matt, can’t wait to use it in the sim. Couple VNAV is what we’ve all been waiting for! :raised_hands:

ohhh… when do we get our hands on this gem?? :smiley:

The first Early Access version should be on the Marketplace today or within the next day or two. :smiley:

-Matt | Working Title


Will this be a Marketplace exclusive or available through GitHub like the rest of WT releases?

Only on the Marketplace so that users don’t have to navigate GitHub and such. The package will be unencrypted, though.

-Matt | Working Title


Sounds good. Is the rest of the stuff eventually gonna migrate there too? (CJ4, G3000, GX)

Will this replace the Mod in the community Folder?

For anyone who missed it, this is now available in the Marketplace:


Yes, you’ll need to remove that before installing the marketplace version.

Can’t really go into our longer-term roadmap in detail, but we want to bring in as much as possible. The NXi is working as a testbed for a couple things, most notably our new flight plan manager, which we plan to eventually move into the core sim so every plane gets it by default, once it’s solid enough.



Is there a manual ?
Am i correct a lot of buttons are not working ?

Is there a weather radar like previously ( can not find it and the weather overly is not working for me )

Not currently. Everything that we have currently implemented should work like the real thing, so if you’re curious about the details of something the NXi pilot’s guide available from Garmin’s support site could be useful. We want to have a more concise document for folks, but that’s a secondary priority behind getting everything important implemented that we want.

(Though I’m sure we’ve gotten a few details wrong, and there are plenty of things not implemented yet at all. Feel free to report anything that looks suspicious. :slight_smile: )

Most of the primary flight control and IFR functions should work. A fair number of optional/info items, such as NEXRAD, are not currently implemented, but you can expect a lot more additions in our (bi)weekly updates.


Thats for the fast response … hope the weather radar in the C208 will be available :+1:

It’s a pretty simple thing to add, you should see that fairly soon.

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Further up someone said that the G1000 (default) should be ‘deleted’ prior to installing the NXI. However, this appears not possible in xBox. So…??? Anyhow, prior to reading these notes, the NXI was installed and worked quite well. Great work indeed. However, the last update, anecdotally #5 (29th Sept-21 in NZ) the whole game got broken. Shuddering screens with rainbow colors (brilliant…!!), Camera totally not working etc etc… After several resets and reboots returned to somewhat normality although none of the instruments (buttons/dials/ knobs etc). Dead NXI. Thereafter deleted NXI and reinstalled. No joy. Deleted NXI again. The default G1000 was the same. No functionality. Dead. Some camera angles/buttons were remapped. Especially the zoom level back to 50% (default). Somehow zoom had gone to 100% with that fateful up date. After the Cam was re set via Control Options, Aloha…the G1000 gained some functionality. I thought thank God. Short lived joy. AP totally broken. Ignores flight path, does not gain height per ALT setting but actually appears to work in ‘reverse’ losing height, was way out of Centre line (VOR), ILS did not acquire GS although Green on horizontal indicator but White on Vertical indicator and lost too much Altitude 2KN from Airport. Landed manually. Aircrafts were DA62 and Cessna Skyhawk 172 so far. Apologies for the long Gaff. So, that’s where I am at present - no AP. Would somebody with good knowledge of these systems kindly provide a solution/fix, please?

There is a Master G1000 thread. But if you want an opportunity to ask the Working Title Team, please join their Discord Server and use the NXi Channel.