Flysimware Cessna 414A

Helps a lot, thanks. Yeah the units are Knots on both. The current value was the same (e.g 170kts) but the yellow zone totally doesn’t match up to the real cockpit one, like the parameters were not set.

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Also I will say the manual could do with a bit of work! For such a well done and complete package in every other area, and such a complex machine with many unique systems and switches, the manual is a real let down.

It’s like just the first page of a new kitchen appliance manual that points to all the buttons and tells you WHAT they are but then forgot to put all the other pages about how they WORK!

I mean, those labels are mostly ON the 3D textures / buttons in the cockpit already anyway in most cases so it’s just repeating what we can see. I need to know how to operate them, not just captions :slight_smile:

The only bit with any good detail is flight computer section. And I do see the fuel computer bit about fuel flow there now (which does seem to have enough detail, hard to read text over the image though). Gonna dig into that on my next flight!! :slight_smile:


No Analog needles for Fuel flows. FF’s for each engine are the values in the lower boxes of the fuel computer. You can choose Gallons/hr or Lbs/hr units.

No programming is required to display the FF.


I’ve raised this fact with the devs on their discord. The manual is all flash and little substance.

It needs more info on how the systems work in sim, basic performance data and tables etc. There isn’t even a table of vspeeds and limitations.

I remember raising a query about how to zero out the fuel computer, the supplement in the manual notes a method that does not work. It turned out there was a hidden sim workaround that was finally added to the manual in a later update.

It definitely needs some work.


There was an update to address stall speeds. I downloaded but haven’t tried.


  1. Upper door was not easy to find hotspot for the handle to open and close. Fixed.

  2. Gear parts were not linked to some of the animations from a recent update and is now fixed.

  3. The exterior tail lock handle is now available to click from the interaction checklist or the interior cameras.

  4. Taxi light logic got changed recently and the toggle sound was missing. Fixed.

  5. Stall speeds got updated recently and were entered reversed. Fixed.


This is the BEST GA aircraft ever made!
So well maintained, with a perfect patch coming every few weeks taking care of even the SMALLEST details not even I notice (and believe me I really have a keen eye for bugs and notice things rather quickly!). This aircraft is amazing and clearly the best of the best!

But for the sake of immersion… do you plan to illuminate the weather radar gauge plause (in the old version I think it´s the G520 or 420 version I always fly)?
Even if it´s impossible to switch that weather radar because there is no weather radar in the flight sim, it would look good for the pure sake of immersion if the gauge would at least be illuminated with some static standby-screen active :slight_smile:
At night it´s always only a black hole in the mid of the cockpit because this gauge is not illuminated.


Except for when I tag you with a question about your Top 5 planes ‘updates’ in that thread lol

(Only pulling ya leg, don’t worry now, I made some assumptions instead and too late to “fix” it now hehe).

Yea not a bad idea. Or, as it looks like an 80’s game screen how about Pac Man loading screen, or even playable for those long flights. HPG Airbus has Flappy Bird!! Or Pong so copilot can join in? Space Invaders to keep the ‘airborne’ theme going. Heck just make a menu screen with ALL those games playable please!

I hope they add the real radar as soon as technically possible though. Could still keep the games as an option, so it’s not wasted work now lol

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Hopefully with SU10 they should be able to implement some sort of working weather radar.

Games are not a bad idea, I am promoting some good Doom2016 gameplay or SNES emulators running on one of the unnecessary EICAS screen for months now (unfortunately with not much success :smiley: )
In the meantime some good Creepy Pastas and audiobooks must suffice…

I have not seen that sorry.
But my favorite planes are not changing - still the Fenix the Cessna 414 and the PMDG currently. :wink:

Good to know. Thanks! Apparently I don’t receive any update notifications anymore ever since the 414 left the early access period.

When was this update released? I just bought the 414 last week and I didn’t get a notification either.

Now that is bound to trigger the ‘immersion breaker’ crowd :rofl:

Seriously though (and I’m not a RL pilot, and have never even sat in a RL cockpit before) would it not be the case that avionics are so expensive that when one become obsolete, they just get switched off/ignored rather than replaced (unless CAA/FAA rules state they must be, of course). So it would stand to reason that cockpits would have these kind of empty/dead areas and equipment?
So in the case of the 414 and that CRT screen, this is perfectly fine.

She’s “interactive” in the sense that she’s not a static mannequin like the passengers - she moves (as all the Asobo pilots and co-pilots do). It’s a poor choice of words. The way it’s written you’d expect something like PMDG’s Automated Flight Engineer.

And yes, the manual is essentially useless. Lovely aircraft nonetheless!

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Heh, yeah, that’s somewhat overdressing it :smiley:

Is that not why we all essentially get directed to various POHs/manuals for various aircraft/avionics? :wink:

If you’re using the PMS 530 mod, remove it. It conflicts with all variants of the 414.

Yeah I didn’t get an email either. I was just fortunate enough to see it in their discord. I really hope this isn’t going to be a “new” way of pushing updates. I miss a lot of stuff on discord and I always rely on emails to notify me of updates.

Which would work well if all the systems were modeled accurately. But it’s a sim and so they tend to behave somewhat like the real thing.

The manuals are helpful for explaining the addon/sim-only features like the EFB tablet or repurposed instruments, like the analog Caravan’s use of the WX display for failures.

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Really there is a co-pilot now?
Does she help me in any way, can she do some tasks for me like holding altitude level the wings or other stuff?
Are there some commands for piloting the plane?
How is that co-pilot activated?

If it’s the MSFS built-in co-pilot, rather than some FSW wizardry, then I believe its an on/off thing the last time I looked. It can be activated via the top of screen menu while in the sim. They can assist with pushback, taxi, radio, etc. I’ve never used it much myself, probably only once in fact.