Flysimware Cessna 414A

Another auto-pilot question for everyone on xbox. I always program my flight plan into the G530 from scratch rather than the main menu. I usually set direct airport, load an approach, change CDI source to GPS and then set the altitude arm.

I ran a few flights this morning into airports that did not have a published approach so I am flying direct to the airport. My process is typically after rotate I hand fly the aircraft to 1,500 feet and turn in the direction of the GPS course. One aligned with the course I switch on the auto pilot, let the aircraft stabilize on the heading and climb rate then switch on NAV. Had no issues when an approach is programmed. I’ve noticed when I don’t have an approach programed flying direct, the GS light illuminates and I go into an immediate dive. I had to fly heading mode the rest of the way. Has anyone else encountered this?

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I wish I’d able to keep copilot’s weight on the plane while I get rid of his/her visual model in the cockpit view. I want to see it only from the external view.

“Show Copilot” option in the EFB page is another poor choice of words because it is not about showing, but it’s about weight also.

I think it was yesterday

Thanks for the reply. I wish Flightsimware would let the paying customers know that there is an update….


Yes, me too. We don’t seem to get email notifications now that it has left beta.

I normally just check their discord for announcements.

Though they weirdly still make you download a text file with the release notes instead of just putting them on their website / discord announcements like every other dev.

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Yeah, that text file release notes thing is strange. Also, aside from their old installer making you copy the license key to your clipboard prior to running it (they finally did away with that) it also insists on being on top of all other windows at all times. A lot of very old school dev practices instead of just standardizing to how every other installer in existence works. But man, the 414 makes it all worthwhile.

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I really hoped they’d also unlink the avionics from the livery choices to prevent having multiple copies of each livery.

It doesn’t detract from the plane’s quality mind but there are a number of things they can maybe improve in future.


I love this plane, it just feels better than most.
It has more of a weighted/mass feel and actually feels like the twin props are chopping/propelling it through the air. Devs did a really great job with this one. I hope the Learjet 35A is just as special feeling.

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What download speeds are you getting from their web store? My browser usually fluctuates between 100 and 500 kbps and downloading the whole thing always takes multiple hours. Most of the time the download stagnates completely in the end. Was like this ever since they published the release candidate, so I was never able to download the latest release.

A few people raised the same issue on their discord and their response was to simply try a different browser. That didn’t make a difference for me though.

Have they change a lot since the end of the beta? If not I’ll save myself the hassle.

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That’s strange. It never took more than 3 or 4 minutes to download the latest version on my connection (Chrome).

I’ve got a 1G pipe ant was downloading at 189k per second. Took 45 minutes to pull the download. Definitely not browser related.

Can’t it be permanently powered seems odd it can be charged but not powered all the time :thinking:

Not to be that guy who replies to himself but I figured out a workaround for those interested. If you notice the flight director pitch line starts to dive press altitude hold. It holds the Nav course still and then wait a few seconds to click off the hold. You can then manually adjust the AP pitch you can start to climb again with no issues.


I agree. There should be an option for that.

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A new one on me - can’t click on the efb screen itself, or the pms50 750 screen - everything else is ok and I can stow/power off the EFB. The 750 works fine elsewhere. Started with SU10. Quite happy to belive it’s a conflict with something else, but no idea what could be doing that in particular.

Hi @VanDisaster,
Do you have the B87XH mod installed? If you do, then remove it from your Community folder and see if this helps.

Unlinked, all works again, thanks!

The wonderful world of uncoordinated mods…

Love this plane. It’s a pleasure to fly and the sound is much truly the best in my current hangar.
Even if I think I that I now completely understand how the AP works, I’m still not able to adjust the Autopilots Pitch Trim. Can’t move the knob in any direction. Is there a special trick about it?

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After SU10 and DLSS I’m having major problems with the displays in the 750Xi version. The 750 itself is bugging and doesn’t respond as it should. Then the altitude selector is flickering and keeps resetting when I’m trying to set my cruise altitude. Finally the AP panel is going nuts and is flickering and blinking like crazy. What’s going on?