Fokker F.VII Available


We hope you enjoy our second Local Legend plane, the Fokker F.VII! The team at Orbx created seven different variants of this beautiful aircraft and are excited for you to try it out. The history behind this plane is incredible, and we invite you to read the story of it here.

That being said, our team has identified the following bugs on the Fokker, and we are working towards a fix for them in a future update.

  • The following bugs apply to the Retrofit Variant only:
    • The Radio Compass does not point to an NBD station when it has a bearing between 180-359 degrees.
    • The HSI does not behave correctly. The compass card does not rotate when the aircraft turns, and the course knob does not rotate the CDI needle. For heading indications, please use the copilot’s Heading Indicator.
  • All variants: The Fokker fuel burn rate is being adjusted. At present it has great range and endurance.
  • Fokker History Flights: Please be aware that the aircraft’s electrical system needs to be shut down to complete a leg. To turn off the electric system in the classic variants, use “SHIFT+M.”