Local Legend II: Fokker F.VII

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Known Issue can be found here: Fokker F.VII Available

Edit: we released an update to the Fokker F.VII on 2022-04-07. You can see the full changelog in this post:


Does the package include PAA and TWA liveries?

Why did they make it so you can’t get into the modeled cabin with the cockpit camera? It’s senseless.

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Why are you entitled to free? You (and we) are getting a constant stream of scenery addons for free already. And what does money you may throw at Bredok and co help the devs of the Fokker or similar addons? I’ll gladly pay for worthy additions to the sim. This keeps development going. The entitlement is a bit strange sometimes.


Well, good things it’s an optional purchase at a fair price. It’s also been clear for a long time that this wasn’t free. See the Junkers…


Dang this thing overstresses just trying to climb normally.

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Anyone find an autopilot on any version? I know the Southern Cross was equipped with an early Sperry autopilot

Well please do try and bear in mind that it was invented and developed here in the Netherlands. Our country is entirely flat. No aircraft would ever need to climb at any rate higher than 100 feet per minute as surely after passing 200 feet AGL you wouldn’t hit anything! (and note how 200 ft AGL is 189 feet ASL :grin:)


It was well communicated by the devs that the Local Legends as well as the Famous Flyers are NOT for free.


So it is more meant to fly in the environment than thousand of feet above it :thinking:
OK, I can cope with this, bought :laughing: :+1:

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Would be seriously disappointing if it was missing that feature. Also they expect you to do a transpacific mission at 100 knots without an autopilot? I hope I’m missing something here.

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The max height you can reach in the F.VII is really low. Wasn’t it around 10k feet? Seems to prove the dutch-flat-theory.


And yeah someone else mentioned it too. Any way to get into the cabin?

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Wow they actually provided a manual for it this time around. PDF manual located in the Content\Official\OneStore\microsoft-aircraft-fokker-vii\Resources\Documentation\ folder and 3 checklists. Manual has some history and instrument labels and a few pages of basic operational details but better than nothing like we had with the Ju52 and people were left guessing what certain things did.


Well I’m almost finished updating and will buy it in a few seconds. I’ll help out with the Old Dutch labels and try to find something like a gyropilot. Then again it would be named gyroscopische piloot in Dutch, so… :wink:

Can’t in cockpit camera view with ALT+arrow keys unlike with the JU-52 but can get in the cabin with drone camera.

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yeah I guess that works for me. Dissappointing.

This seems like a much lower quality release overall than the Ju 52. Very dissappointing.


Could you expand on that?

What are your key issues?