For those with an Index or Vive - the new Steam VR Beta 1.16.1 has some very nice changes

A new SteamVR Beta is out 1.16.1 with some changes that may help performance and smoothness in Flight Sim (for those with the Index or Vive headsets)


  • Added per-app settings for overriding automatic throttling and prediction behavior. This is useful for applications with particularly poor performance that benefit instead from a fixed lower framerate for an overall smoother experience (e.g. sims). Note: These settings are only available to headsets which use SteamVR’s compositor (e.g. Index, Vive).

  • Allow motion smoothing to apply up to six frames of extrapolation (was three). Note: This also only applies to SteamVR’s compositor.

  • Disabled the HTTP request to check for updates when SteamVR is running without Steam.


  • SteamVR now passes all OpenXR 1.0 conformance tests on Windows for Vulkan, OpenGL, D3D11, and D3D12.

Testing this now and this is great news for Vive or Index users - lets you lock your frames to something low but still reasonable, like 30FPS. Flying the Alaska Bush Trip (the official one) right now with my render scale set to 100 with TAA on a GTX 1080!! Motion smoothing also seems to work better.


Lots of details about this posted by @aleiby

Thanks, I didn’t see that!

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Thanks for posting as new thread. Since it relates to vive it probably belongs in its own thread instead of buried in one about the index headset. It makes it easier to find what one is looking for.

Ah! So this update is only for VIVE? No wonder I couldn’t find it.

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Doesn’t the OP state its for the INDEX as well? I am part of the Steam BETA but cannot figure out how to get the update.

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How does one get in to the SteamVR beta? Or, how long do features typically take to make it from beta to the production release?

EDIT: Found it! Credit to @pmb2019 :

Open Steam, “Library” (your games), then tick “tools” where you find “SteamVR”. Klick right mouse and select “Properties”, next “Betas” where you can opt in.

(I use the German version, may be slightly different worded.)

Anyone know whether the G2 can run FS through steamVR rather than WMR? Anyone tested this with a G2 who can ascertain whether this makes steamVR overtake WMR in performance? Since WMR was supposed to be slightly better before…