FPS reduction over time

Has anyone noticed a general reduction in FPS over time with SU5.
On my first leg this morning I was getting 50+ with the a320. By the end of leg 2 my average was about 30 returning to the same original airport.
I’m flying clear skies due to the weather issues.
How much does server demand affect framerates?


I haven’t but I also don’t do long flights. I will today though. It could very well be a memory leak. Have you monitored GPU/RAM utilization and hardware temperatures?

Anything in the community folder? Any tweaks made to the simulator (like userconfig edits)?

Server demand seems to more so affect the quality of the photogrammetry. I’m not 100% certain if it affects FPS.

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Do you happen to have Live Traffic enabled? I had some performance loss and noticed the gpu usage going down. I paused, went into the traffic menu and disabled Live Traffic and my performance shot back up. Not sure why but now if I fly longer flights with Live Traffic disabled I see no performance loss.


No I don’t use live traffic. I do have scenery addons for Rhodes and Athens which was the route I was flying. It occurred during approach into Rhodes and never got better. I’ve since flown back to Athens with no improvement. Maybe there is a leak at Rhodes? Would that continue even when I’ve flow out of the area though?

It’s possible but I’m also wondering if you still have these issues with no add-ons. I would suggest removing the scenery and testing without it. With the new update 5 some aircraft and scenery may not be compatible.

Server load doesn’t affect frame rates. It may cause temporary stutters or other issues, but not the issue you’re describing.

If you’re seeing performance decrease over time, that’s typically the symptom of a memory leak. Check your RAM usage and see if it increases over time.

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Can reproduce what you are saying… Using the FBW A302neo and notice this on hops from 1 hour >

I had it happen again to me yesterday evening in the 747-8. I turned off live traffic to get the frames back and then turned live traffic back on. I had no further frame loss after that.

I’ve been experiencing something similar on the Xbox Series X. For me, it’s a gradual decline in performance that starts as I begin to descend, with things becoming more juddery as I get closer to the ground. It happens irrespective of aircraft or airport.

Strangely, if I spawn into the same area by just selecting an arrival destination from the world map, or use the travel to function during a long flight, then I don’t seem to have the same problem and things remain nice and smooth - even over busy airports.

I rarely do flights that are over an hour. The longest I’ve done recently is a 90 min flight in the CJ4. Plus, I have 64GB in my system, so if it was a memory leak, it would take me longer to see its effects.

Perhaps sharing info like what planes you’re flying, system RAM you have, etc would be beneficial, because it really does sound like a memory leak issue.

Are your CPU and GPU temps fine? Performance could degrade over time if they heat up to much.


Do you have any form of AI traffic turned on? Real air traffic? AI offline traffic? Static aircraft AI? If so, over time the sim might get slower since more of those AI planes get loaded in throughout duration of the flight. Personally I was having freezes when descending in the 787 into LAX. The closer to the ground, the stuttering and freezing increased. When I turned off real/offline AI traffic and multiplayer, it was smooth again.

See this thread:

I have the same problem too in the Flybywire A32NX, the departure is very smooth, then the performance degrades as I descend. The performance at the arrival airport is quite bad. When I depart from that same airport the performance is fine :thinking:

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For me, it was the live traffic bug. Turning it off and back on fixes it for me.

My cpu usage is very low running between 2-4%. :confused:
During flight my game froze momentarily and then frame rate dipped from around 24Fps to 17-18Fps and cpu usage went from around 20% to 1-4%. Very strange :confused:

Playing on High Settings in 1440P 144Hz resolution.

GTX 970 Stock
64GB DDR4 3800Mhz CL17

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Yea it’s true sad

If you have to turn traffic on and off…its most likely a memory leak😔

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After 6.5+ hours of flight I noticed the redction while being close to land. I recorded the after land FPS at parking and went back to main menu returned to the same location and went back to the normal FPS in high-end configuration

The video showing this: MSFS 2020 Sim Update HotFix2 - FPS reduction after some hours of flight, still happening - YouTube

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Pff so not cool can we do something about that?:pensive:

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