Free look mode problem

Hi all i have been away from the sim for a few months wanted to try a flight today but am having a problem
i have my middle mouse button set up to toggle free look mode
when i press the middle mouse button it enters free look but when i press it again it wont exit free look
i have to press control space on my keyboard

just in case it was a problem with my mouse i set up a key bind to do the same thing but get the same results

under general options i have free look mode set to toggle i have tried changing that to hold but it dose the same thing

community folder is empty so no conflicts there

any on have any suggestions? i am on version

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There is a large thread on this issue.
You may want to participate in that:

thank you i am supposed to have looked
this is my problem exactly and there work around is working for me

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Feel free to continue over on the topic referenced by TheSevenflyer above.

Closing to avoid splitting the discussion on an active report.