Freelook with mouse causes controls to freeze after SU5

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yep, since it was broken.

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Not much to add, if you are using the mouse hold to look feature all the aircraft control surface a stuck in the state they were in when you pressed had help to look. Same as previously reported.

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:


Thay are not simmers. They probably use to test FS with xbox and external view. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:.

What I can’t get my head around is that in the developer update prior to the convention. It was made clear that they would look into adding a a toggle for PC only users. What happened with that?

Maybe they haven’t gotten to it yet?

Maybe? Still makes me wonder how was this not an issue pre-SU5.

It’s unbelievable this hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s been introduced in SU5, July 2021. Crazy.


I bought msfs last week and have spent 7 hrs updating and refining controls, just to find out this bug. I think microsoft stopped giving a ■■■■ now that 2024 is in the mix. i wish i could refund this game.


Isn’t a bug topic also a place for the community to discuss a bug, share workarounds and for Asobo to get a sense of the impact it is having?

If Jorge or Seb review old bugs (don’t laugh) they will get a feeling for the impact and might just prioritise?

Not sure more descriptions are needed, this regression was understood and marked “too hard wont fix” way back in 2021.

Incredible that it worked perfectly fine prior to that infamous update.

I can add another control related one to the pile that has been ignored. The negative mouse acceleration. Move the mouse very slowly, and the onscreen view won’t move at all. It only moves when the mouse is moving above a certain speed. This is solely to improve accuracy for those using console controllers, and yet got foisted on to mouse users as well.

A good developer understands the different needs its multi-platform products have, that PC, and console users typically use different input devices that work in different ways.

With both issues PC users were badly let down.


No, that is not the intent of the Bug Reports section.
This area is for Bug Reports, and is not intended for discussion.

Discussions are to be posted in the General Discussion & Community Support category, hence that category name.
We want to keep this area for the Bug Report itself.
Information type posts which will help Asobo with the issue are acceptable here, but once the thread becomes a discussion, it belongs in the proper category for that discussion.

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this thread became really silent, continue to complain about the issue still beeing a thing


In the latest development update this bug was marked as “Planned MSFS 2024”

I remember when they announced 2024, many of us suggested it was a money grab and that they wouldn’t fix bugs in 2020 to force people to buy 2024. Lots of people came to Asobo’s defence and said we were wrong and that they would never do such a thing…

Now here we are, 2024 isn’t even in beta yet and it seems like they are already planning which bugs to leave in 2020. It isn’t like it is even a new bug, it is coming up on 3 years!

Pretty disappointing


It wasn’t the only thing that got broken, but a very prominent one. They did comment once on how this came about, but it was totally to do with the introduction of the XBox version, and the new input method, as opposed to “Legacy”.

I can’t comment on this issue specifically, but I can compare it to the huge amount of effort to get rid of the totally useless “Press any key” screen that used to appear during the sim starting up. We met huge resistance to get this removed on PC. Requests were ignored, then delayed, and finally after receiving a huge number of votes on a Wishlist or Bug thread, I forget which, it was removed. Someone at MS/Asobo really didn’t want to lose that screen. It was promptly re-instated when the XBox version was released. :rofl:

I’m always ready to listen to a reasoned argument from a developer on why a thing can’t be done, but that was not a technical issue, and felt more like marketing types, or product managers didn’t want it gone, and they ended up buckling under pressure.

This is more of a technical issue, but one tied up with the baggage that came with XBox support, so presumably harder to unpick.

It does however illustrate a trend.

Customers complain about an issue.
Initial response is to state they haven’t seen it in testing.
Customers can’t see how that is possible as the “thing” is easy to demonstrate.
Request users file bug reports on this, which is only sensible.
Customers do just that.
Now, it “may” get logged as a bug, or more likely “feedback logged”.
At this point, for some of these, like the download speed bug, some internal discussions take place. There could be wranglings between internal teams.
We then either get an announcement that its being worked on, or has been delayed to a later SU, or an explanation along the lines of “We’d love to fix this but…”.

With a product this big, when many fingers in many pies, I suspect there is politics at work we are not privy to, and frankly don’t need to be. We just want things fixed, and corporate stuff probably gets in the way for some of it.

I never used one, but from what I have read PC simmers were able to use console controllers pre-SU5, then this happened.


Yeah my first few dozen hours after MSFS launched were with a PS4 controller. I only ever used it for flying though, never for interacting with menus or other UI. I imagine it was not the best experience trying to play with only the controller before they added Xbox support.

I was thinking more along the lines of being able to fly the plane even when holding right mouse. This was never reported until SU5 was released. To be fair that would be easier with a stick or yoke.


thanks for adding this phrase, never realy knew how to describe this problem. one of THE most annoying and unneccesary changes Asobo/MS made to this game besides all the other xbox downgrades.
welcome to the future neo, here you see what turbo capitalism leaves you with…

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A really horrible solution to a device without the problem. Dragons Dogma 2 has the same problem, where the only workaround is to have the in-game mouse sensitivity set to its lowest, and the mouse DPI set to the highest, which is a common problem with Capcom releases.

It’s one of the many symptoms of “consolisation”, where a PC game has problems associated with console game design. In this instance, it’s designed to make possible very small adjustments via a joystick aka console controller thumbstick. However they applied that effect to mouse inputs as well, which is an absolute positioning device as opposed to relative, and does not need that effect.

Often seen in games by console developers who don’t seem to know how to write for the PC. Here we are 4 years later, and we are still stuck with this.


Still not fixed. Cmon Asobo its been a life time.