[Freeware] MSFS Community Downloader

I’m finally taking the time to create a proper topic in this forum. :slight_smile:

This tool has been out there since some time already, but lets present it for those who are discovering it now:

It’s an addons installer/updater providing support for all MSFS mods hosted on Github (if the release package is hosted there).

No more need to find the Community folder nor check third party websites / Github releases: let MSFS CD do it for you and keep your mods up to date easily.

You can download it here.

Also, if you find some bugs, want to share a new functionality that would be cool, or just want to say hi, feel free to share here or on Discord. :wink:


Looks amazing, I am always lost in this github files😁 so it will be perfect for me. Thanks for sharing.

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I used it last night to re-setup my sim after two months away and found it a quite good idea. However, it’s just a simple downloader that only finds addons that are really in the community folder, otherwise it will tell me that there is something but I have to download it again to track it. My downloads are managed with Addon linker (as you already assume when another path is being set) but it can not detect the subfolders (like scenery\Europe, scenery\North America, Aircraft\Props etc).

Maybe you might want to consider this for the future? It would become a real single click installer. Anyway, great idea nonetheless, thank you, as it’s becoming a pain to keep all addons up to date, all above with the massively decreasing performance of flightsim.to to give a broad hint =)


A lot of MSFS CD’s users are also using Addon Linker. :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, you can set a custom parent folder for each addon, and that will solve your issue, to do so just go in the related section by clicking on this button:



Oh… embarrassing… In my defense, it was really late :smiley: Thank you, I will have a look!

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Well it’s not really well documented either. :wink:

Works perfect with add on linker and very easy to keep all my planes updated. Thanks.

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New packages available!

Headwind A330-900neo
Headwind A330-900neo DEV
MCDU Web application for the Working Title CJ4

You can find them in the “Add Package” section. :wink: