FS Realistic was just released

Solution to this problem is to use a third party zip file extractor.
I used 7 Zip to extract the file rather than the inbuilt windows extractor and it works fine.

Seems there is a bug with the windows inbuilt extractor that is corrupting some files. N.B. this may only apply to the latest Windows 11 Beta as I don’t recall having any problems before the last update.

As a sidenote, this workaround is also mentioned on the Milviz support page for installing their products i.e. use a 3rd party zip extractor rather than the Windows one.

Same here on the DHC-2…


You are welcome to download our beta which fix many of the issues :


any news on the non english keyboard issue?

Hey what is everyone’s method for tuning profile sounds now? With the auto pause feature It’s hard to isolate the proper sounds/volume to my liking. Now I’m trying to figure out is that from the sim or FSR.

We have removed the “improved” pause detection as it causes issues as such. See post above with beta version which includes this fix.

Thanks ill check it out

Is there a way to minimize the app properly, as in currently whenever I alt-tab it sits in the rotation, I’d rather have it minimized to the notification bar.

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Applying a profile from the profile cloud causes FSR to crash at a high rate.
If this is repeated, eventually FSR cannot be started or MSFS cannot be started with FSR running.

This problem was resolved by reinstalling FSR.

Please see our beta release

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With the new beta and I’m still having problems with the camera moving on it’s own.
I’m using the PMDG 737 800
When i start FS Realistic it instantly jumps the camera up to the top. If i set it down using the sliders in FS Realistic it re positions the camera to where i want but if i change views it reverts back to the top of the cockpit. Also I’m sitting at the gate currently with the aircraft not moving and after 5mins the camera’s now at the bottom (in the pilots lap)
Any ideas on whats causing this.

When on the ground, I often have my aircraft that is oscillating, this even happens on big liners and looks weird, what’s the effect that triggers this?

probably the “breathing” effect

I‘d say that‘s the wind which is rocking the airplane on the ground. I can‘t remember the exact name of the effect but it‘s the second to last. I turned mine down to like 24 with light GA planes and to 0 with airliners.

Breathing and wind ambience both disabled. Ive turned camera shake in the main msfs settings to off and both my default height and zoom are set to 50 in msfs settings aswell.

Any chance this makes it to Xbox marketplace?

No. This is an external piece of software, injecting code into the sim. Not possible on a console.

Maybe when WASM is supported?

Completely unrelated, I’m afraid.

anyone having issues with the first person mode? after i set the toggle button, nothing happens when i press it.