FS2Crew has released the PMDG 737 SOP 1 Edition


cool beans, I took a chance on this and pulled the trigger. Installing and will try out later today. I’ve been flying primarily the PMDG 737 via VR, (and using voiceattack). Looking forward towards a multi-crew element.

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I decided to treat myself for Christmas and got it. Man is it a good addition for the 737! Love to be able to just ask for checklists etc, certain flows are done automatic. And big plus since I use voice controlled ATC, a soft mute so fs2c has normal mic priority, and when I contact atc it temporary mutes itself (same ptt button).
Also everything is controllable through buttons in an in-sim panel for those that don’t use voice.

For increased realism I really recommend!

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I’ve done two flights with this add-on. So far no errors. He responds very well to voice. I realize a lot and I think the price is decent.

I’ve used FS2Crew in the past so it’s great to see how it’s now available also in MSFS for the PMDG 737.

Two things I’m thinking of are:

  • does it work well together with GSX Pro when it comes to timing of boarding passengers etc?
  • does it also work well in VR?

Thanks in advance for any input on these two questions.

GSX works fine with it. there is an issue with one of the procedures not working but that will be fixed by the devs. Just make sure you allow fs2crew to manage the doors. flying the 737 the boarding and baggage is all loaded within time. I dont use VR so cant answer your second Q

Could you please explain this a bit more? I fly exclusively on Vatsim so I’d like to know how best to integrate FS2C. And you can ask for checklists ad he will read them to you, or he will do them, ie push the buttons?


Sounds great!

What procedure is it not currently working and is it on FS2Crew or GSX to address the issue?

The before start checklist. its been fixed though by the looks of it today! :slight_smile:
FS2Crew: PMDG 737 SOP1 Change Log - FS2Crew


Thanks for the update on the…update! lol I made a post on whether anyone knows how to do it properly without any hiccups etc

There is also a bug with it fixing the config for the aircraft currently. they are investigating. for now you have to clear the fixed config line in the “PMDG SETUP” → “AIRCRAFT” page of the FMC

Good to see how they are on top of addressing issues as they are found. Which doesn’t surprise me because my experience from past using FS2Crew is the same, how any issues are quickly addressed.

Will get this version and hopefully, it will also work without any major problems in VR.

Could you elaborate a bit on this?

Not fully sure what the issue is after reading your post but maybe things will be more clear when having the things in front of you.

They edit a file for the PMDG incorrectly that means it sets it to a fixed aircraft config. Best to read here : Last update had broken the livery configs - PMDG Simulations

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Many thanks, will check it out.

Could you possibly expand on the soft mute? How is it achieved? I use P2ATC and if I purchase FS2CREW, it would be extremely useful to be able to do this.

In FS2C, I set the softmute to the same button I use for PTT in P2ATC. Then set FS2C in open mic mode (and p2atc to PTT) That way when you just talk you control fs2c, and when you press PTT FS2C stops listening and you control p2atc

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Thank you for that. I guess the only time that might become an issue is when you are on comms (discord etc) with friends. I’d need to add a new bind for PTT on there as well. I’m wondering if I could use a modifier on the honeycomb (maybe the up down rocker switch) in conjunction with the PTT button to better control all 3.

hi guys i just purchased fs2crew for pmdg 737, unfortunately i couldnt play and its showing simconnection error, anyone can advice on this, thank you

Read the documentation that comes with the product. I recall there was a FAQ and a troubleshooting guide in there.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, go to the FS2Crew Discord server and ask over there. Also mentioned and suggested in the documentation.