FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

Might be a dumb question but where/ what is the system tray… I’m sure once you say it I’ll understand what you’re saying hahah. I do recall there being a “restart couatl” at the bottom on the menu but unfortunately I can’t select that option because the menu won’t even open just says the “loading”.

I’m guessing this is windowing out of the sim and resetting the couatl?? Thanks for the advice and help

The area at the far right of the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t see the Couatl icon there select the up arrow on the left of the System Tray to reveal hidden icons.



If you are running MSFS in full screen mode and cannot see the Taskbar just press the Windows key to bring it up:


If you prefer the Couatl icon to be visible in the System Tray rather than hidden you can change it in Windows Taskbar settings: System → Personalisation → Taskbar → Other System Tray Icons.

Or go to Taskbar settings directly by right clicking a blank region of your Taskbar and select Taskbar Settings.

Beginner question… just got GSX not long ago… For every third party airport I purchase, do I need to go ahead and also download the GSX profile (from flightsim.to) for every airport? Or do some airports already come with the profile built in automatically when moved to community folder? For example lets say iniBuilds JFK

GSX works with any airport without downloading any GSX profiles, but the result may not be optimal, so people and some development studios have created more tailored profiles that can optionally be used to get a better experience, although the quality varies. Of course you can modify those profiles to your own liking with the GSX tools or even make your own.

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I just noticed that you are on Xbox so there may be some limitations on what you can do, so my answer only applied to the full PC version regarding editing. I only know the PC situation.

I recently build a PC so now I’m on the PC bandwagon! Previously on Xbox

Good to go then :+1:

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Thank you for the detailed response (like the heart around the windows key :joy:). I’ll give restarting couatl a shot if the problem persists!

May or may not work. Good luck.

Yeah, there is only one limitation. There is no GSX Pro for xbox.

Download if available or create your own. Default position of ground vehicles is always hit and miss. They clash with airport structures and block taxi way, aft stairs are always positioned on the left of your parking spot so you hit them with your left wing. Also passengers will arrive on a bus, even if you are parked next to terminal. I use editor every time I visit a new airport. It’s hard to find profiles for non-paid airports.

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I understand that GSX is focused on passengers operations with airliners, but how it works with cargo operations with smaller turboprops like the Caravan or Kodiak? Does it simulate the cargo loading operations in these tiny planes? or it’s only for passengers?


No. You get a message like “no opening doors on this aircraft, you will not see passengers”. But at the same time it doesn’t load cargo. The truck appears with no cargo on it, then goes away. Pretty disappointing.

It is focused on airliners but I also use it with small GA like the Cessna 172. Refuelling, catering, boarding, pushback, and follow-me are the functional features in this scenario, although the ground worker will walk into your fuselage and the tug will sometimes drive forward through your aircraft after disconnecting for some random reason. The boarding process only has passenger/crew bus arriving/departing and no people animations. Otherwise animations behave as expected within the limitations of this program, which certainly has room for improvements.

Thanks both of you for clarifying my doubts about GSX. I think I’ll wait for now.

The Kodiak has a profile on flightism.to that can help with gsx


Thanks for the info. But I prefer to wait until GSX receive an upgrade giving more love to the cargo ops. Both the previous comments and some videos I’ve been watching lately, it seems mostly/only focused on passenger ops. Maybe in the future they’ll release a cargo expansion not only for airliners, but also smaller turboprops or even bushy GA. IMHO I think there is a niche waiting for being explored. And FDT have the tech. Who knows…

Yes some do. But I don’t know if that applies to marketplace airports, if someone can advise that would be good.

Applies only to airports that are included in the game.

What’s the general consensus with GSX… has it improved since release? Does it impact performance at all? Considering picking it up.