FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

To be fair, it has gotten a lot better over time. It doesn’t crash as much as it used to. Many liveries and many improvements have been added/optimized and it’s fairly well functioning at this time. Of course there are issues still and we still don’t have the lavatory and air truck but I know he is working hard improving the product. I can’t imagine using the Sim without GSX Pro at this point. His attitude is not the best but the product is constantly improving, sometime a step back, shouldn’t kill it for you :slight_smile:

When your pc is top tier and you unlink GSX from MSFS and everything else works fine, i think there mayyy be a problem with gsx lol Maybe he is just gathering dfata for msfs2024

Im still going to use it just fix the problems that exist and he would have a miracle product

Welll he isn’t wrong, I only had one issue with this product and that was my own problem I created for myself, The one in P3D was not a Frame killer and either this

GSX is a great addon and which I cant do without. Having said that, there are things that affect immersion.

I am not sure if it i a sim limitation, but tug is at times parked at a place where the gate will go through it, on requesting pushback the marshal will pass through ground clutter and sometimes the tug also.

I couldn’t live without GSX, it is a brilliant addon for airliners.
No significant FPS hit, even in most demanding airports.
Some things should be improved, though, for example:

  • ATR handling. Replace the standard belt baggage loading by hand loading of suitcases, or at least reduce from three-car luggage train to a single-car one. So many suitcases to load now for such a small plane. Avoid the marshaller head from clipping inside the cockpit when connecting / disconnecting the push-back tug.
  • GSX vehicles frequently run into another vehicle, into ground personnel or into the plane. An “anti-collision” behavior in the vehicle movement would be welcome.
  • COUATL external program sometimes closes / crashes without warning. It can be restarted (and then it usually works), but when this happens it is a small annoyance.
  • There should be an option to leave the menu always open, would be very useful in VR.

And, if using custom airports, it needs some “maintenance” work by the user: Disable the standard jetways in the GSX menu, find an airport profile, install it, etc.


I don’t know about FPS hit but there certainly seems to be an object limit hit. When running GSX I get those little buggies used for towing baggage carts running around the airport without visible drivers and invisible passengers in airport addons that feature animated passengers walking in the terminal. Maybe other objects not showing up also. Nothing else I use seems to have as much impact.

Yes, the object limit hit is there, and may be reached with very complex airports plus GSX plus GAIST boats, FSTL traffic injection, etc.
Anyway, I have ran GSX at all the “difficult” payware airports plus FSTL plus the Fenix A320, and I usually do not realize this object disappearance issue.
However, there is indeed a problem (which I forgot to mention before) with the LOD distance drawing of GSX’s objects. Umberto has claimed in the past that this is MSFS’s fault and not GSX’s, but in any case the moment you take the drone cam and move away from your plane you will start seeing the passenger bus turn into a brick, and GSX objects suddenly disappearing or looking very ugly in shape. It is then when I also see sometimes a tow-bar moving in the air without the tow-truck, or the luggage cart running empty, to be magically filled with suitcases when getting close to the plane.

Anyone having issues with calling the GPU after the latest update? When i request the GPU nothing happens!

Iam using asobo 787-10 with SU13 beta.

Yessss…, have the same problems. The update is missing some thumbnailtextures, shown by an errorlog, and i can not request or dismiss GPU services. But from start, one is already there. But i can´t dismiss it.

Seems that the last update was a step back instead of one forward… bummer

It would be good to see more emphasis on base product improvement rather than added vehicle liveries.


Ive created a support topic on fsdreamteam forum, if your having same issue drop a reply.

I want this bug fixed!!!

You think the thumbnail error is related?

Is there a way to downgrade.


I use GSX everyday so after this last update GPU stop working.

Please help…

2.7.5 update is out no notes yet.

It would be good to see more emphasis on base product improvement rather than added vehicle liveries.

You are making it sound as if the latest update contained only new liveries, when in fact it contained two functionality improvement, which are all be suggested by users. I’ll repeat them again:

  • Parking Customization allows to choose between a Bus/Walk-In separately for Boarding and Deboarding.
  • Water, Lavatory and Ground Power services on PMDG 737 can be called from GSX “Additional Services" menu.

So no, the update contained both new liveries and base product improvements, like each and every update so far.

In fact, I don’t think we ever released a single update that contained only new liveries, and if an update contains those, they are intentionally placed last in the list of changes, precisely to not give the idea the update was “just liveries”.


I should have said:

more emphasis on base product improvement rather than added vehicle liveries and new features.

more emphasis on base product improvement rather than added vehicle liveries and new features.

New features, especially added to precise users suggestions are a base product improvement, because they improve on existing features.

If you think an existing function needs further improvement, you should open a proper suggestion thread on the FSDT support forum or on the discord GSX channel, which would eventually appear in a further update, just like all the ones we have been releasing so far.


Version 2.7.5 – September 18th, 2023

  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Passenger Bus not disabled on Deboarding with existing profiles.

  • GSX Pro Fix: Apply button not working when customizing a parking with the PMDG 737.

  • GSX (all versions) Fix: GSX own GPU not coming on airplanes not using a custom one.


Thank you for the GPU fix i will give it a try i always use GSX when i fly love it.

No point in repeating issues that have already been raised