FSLiveTraffic Liveries (FSLTL) - New Trailer and Status Update

New trailer is live now!

Status update

We’re glad to see the interest of the community in our work, and, obviously, you would like to know when FSLTL will be released. Truth is: no one on the developer team wishes to work on this mod till the end of the world and we’re first who want to see FSLTL up and running as soon as possible. Or name a precise release date. Unfortunately, we can’t do it as we depend on original models authors. Good news are: almost everyone participating in the FLAi package is granted their permissions for using their work in this mod. However, we’re still waiting for any response from AIG and FAIB which remain silent despite our and FLAi’s numerous inquiries. These are inevitable delays happening to any project involving more than five people to cooperate.

Bright side is: we have more time to fix and polish everything. All AI aircraft now feature dynamic lighting instead of baked, animations, jetway connection and on certain aircraft, brand new handcrafted sounds! With Asobo Live AI we have achieved perfect model/livery matching, proper ATC interaction and correct nameplates.

Now we’re working on the installer that will deploy and update desired packages with ease.

Also there’s a partnership coming soon you will be very happy to see.

Join our Discord for more screenshots and updates: https://discord.gg/suMR56wCrn


Where can I buy FSLTL?

This question was asked a frightening number of times. You can’t. FSLTL is still in development and will be released for free. We don’t accept donations at this time. Never pay for this product.

I Know there is a closed alpha-test. How can I become a tester?

For now we have enough testers. If this changes, we’ll make an announcement.

You planned to release an unfinished public beta with a limited amount of planes.

Yes, we did, and it’s still our plan. Problem is, we’ve started with most popular planes (sounds like common sense, huh?), lots of them are masterfully created by FAIB(Erez Werber), who is still unreachable. So we really, really hope he will contact us before we finish our installer app, otherwise this will be a questionable beta, without A319, A320, B738, B739 etc.

What’s about proper parkings/airline-specific gates etc?

We’re working on it.

What’s the point of your Discord if there is no public text channel?

Fresh screenshots and the only place for the official updates! We’ve closed the public text channel because there is not much to discuss as FSLTL is not released yet and the moderation of off-topic multi-hundred channel consumes time that can be used for the actual work. Dull but efficient.

You’ve mentioned earlier that there is a way to contribute, how?

The FLAi package is enormous but the real world is much bigger. Many aircraft lack regional airlines liveries, some of the existing are needed to be remade. If you’re an artist capable of doing so, contact @SofieGrozovski on Discord (use the ticket tool).

How else can I help?

Vote for the AI improvements. Asobo’s online AI improved dramatically in this month, but there are still a lot of issues that should be fixed.



We wish you great holidays, stay tuned, more great news are coming soon!

UPD: AIG has responded (CLOSED).
UPD2: There was a misunderstanding, details here.


Do all aircraft now vacate the runway normally?


Awesome work.

The music selection is a little bit weird, doesn’t really fit to the content. Are the B737 and Dash Q800 the only aircraft which will come?

I thought AIG is working on their add-ons, perhaps @Kaiii3 can help here?

we are working and have pushed the last days a new update to our internal testers with the first set of native MSFS AI SimObjects :slight_smile: But I will not post to much info in this topc, becuase they are not related at all :wink:


Any plan B if FAIB or AIG did not respond to your requests…??..

And thank you and the team for your dedication …!!.

Happy new year

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From what I know AIGs (incl. many painters) response is comming in the next days.


Thanks it’s really exciting news…!!
and how about FAIB are they realy need it.

i have no clue how the response will end (could be a yes, could be a now)…

FAIB has made the 737 and A32X-Series so without them no 737/A320 :wink: Oh and the 747 and the 767

FAIB is a major player when it comes to native FSX model.

Thanks :blush: :crossed_fingers:

Wheels not rotating?

out test-team came accross this as well and it seems to be related to FSX native models, but we are not 100% sure yet. Remember MSFS supports old FSX MDL files but it seems they are not fully working…

Do the AI planes use the MSFS native ground handling properly? Like pushback, catering etc.?

Yes, you can see it working in the trailer.

Having been testing this one, I can tell it’s very, very promising.


this looks awesome, I hope Asobo fix the live traffic problem where much real live traffic doesn’t show on the sim, in case the that teams say no I think we can help to make those models this community is so talented


cant you use the default A320 ?

no clue what FSLTL plan is. Using flyable aircrafts for AI is an option but will come to the coast of decresed performance. Thats the reason why AI models have been developed.

I use default A320 with all liveries to mark AI traffic A20N/A320. It’s work. No performance drops.