FSRealistic - worth it?

Heard some good stuff about FSRealistic, but find it quite expensive. Do you think it is worth the 30 EUR?

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Compared to the XP version, I found it a bit disappointing, tbh.

I miss the head anticipation I have in XP realistic.

On the other hand, I got it cheap, before JF’s Shop adjusted the prices , so I am ok and just hope over time it gets the same features it has in XP.

I don’t fly without it. I"m not a VR pilot and the level of immersion goes up. Would recommend.

I enjoy it and there are some fantastic profiles others have built and shared.

Very customizable.

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Good job!
As for FS Realistic I can’t sim without it.
The touchdown effects alone add so much immersion to landings.
Next update is adding a first person walk around feature I’m looking forward to.
Developer is super active and responsive and yes it’s worth every penny.

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I won’t fly without it either, totally worth it in my opinion.

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I have it, Its ok. I dislike the coughing and throat clearing in some of the profiles.

If I’m correct you can still try a Trial-version.

During my trial period I exchanged a few questions and wishes with the developers who were very responsive and enthusiast about some idea’s I shared.
It takes some tweaking to set it to your liking, and you can switch off sounds you don’t like. But I really enjoy the immersion it adds to FS.

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I really enjoy the feedback from my copilot on my landings. It’s a little thing but always makes me smile when I do well and await the opposite on a rougher landing.


I’m gonna try it and turn it on.:beers:

It offers a trial version, which I strongly recommend. For me personally, it’s an essential add-on which raises the immersion immensely. (I fly with a good headset most of the time).


How much does it affect performance? RTX 3060 Ti / AMD 5600X / 16GB / 1440P (native) / TAA / HIGH settings (some, few on ultra)

You can just tweak the profile to how you want it and easily turn those effects off.

Grab the trial version and see for yourself, even if we ran the exact same hardware, you still can’t compare. Other things affect the performance as well (what all is running at same time, community folder content, etc…).

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Well you asked for opinions, so :grinning:

I’ve had mine for probably six or eight months I guess. I love the flaps, gear, reverse, speedbrakes, and touchdown effects but don’t use the others. Personally I can’t ever imagine using sneezing or toilet sounds, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

I must have gotten mine when it was cheaper - I could have sworn I paid like $15 dollars for it and then upgraded for like $6 or so. To me, that was worth it. $30 may be kind of borderline for some people, but me personally - when I compare what else I would spend the money on vs the years of enjoyment I’d get from it, then I’d go ahead and do it. But definitely get the trial version. I wish everyone could offer trial versions, because that’s what sold me on it. I was skeptical at first, but after a few flights with it, I went for it.


After I start flying in real life I can’t fly without it. The vibrations are spot on like the real plane I fly.


I have the same machine essentially. And I can’t say that it affects performance negatively. To be honest, I couldn’t fly without it anymore.

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Hi Captains !

FSRealistic here.
Thank you for the positive feedback.
We value our customers money and that is why we offer 7 days free trial. This will not change.
We are a big believers in our product and try to constantly improve it.
We are always open to feedback so feel free to write us at fsrealistic@gmail.com

Thank you again!