FSReborn Sting S4

No problem, more than happy with the purchase.

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Question for the developer, just a little out-of-interest thing: what made you want to make an S4 addon? Just personal interest, or any experience with the plane?

I’m familiar with quite a few planes now, but I’d never heard of this manufacturer and model.

My wife is Czech, so I know lots of Slovakian and Czech airplanes that are incredible beautiful and amazing at aerodynamics.

However, the S4 had something that made just fall in love with it… difficult to describe… the props, the canopy… so many bits… and it made me wish I could own it in real world… so I decided to build it to kind of fulfill that dream at least in digital format.

All airplanes I build, is because I truly love them… I could not do any of them if I didn’t. I like working with passion behind everything!



… we need a classic bushy super cub without rotax and affected by the environment (type of airstrip for example). With all the features you have developed for the Sting… that would be awesome.

I love the clear canopy, from the cockpit it’s perfect, but I think it’s too opaque on the exterior model in direct sunlight:

Any chance of getting a more transparent version in a possible future update?

Please post the feature request on my discord channel, it helps me to keep track…

I will try to make it clearer… the issue is, I am doing tricks to avoid the “double fliquering bug” with windshield materials, so no promises, it might be I left it already as clear as possible to avoid the issue…


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Oh and I forgot to mention, update 1.4 is already under beta testing, so I will try to fit this request in there… the update should be available to general public soon.



Hi mr. Clyde,

I did another flight this evening trying to see if I could find a solution.
I tried to rotate the inner knob on the lower right hand corner of the left screen (course), but without any result. I heard clicking sound telling me that the knob was turning, however, the value stayed the same??

Edit: I discovered something interesting.
If I select and activate a direct to waypoint, the magenta gps needle on the CDI turns to the correct position.

Compared when pre planning via the world map menu.

Cheers Mark

Anyone noticed that we cannot brake anymore after updating MSFS?

I can’t use my brakes anymore? The rudder works fine.

Cheers Mark

Did you check the status of the brakes in the tablet? Don’t forget that tires and brakes wear down in the Sting.

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Yes sir, checked. Brake pads wore down to a 70% level. This should be enough for some braking?

Got the same problem at end of flight today. Once on the parking with brakes fully engaged the plane was not stopping. Turning of the power was the only thing that stopped it.

What about the problem with the strong thermals? Has it been solved with SU10?

yep, turbulence got tuned for SU10. It’s lovely.


Great! It was the only reason that stop me for buying it!

Yes, the wild turbulence issue with this aircraft has gone. It is a joy to fly now.

My brakes are working normally by the way.


Wind gusts when using live weather are still a huge problem for me with SU10 and this plane. Tried to fly it some today, wind was just 8-10 knots but changing directions so fast the nose of the plane was jerking back and forth like there was no inertia at all. I had to give up after a few minutes, I never get motion sickness with games but much more of this and I think I would have.

It’s really a shame, this was one of my favorites for just cruising around VFR but now can only use it with weather presets which I would rather not have to use. I know this one is disproportionally affected since it’s so light, but still hope there can be some solution to this eventually.


I am seeing this as well. This is the only addon I have with the issue. It seems especially present when flaps are down, but the nose it jerks back and forth so fast in a way that’s not representative of real wind at all. Other aircraft are fine.

Hi Guys,

Just a short update for everyone,

Number one: A new version of S4 has been submitted to Market Place ,the changelog is as follow

  • Change open close canopy procedure for drag interaction to avoid mid-air opens by mistake.
  • Tuned down fuel pump sound
  • Updated Garmin Oil Temps ranges
  • Change the left and right quick view cameras positions to reflect the default behaviours of MSFS.
  • Updated Strobe Lights to produce 3 flashes.
  • Added a gauge light to the Fuel Gauge
  • Added the capability to hide the Yokes.
  • Corrected miss spelling on rudder pedals descriptions.
  • Added capability to increase / decrease electrical systems wear and tear speed
  • Added capability to increase / decrease lighting systems wear and tear speed
  • Added capability to increase / decrease brakes and tyres wear and tear speed
  • Adjusted wear and tear warning speed display position for each relevant component on the maintenance tab
  • Adjusted the Battery Failure Risk calculation formulas to be more realistic.
  • Fixed issue where the maintenance page is disabled with engine running, but when engine turn off nothing displays until a click spot is selected.
  • Fixed toe brakes animations with differential braking.
  • Added a loading screen to the tablet, which should help when WASM is compiling or is taking long time to be initialized by MSFS
  • Adjusted wear and tear warning speed display position for each relevant component on the maintenance tab
  • Adjusted the Battery Failure Risk calculation formulas to be more realistic.

Should be published via Market Place sometimes next week, and announcement will be made via my discord server.

Number two: We keep going in circles about the turbulence, turbulence is the effect of what the base simulator is doing to S4 with CFD enabled and the weight of it’s class. It has been improved with SU10 as some of you are already noticing… please compare apple vs apples… do not compare S4 flight model with a heavier airplane or an airplane not having CFD enabled… that is not a good comparison.

In addition, I raised this with Asobo with SU9 and they confirmed my flight model is not faulty, the airplane is behaving and reacting in accordance with MSFS turbulence and convection injection desired by the core in relation to newest CFD and modern flight model characteristics of the simulator. I requested variables to tweak this… so far I have none if one day I get new capabilities with the SDK, then by all means I will be able to tweak things further.

However, one more time, check the video I posted here earlier of an Ultralight being pushed around by convection thurbelence… the S4 is doing pretty much the same… it is simulating things properly as an airplane of it class guys, this is how it feels being tossed around in real world on an small airplane… the max wind factor for S4 in the POH is 10 to 12 kts… if you are suffering gust winds of 8 to 10, pretty much you are putting the airplane to the limits of it’s envelop… so what you seeing is not out of reality.

However being a developer that I understand the needs of it’s customers, I have requested variables to tweak things to please those that hate turbulence, in the meantime if you do not want turbulence, follow Asobo advice to mitigate convection turbulence in the simulator.

Lastly if you guys need help, please don’t be afraid to come to my discord server and ask for it, my desire is all of you to enjoy the product, is difficult for me to follow all forums, etc. the only way I can respond quickly if you have any troubles, is if you some to me via the official channels.

Thanks for all for the massive support so far, I will continue improving the product of course while I also continue to create new products and dreams to share with all of you.

All the best,


Amazing. Thank you.!