Fundamentally wrong flight dynamics on swept wing aircraft

It’s quite obvious to me that you have no actual flying qualifications so I’m going to put you on my ignore list.

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In case you don’t know; Overconfidence is the greatest killer in aviation.
I strongly suggest to improve your knowledge ASAP.
Presently you are a danger to everyone in your aircraft and especially on ground!

Btw. If you put everyone who has no actual flying qualification on your ignore list, this forum will be a pretty deserted place for you. :rofl:


I’m also getting quite allergic of all the misinformation on this forum from people who either claim they are real world pilots or have a couple of hours on a Cessna under their belt and think they are “gods gift to aviation”.

@PZL104 is one of the very few people on this forum who has consistently shown to have thorough knowledge about aviation and I have no doubt about his credentials. If you look around on the forum you will quickly see he is a respected member and offers good advice and information across the forum.

Regarding stall dynamics, this thread is more on topic:


I must say it’s good to see you active on here again, hoping the break you took from the forums was a relaxing one.

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Still haven’t reinstalled FS2020 though :sweat_smile:, sometimes I have some spare time during turn around so I’ll check whats going on here :joy:.

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Please make sure to upvote this thread. Having a properly modelled center of lift / CG position is very important for a lot of different reasons (aircraft stability, fuel consumption, stall modelling, aircraft performance in general…) . This needs to be fixed to have a sensible flight behaviour.

Is this fixed or still an issue?

I think in one update they’ve stated about the modern flight model as in how different surfaces life changes and in some cases of stall they have essentially no lift, does that fixed the flight dynamics? Have to say being someone who only flies airliner and don’t bother do all these stalling stuffs and never flew a plane IRL I have no idea what will it feel in real plane

No I believe nothing has changed, the problem is with swept wings, when adding a sweep angle something goes wrong. This does not only influence the stall dynamics, it has an effect on overall stability, ground effect etc. It basically influences the whole flight is envelope.

Sorry if I missed something, but seems like in their update sometime in February(?) they’ve mentioned that they did modelling over 1300 flight surface in real time with the wind and turbulence etc due to topography. I just think the swept wing (surface at an angle) should be accounted for in this regard??

No there is something wrong in the coding, everything works fine for a straight wing, as soon as you introduce wing sweep something starts to go wrong. I’m not sure how the flight model works exactly, I don’t think the MSFS flight model calculates the center of lift production based and its change solely based on airflow, part of it is coming from the .cfg file.

Just from what I can recall from the explanation in the video I watched, it seems that they are providing modelling capabilities for 1300+ surfaces and somehow based of the cfg file. Say surface 1 have X amount of lift or downforce with wind at angle Y, which in some case they demoed with a straight winged propeller during stall approach some surfaces in dev mode showed no lift at all with all deflections made. So if developer made the correct base data in .cfg it should work better than FSX where only one large lift component was used in a cfg, it now comes from thousands of points and correlate with weight to calculate the motion of the plane.

Which sounds almost right to me. Of course if one make a plane with ■■■■ cfg base data points or go plain lazy and use one huge data you can have crappy handling feel

Possibly, still all swept wing aircraft in MSFS suffer from this weird bug. In the developer mode you can instantly see that things are in reverse.

Sure it can be the case, when’s the last time you tried this?

Some time ago honestly, haven’t used MSFS in a long time so if you are willing to give it a try would be cool.

Actually I kept flying the a32nx almost daily, and tbh it felt a lot more life like to me as someone never ever flew any aircraft, as compared to the default airliners, I still remember early days the default a320 have those ballooning artefacts etc. And one thing the FBW one felt much more realistic was that although it’s fbw and auto trim, at turbulence, or say when approach full manual where I kept the thrust but varied pitch a bit or wind shears, the VS jumped as what I would expect IRL, in default one I flew long ago, once I say kept pitch constant the cross wind shear only drift me horizontally but not affecting roll and VS, now it did have effects

I don’t think there is any problem with the FBW A320, I don’t know if they modified the default A320 flight model or they’ve solved / masked problems using their custom fly-by-wire system. Last time I checked the A320nx had the same problem as the default A320 when opening developer mode but when not in direct mode nothing weird was noticeable.

? sorry that link said doesn’t exist or private

Still the same thing, maybe you can copy and paste the relevant post?