Game Freezes Periodically Every Minute

Recently while playing MSFS, I’ve been having issues with the game freezing for 2-3 seconds every minute periodically. When this happens, both the GPU and CPU drop in usage for the time being. I fly using the Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo, along with Thrustmaster rudder pedals. My game settings are set to high-end, my specs are Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2080.

How much of your ram is being used as this sim can use more than 16gb’s.

I have also this issue but Not every minutes more like 5 minutes or so and then when it unfreeze the airplane engines shut down and have to restart them. Crashes almost every time flight. I noticed that the PC makes the sound like when you pull or plug a USB cable in just before it freezes.

PC Spec. i9 9900k GTX 1080ti 32 gab ram.

There is a known bug when a USB connects/disconnects the sim can CTD or freeze. Check your cables are not loose and you don’t have a faulty USB port. I know one of my USB ports at the front of my case is broken so I don’t use that port anymore as it has caused the sim to CTD before.

See Frametime Spike = Stutter, Every 60 Seconds - #37 by willisxdc

A number of people including myself having this issue.

Read this :

Did this start recently?
Right now there is a simconnect problem which is causing CTD’s.
If it did, this sounds like your issue.
Do a search in here for “simconnect CTD”

Check your internet speed. If it is too low, the download of data can not catch up with the speed of processing, so the GPU & CPU pause and wait for new data to process. If you fly offline, the game will probably not pause.

I literally tried everything. I’ve spent a lot of my private time to apply suggestions in this forum. I couldn’t get a stutter free experience.

I have a system that is much above the requirements. I have only pro graded infrastructure elements like Cisco routers, UNIFI, sophos Firewall. I’m running with a 300MB / 50MB stable internet connection (verified).

I could only reduce the stuttering by completely stop AI and feeding the GPU with more work (yes, increasing the settings).

I’d expect guidance from development on how to configure a system instead of reading hundreds of forum entries with some time contradictory content.


Win10 Pro 20H2 64Bit, 10700K 3.80GHz (OC 4.7GHz, UV -100mV), MB: ASRock z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3, GPU: RTX 3060TI (UV 875mV, 1890 MHz) , 32 GB RAM (3200 MHz), Resolution: 3440x1440, HAGS On

A couple posts up is your answer, along with another helpful link.

AI is one of the principle causes of this. It runs through simconnect.
The more that runs through simconnect, the more unstable it becomes and the sim will CTD.
Any external aps such as simbrief, little nav map, and such also connect this way.
ASOBO has found the issue, and are saying it will be corrected in this coming update.
Until then, less is better.

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