Garmin G3000/5000 Issues and Support

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Now that AAU1 has arrived, we are opening a new and official thread for all issues G3000/5000. Feel free to post your questions and issues here.



Are there any manuals available please?


Hello everyone!
I am using Vision Jet. I am very familiar with G1000 in RW and sim. The Approaches populate with altitudes from my Navigraph subscxription fine in G1000. They don’t seem to populate with altitudes for DP/STARS or Appr in VIsion Jet. G3000. The waypoints are there but no Altitudes. The Charts Tab on Home page functions and charts are displayed. I have upgraded everything. Am I missing something? Thanks

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The Vision Jet uses a custom version of the old WT G3000 mod, which only has advisory VNAV support. Altitudes are not automatically populated.


Thanks now it makes sense. . Rather new to MSFS after 20 yrs with Brand X. I imagine Longitude works. TBM and other Asobo aircraft with Deluxe package. I would imagine Flightfx will upgrade VJ soon? I have a very complete Air Manger Panel for vision jet so I hope to continue using it, but alas, I will have to lhangar it if the altitudes don’t populate. Good Luck Thanks again.

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The mandatory update has broken my flights with the TBM.
Note; Nothing has been changed by me recently except agreeing to the update.
I am on PC, currently non-VR, non developer mode.

I set up an IFR flight for the TBM like I have over a hundred times before.

This one from Aspen, Co to Telluride, Co. (A SSW direction.)

First, I find the familiar screens I have used since day one using the TBM, are gone, replaced by others that are dark and much harder to read on my laptop.

Second: I take off and set AP and head almost directly north, with no hope of ever getting on course.

In comparison, here’s the easy-to-read screen (a past flight) I have enjoyed for many months:

What happened?

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The screens now reflect how the real-world units look and work. What was there before was – something else… It used to look like a video game, and now it looks like a simulator. That’s how I’d summarize it.

As for your AP issue, a better screenshot of your PFD and MFD (better closeup) could help debug. One frequent thing I’ve seen is people don’t always know that to fly in GPS mode and have AP follow your route requires you to intercept the route roughly in the direction of your path so it captures.

There is also a dedicated G3000/G5000 thread now with the developer helping answer questions. You might want to go there if you need additional help.


Also ensure you do not have any of the TBM mods installed, or old avionics mods / packages.

What you’re seeing is correct to the real aircraft. The avionics for the TBM have been completely overhauled and are accurate to what you would see if you stepped onto the actual flight deck of the TBM.

You are currently on a MANSEQ leg on the departure. This means that you’re expected to manually sequence to the next leg (either by going direct-to, heading mode, or with ATC vectors). This is here because the real departure has this published instruction:

Therefore, the autopilot lateral navigation will keep you on the published 348 course until you tell it to do something else. In your case, I would just do a direct-to your next leg.


It is disappointing to think that more realistic screen might be what I have to use. It is very difficult to see. I will look at that Garmin thread. Thanks. I suppose I’ll have to get used to it. That’s progress.

As I mentioned, I have flown that plane a lot, including an around the world trip. AP would always lock in at any time and get the plane on course. I know there have been IFR issues in VR so I abandoned VR a couple weeks ago to avoid them.

I tried flying manually to get back on course. When I got on course, I hit AP, the plane started turning to get back on that bizarre northerly direction. I took a closeup of that error to both show the AP issue and better show the settings.

None. No mods or liveries.

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Please see my response to you just above the message I’m quoting: Garmin G3000/5000 Issues and Support - #10 by Bishop398

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Just to confirm there is no Charts function anymore after thge update?

Charts were not implemented in the new AAU1 G3000 due to legal and licensing restrictions.


@ Bishop398

Sry Matt,

only one simple question to not read or watch real TBM, is Minimums call functional or not due some reasons? I’ve set Radar Alt and reached and only Missed App white message appears. Thnx for your time.

Bad…but thx for the quick info!

Just an OMG! here. I am a TBM user and the update is just GREAT!!! Unbelievable work has been accomplished in this update. I have a new learning curve now. Love it!


Thanks for the reply Bishop398 but I suppose I am just not understanding it. I can’t even fly non-AP to the next waypoint (after that initial one) because I don’t know what it is or where it is.

I’ve tried several times, including a short Minnesota route. In that one there is no plan showing, no waypoints, no route waypoints in the Garmin, etc.

I set up a flight in the world map and nothing seems to get put into the TBM .

This is supposed to be fun. I load the game/simulator for an hour of enjoyment and today it’s been three hours of grief.

To add to the confusion, the new screens’ are not north up. I’ve read countless maps in my lifetime and never read them upside down or sideways. Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere in that Garmin to change that.

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Glad someone likes it. I probably have 800 hours of my near-1000 hours total and I’m lost.