Garmin GNS430W and GNS530W Issues and Support

Hello all, we are happy to announce the early access release of the GNS430W and GNS530W GPS units, available now in the Marketplace:

First introduced in 1997, Garmin’s GNS series revolutionized the general aviation cockpit. The GNS430 combined a full-color GPS moving map and a standard navigation and communications transceiver in a compact package that could easily integrate with existing cockpits. Two years later it was joined by a big-screen sibling, the GNS530. Together these systems brought an advanced level of navigational capability and enhanced safety to pilots everywhere, and they’ve been wildly successful with over 100,000 units installed to date.

Based on the same technology as the Working Title G1000 NXi, we bring to you an Early Access version of our highly accurate simulation of the WAAS-enabled GNS 430W and 530W. Installing this package will upgrade any plane using the stock GNS430 or 530 to the new code, bringing enhanced navigational accuracy and capability to your flying.

Because this is an Early Access product, you may notice functionality bugs and/or missing features.

Please note that aircraft developers may need to bring their aircraft in line with the latest autopilot code and CDI SimVar recommendations before the aircraft will be fully compatible with the GNS units. Aircraft that support a hot-swap between the GNS and other avionics systems (such as a third-party GTN navigator) are not currently supported, and users of those aircraft must either remove the third-party addon from the community folder or this version of the GNS from their Content Manager in MSFS. Developers should look at the GNS developer notes in the Guides section of our website.

Features Overview

  • Full usage of the next-gen flight plan system, including support for all the leg types that the real units support (all leg types but RF, heading legs, and some intercept turns)
  • Custom visuals to make it look and act extremely close to the real unit
  • All MAP pages implemented, with accurate map symbology and numerous menu settings
  • NEXRAD weather support
  • Full ADB-S spec-compliant TAS traffic implementation
  • Working VNAV page for V/S target projections
  • Full working simulation of GPS, including real-world data based satellite positions, SBAS coverage
  • Full RNAV simulation including correct LPV, LP, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV, LP+V, and LNAV+V guidance modes
  • Nearest intersection, VOR, NDB, and airport pages
  • Airport & Runway, intersection, VOR, NDB information pages
  • A number of AUX pages including system units settings and SBAS configuration
  • Keyboard entry mode support for waypoint entry

How does this compare to Pimarc’s?

Matt answered on Discord;

“These are much more advanced than the Pimarc units, especially where it concerns navigation”

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The PMS/Pimarc units are truly great mods, but these are much more advanced, especially in the flight planning capabilities, traffic, RNAV, etc.

Visually you’d also be hard pressed to pick them out of a lineup with the real units. :wink:


Appreciate the feedback! I had posted on Discord as well and Matt responded just as you were :slight_smile:

Thanks WT this has been needed for a while!

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Holy Garmin Batman!!! This is awesome! Excellent work!

Thank you so much.


Is there a pdf/manual for this, or is the Garmin manual the place to go? Thanks for your work, love the G1000NXI.

Hello WT,

veeery nice step to bring something new. To me now shame to not have functionality on my Seneca. Problem? Carenado still didn’t update this nice aircraft after one year??? so 430 isn’t functional, better to say can’t be ‘entered’ to continue after init. 530 working ok to my first tests. Really very nice product with more functionality than standard stock device. So what to do now, I’ll need stay with PMS great 750, no other way to me.

As we mention in our release notes, the GNS is not presently guaranteed to work in all third party aircraft. One of the big reasons for having this early access period is so that we can gather data around the third party aircraft and inform developers of any issues they may be having with their aircraft.

For this specific issue, it has been reported on our Discord and it is under investigation.

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It is! We recommend the real manual, since we model the real unit so closely.


Could it be possible select a waypoint, on the flightplan (for example the destination airport), click enter and jump into the waypoint info page instead of having to “write” the icao code on the info page? (I don’t know if this feature exists in the real unit).

Again, transmit my gratitude to all the developers involved in this project.

This was a nice surprise to see in the marketplace. Loving that the VNAV page is finally functional, among other things!

Thanks WT!


have you used the PA with this revision of GNS, on my side the Nav and Alt do not work on the V35 nor the Chancellor!

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I just love this new product, is very good with helpful interface also, hope it will continue to next good versions/updates. I can use it with only 530 in Carenado Seneca without problems but hope for quick 430 problem solution. I understand as we mentioned due 3-rd party aircraft update, what is required. Matt, can you pls take a look to GTN750 Project Topic where I’ve discovered probably another different WT core problem, not depended to GTN750 exactly, but don’t want to share it again somewhere else.

Link to my init post of problem: GTN750 Project - #1995 by OMICO4146

If it’s posted on PMS’ Discord, or Marc (PMS) posted on Working Title’s Discord, please copy the link and paste it here so that everyone understands exactly what is being asked. Thanks.


No, it isn’t posted on Discord by me,

and I don’t want have Discord anymore. As I said, it is inside GTN750 Topic as other users asking to report this for sure. You know, I’ve discovered this with GTN750 for first time, then other tests followed…

Okay, if it’s inside the GTN750 Topic on this board, please use the chain symbol to copy and paste the link in this thread. That thread is enormous, any assistance would be helpful.


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If I could report another thing for update and to be correct. If I stay dark/cold on apron/stand and fill FPL due ATC clearance, I expect defined SID from runway defined start point through its line to first departure point/fix, simply out completelly from aircraft position. Now is wrong, it draws turns from my actual position at apron/stand and going to some crazy turn then to first departure point/fix, simply departure is off from expected line. It is simply not correct to do corrections when I stay at runway start point for t/o and need here do corrections :wink:

If you have pictures / screenshots, that could help the Team visualize your report. Thanks!