General scenery question (observation) after SU5

Hi, I have the same issue with many many sink holes in the scenery.
Tried removing rolling cache and selecting low end graphics settings. Did not help at all.
This was all good prior to SU5.

Anybody out there that knows what causes this and a solution?

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Yup same issue. Probably for everyone. Really disappointed. My performance gains are amazing and I have no crashes (yet). Weather issue with temps at higher altitudes still not fixed after patch.

6900xt, 5800x, 1TB nvme, 32GB ddr4, 100mbps download speed

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Same issue for me.
Buiding autogen doesn’t work all around the world…
Trying the smart reinstall but nothing change

I experimented with the .CFG LOD values. Lod 5.0 brings, visually at least, somehow what we had before SU5.

However, lower res textures still display on the edge of the LOD 5 perimeter something that was not there previously, at least not here.

I tried Lod 9.0 (since my system is able to manage), no big impact on performance however the difference between 9 and 5 was almost not noticeable to me. Yet, when I pan with my TrackIR, it’s a choppy pan with LOD 9.

It’s complete annoying. Every week is worse than the last one. Airports are completely awful, not detailed, the grass around them seems like FSX… Microsoft must repair it!

ms2020 promised so much, and is no longer deliverying, maybe they are tired. maybe the dont care anymore, maybe we should go back to p3d and xplane ( well Maybe not xplane they dont know what there doing eather) so sad to see that asbo are failing on what the promist

Thats the Alps from FL350 right now (on Ultra)… That does look better in P3D to be honest… Huge downgrade for us PC users…


yes it actualy looks worse than fsx to be honist asbo are in deny that they toched the graphics haha your picture say 1000 words

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no they said it was downgraded

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maybe have a look at the ‘what did i do in msfs today’ thread, lots great pics.
it does not look worse for me , maybe clouds a bit less, but thats it
very happy with the su5.

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Im happy with the performance but the visuals are clearly downgraded. Just look at my pic… Thats the Alps!! For PC Users its just 3 steps backwards in any regard

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Look at the roads. Can’t tell me they looked like this before SU5 b/c that is plain wrong…

Live Traffic?!?!?! 2D cars that were 3D pre-SU5 (drone cam)

ULTRA preset @ 4k, film grain off

I sooo wish I had screenshots pre SU5 so I could have definitive proof, but alas… however, I’m sure all of you who played this SIM (it is a SIM right!!! …not a game???) on PC over the last several months can atest that this “update” is a giant step backwards. Bugs that will be fixed? Surely, because if I was an Asobo or MS employee that had any input on quality of product, I would be supremely embarassed, at minimum to the point that I’d stand up and say “Hey, we screwd up. we know it and we are going to fix it to make sure our customers are happy”. Free mkt right? That’s what you do to maintain a healthy business? Any of us that have played video games over the last 30 years know that bugs happen. It’s a given for complex computer platforms, I get it. Some acknowledgement of what’s happening behind the scenes would soothe all of our angers. Anyway, here’s some shots just west of KCLT where I fly quite a bit. Terrain textures are horrid. Objects and terrain don’t mesh smoothly like they did before. Photogrammetry not working correctly? Not on my end, all my hardware works just fine. All settings are appropriate. Tried to correct using several “workarounds” (LOD, post-process, etc) but nothing works around poorly implemented base files or data or w/e you want to blame it on.

Interestingly, I’ve flown this area many many times and can say w 100% certainty that these textures were never this bad, even on release day! Also, the absence of any live traffic on the road leads me to believe that something apart from graphics and cpu processes on the local machine are possible culprits. i.e.-is my machine just not getting the data from the servers to be able to display what it used to? I want to have faith that Asobo will get this figured out and hopefully they feel the same. I can’t even imagine how frustrated and angry 3rd party devs must be having to deal with all the issues.

RTX 2080Ti
32 GB RAM (of which MSFS is only using a fraction of)
…and a bunch of preipherals I’ve purchased to use for this sim that hopefully will not be money throw out the window

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TO THIS DAY i wonder how with every single update there are somewhat massive degrading changes that are never ever even mentioned in the changelog? If they are truly degrading in nature and on purpose i could know why, but at this rate this sim will really only look like FSX in a year.

Edinburgh prior UK WU

Edinburgh with UK WU (minus custom buildings f.e. parliament to the right)

Edinburgh with WU5 + hotfix2

and some more WU5 eyecandy


Everywhere I see the missing/low quality buildings I also see very low quality ortho. It looks like what you see in offline mode. I’m seeing more and more of these areas recently. It seriously needs fixing.

One minute it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen, next its one of the ugliest. I was was showing MSFS off to a friend yesterday having harped on about its incredible graphics to him for weeks… only for it to be a complete embarrassment. I explained it was bugged but he wasn’t impressed… and neither was I!


Hello to all MSFS simmers.
We have been told that this update, Sim Update 5, was going to improve the scenario considerably.
I live in a rural area near the city of Segovia, in Spain, so since the 2004 ACOF version, then with the FSX version and now with the current one, I usually fly with the Cessna 172 and enjoy the landscape, since from the ACOF I have had photographic scenarios from all over Spain. Well, after SIM Update 5, the Cathedral and the Alcazar have disappeared from the scene of Segovia, and, what is worse, the Roman Aqueduct, a World Heritage Site, has become a miserable wall. My settings are in Ultra mode, set automatically by the simulator, so I think I have hardware for it (i7 11700K, 64 Gb RAM, 2 Tb. M.2 NVMe, GTX 1660 6 Gb GDDR6 …)
I regret not having a video of the previous stage, but I can assure you that the three monuments made a good impression on me when I saw them for the first time in the current version, just released, back in August 2020, so now I have taken a great disappointment …

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It happens even at lower altitudes, e.g., below 10,000 ft. In spot plane, or looking out a side window the scenery seems to melt away to out of focus 2-dimensions as you focus on it. Just in the area around the aircraft. It still looks 3-dimentional in the distance. Is it bandwidth or a deliberate adjustment in the game engine that ASOBO applied in order to increase frame rates and eliminate some of the stuttering that some have been experiencing. If it is bandwidth it is not on my part since I have over 100 mb bandwidth and I use no caching. Never had a stutter or low frame rate issues but this scenery effect kind of takes away the main appeal of this simulator. All the promo shots they offered before release showed the great realistic 3-D scenery. I for one don’t like having to make that sacrifice. I have everything maxed on ULTRA and still experiencing this. They should make it an option rather than forcing all of us to lose graphic integrity.

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Yep all graphics have been downgraded for performance gains that weren’t needed and to make it work on XBox

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Xbox and the PC versions are both different. The graphics were downgraded on the PC for it to run properly on more PCs.

This is still not acceptable in my opinion, you can’t just downgrade people’s graphics, there was no performance issue, if people were unhappy with their performance, they should have turned down the settings or get a better PC, this is how it has been for ever.

This has also been in other games when the graphics had been lowered to run on mid-range PCs and it was even done on FSX when it first came out.