Giving up on simming after update V?

That’s like reverse engineering the BGL for that airplane… for some freeware aircraft that can be done, payed stuff is encrypted. The rest of your print info is in the livery ! You’ll need some different colors and handwork for the final touch… If you have a big printer you can do this…

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Probably as often as people say they’ll never watch their team again after a bad defeat. It’s an expression, we know they don’t mean it.

Personally I think the issue is a game bugged enough with no apparent trajectory of improvement to make people feel that way. But this being the internet people are more interested in catching people out than dealing with the issues they raise.

Yes, I think this is exactly the issue. However I just happen not to agree with it, on the contrary. I think people concentrate too much on their pet bugs and lose big picture. Like OP, there is a perfectly easy workaround to the terrain morphing now, yet he has decided that since his pet bug was not fixed in this WU, he will take his hat and leave.

I can confirm this also

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And then you look up a week later… And they’re still here! It must be magic of some kind.


Its the subliminals that keep them coming back…

Runs butter smooth for me. Enjoying it so much I get goosebumps. Been flying every day for 3 weeks now.

Lol…exactly this. There’s that small group of chronic flamers (always the same individuals) that seem to love disrupting this forum and spread negativity, they literally thrive doing that.


No, they are actually bugs.

You need to file a ticket with Zendesk :slightly_smiling_face:

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I actually find people being negative about some other people’s negative experience hugely negative :slight_smile: Let’s not go back to the days of the Commodore 64 vs BBC micro fan boy wars (I’m showing my age here). Yes if there are trolls just stirring up negativity because, well, they love stirring up negativity then that’s not good. This is however a free world (ish) and so that shouldn’t preclude somebody who isn’t having the best sim experience from discussing it with other people on public forums. If you don’t want to engage or help, as some wonderful people have done, then you’ll only annoy yourself by feeling the need to comment on every negative statement. People saying negative things about the sim shouldn’t detract from the fact that it is an incredible piece of software engineering which can give so many people so much enjoyment. It could - however - be much better through a little work and better consideration from Asobo. Hopefully after the “xbox SU5 speed bump” (for some) they can get this back on track for a wider range of people. People calling out bugs and pointing out the poor experience that they had since SU5 hopefully allows the community and developers to move forward: if we just sat in silence the sim would suffer. And also you might ask yourself whether some of the people criticising the product do so out of love for it. They want it to be better, they know it can be better.

So - happy thoughts about the sim, but don’t please don’t try to shoot down people who have a poor experience of it, well not until Top Gun pack is released. If you do find consistent negativity from some then the best way it to starve them by not engaging and let their post’s whither. Anyway, that’s my personal opinion. I hope you continue to enjoy flying the sim and get a great experience from it. As I’ve said before in the post I loved the escapism of flying in a beautiful almost real world simulation and was heartbroken when SU5 took that away from me; hopefully with latest bug fixes and suggestions from kind hearted people on this forum I can get that back.

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Amazing, thanks for sharing. I apologise for us wandering off topic folks but I wonder if you could get a big enough printer to have a go at making something like this insane RC model: GIANT AIRBUS A380 - YouTube :joy:

I don’t react to each and every negative comment, too many of those. It’s important to understand and differentiate between toxic posts at the core and constructive criticism, they’re obviously not the same. Unfounded claims that aren’t backed up by evidence and proper data can cause a lot of damage, that’s not okay. I’m all for constructive criticism, but seeing the same toxic individiuals ridiculing the sim, spreading false information and hijacking the forums and every ■■■■ positve post with their vitriol, gets on everybody’s nerves and has nothing to do with voicing an opinion, it’s just forum disruption and stress for the mods. Anyway, I’m glad the sim is making progress and we’re going places, let’s focus on that.


I am still flying MSFS2020 but I find the mandatory updates to be very distruptive. I prefer to choose which update to apply and evaluate. Unexpected changes in flight or instrument behavior is not a good thing.

With each MSFS mandatory update, I seem to spend more time with Zibo or DCS until hotfixes or mod updates. Having multiple releases of DCS or XP allows multiplayer use and also known stable versions. That requires a good amount of disk space but that is relatively cheap right now compared to GPUs.

Since I value proper avionics more than scenery, I really appreciate the good work from WT and the community mods.

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