Giving up on simming after update V?

It’s weird though, cause when 2D it does not really translate like that, also to be honest. Lately only flying turboprops wich seem to act more pull. It has been a while since i flown an airliner, need to check if the airbus throttle is in stock, if so will probably do again.

I’m kind of behind with VR. Currently, I’m afraid i won’t really be an helpfull hand there :frowning: .

Ok, kind of read the rxp threads, understand the complexities and the sensitivities. I will leave it by that :wink:

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SU5 killed simming for me. I was asking today if Asobo even fixed the Gamepad and Mouse controls at the same time and nope.

It’s amazing how many things they broke in the console port that aren’t even on the list of things to be fixed. With the flawed voting system where they don’t actually know their own game it will probably never be fixed unless people keep whining about it constantly and after 11 months of trying to get this sim running properly I just had enough of this nonsense. I miss my SU4 DC6B though and let me tell you this sim had basically none of these issues at launch on PC either.

I would just like to add even though I have never complained about the geometry popping/morphing it was never an issue at launch and before SU2 or 3. There was absolutely no terrain popping at launch in this sim and it was absolutely beautiful. Out of the box I had 55 FPS in the cockpit with the medium glass panel refresh fix flying King Air or 320 no problem. Hell I was up to 90FPS plus in external with High/Ultra in 1080p and perfect GSYNC with no tearing nothing. When they did the big VSYNC swap chain switch for WU3 that is when performance and problems started popping up.

No dev after release should be switching vsync swap chain interval let me tell you that. What is worse is their lead engineer never bothered to fix it or properly implement the new version. Had GSYNC issues ever since and now you see these new tearing reports and what a mess. Honestly id rather MS just give me the launch version of MFS back after a month away from this sim. Even SU4 was not the best version.

Asobo absolutely destroyed this sim with every update after release from a technical stand point because I know I complained about the updates and posted bug reports. Sure eventually icing got fixed and a few bugs but they added so many more. I can’t even bare to look at the current state of it. It’s exactly the same thing that left me not interested in simming decades ago.

Such poor quality control. How this sim could go from where it was at launch on PC to where it is now is just mind boggling.


I was thrilled last August to finally have a sim where the world did not pop into view at a distance. Now we are back to just that. Evidently some people claim to not have a problem with it but I bet if ASOBO provides a slider to help eliminate the pop ins those vary same people will be cranking that slider up as far as they reasonably can


Let’s hope that they do provide that slider!!!

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I can’t say I can’t agree with a lot of what you’ve written, but I wouldn’t personally attribute what you’re raising to any form of “destroying on purpose” either. There are however specific things that were changed and predating the release which are documented as being destroyed on purpose.

These are discussed in the following topic, here is a post illustrating pre-release vs different updates:
Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions - #1075 by Grinde81

I’ve tried to gather all other noticeable issues of this topic in one post here:
External lights only render on Right eye + Random ghosting image on Right eye only - #6 by CptLucky8

Yep. Just like how they screamed about how 20 FPS was all you needed, then after SU5, they are all about some 40 or 60 FPS.

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At the risk of causing further trauma, I can confirm that it is quite possible to run MSFS at high settings on a GTX1060 6gb in a PC. It was definitely stuttery in high impact areas pre SU5 but following SU5 and the two hotfixes it is running smoother than ever, fixed at 30fps on an 1080 27" screen, even over NYC.

Interestingly, the default settings chosen by MSFS have been High since launch day, suggesting to me at least that it assumes it is possible.

For ref, my 1060 is running alongside a Z97P motherboard, an i5 4690k, 32gb DDR3 RAM, and with MSFS running off an M2 SSD shared only with Windows.

As I have posted in other threads, having had endless CTDs and BSODs with P3D, I promised myself that I would

  • install MSFS onto a clean, uncluttered SSD
  • turn off overclocks
  • not tweak config files
  • keep Windows, drivers etc updated
  • assume that mods and system overloads were likely to be the source of instability until proved otherwise
  • empty the community folder before updates

So far? Less than half a dozen CTDs since Aug last year, all due to issues with mods.

One other caveat. I am a VFR / Bush flier with no interest in complex tubeliners or using them to undertake long intercontinental flights at x4 sim rate whilst watching YouTube (which I have discovered through this forum really is a thing!).

Of course, other people’s mileage may vary and I sympathise with anyone who has been having continued problems.


Glad SU5 (and “healthy living install”!) is working out for you. The wonderful thing reading this forum is finding the many ways people enjoy the sim. Pre SU5 I used to enjoy - not exclusively I hasten to add - cruising an Airbus at FL160 in drone mode watching the scenery going by whilst doing the ironing. Each to their own huh :slight_smile:

don’t. why would you? personally, i flew more other sims the last weeks. i’m looking forward to the next MSFS sim update, and other sims progressing and adding content. it’s a vast world out there, don’t restrict yourself to just one thing.

happy flying pilot (i know you will) :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say that is not a combination I have tried but I will!

Perhaps there is a new thread to open to document the number of different ways that people use the sim?

■■■■ right it’s a thing! :joy: :joy:

Now I understand how people on here have logged thousands of hours of flight time in a year, even with all the bugs and problems! :joy::joy:

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Well. WU6. I reinstalled to check if the graphics had returned to “normal” and - in Alaska - “better-ish” but no cigar. LOD Pop LOD pop LOD pop now half way up the screen (SU5 was a third of way up screen) and some terrible textures that just never got loaded at all (not weak satellite data just areas that had some kind of low quality pseudo-texture wrapped over the mountains): at Ultra settings, Ultra new cache setting etc.)
Teleported to San Fran bay and it felt a lot better (still popping but not so obvious - when you have LOD with snow on the ground it’s hard not to miss - but just felt blury; yes I know in reality it isn’t sharp to the horizon, the human eye, distortion effects etc. etc.)
I felt that I saw a lot more tearing (black lines appearing through the terrain) or maybe that’s just me.
Anyway, yes there have been big “improvements” (as in steps to getting back to where it was before SU5), but I’m generally under-whelmed for my style of flying. I’m giving it a 6 month break, maybe that will allow MS to add more bandwidth/server power which I think is a major factor at play here (and why some people seem to have perfect visuals but others not?)
Anyway, hope you’re all getting far better visuals and having lots of fun. Happy Christmas to you all :slight_smile:
Bye, G

How many times can people " give up something " , and create posts / threads about it ?

Sigh :roll_eyes:


Try setting the usercfg terrain LOD to 3 (or whatever your system can take above the default max 2). I have been flying yesterday in Austrian alps and today in Swiss alps, the terrain pop-ins (morphing) are almost completely gone. You should also keep in mind that it is a separate issue that has been in the game since last year, coming and going and that there was no indication from the devs at any point that this WU would bring a fix to it. Same goes for the PG building morphing in cities. The new setting was to fix the LOD pop-ins of buildings in distance, and exactly that it has done (if you actually make use of it and set to high or ultra, the default setting is the same as after SU5).

Oh, and before I forget, also set your 2D render scaling to 100% if you check night flying, there is a bug with the lighting and the render scaling if it is set to anything but 100%. There is a fix coming next week in a hotfix for that as mentioned here in the latest dev update from yesterday.

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Many times I’d imagine!
I guess this is a sign of some people’s love/hate relationship with simming.
It’s not the lowest frustration hobby you could have, but it needn’t be this way (I’m talking to you Asobo)
That said I’ve taken up 3D printing recently which gives it a run for its money!
But I have other things to do…

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Well , on a positive note , at least you show some common sense and good judgement ( ie taking a step back for a while / jumping into another hobby ) .

You are also not " haunting " the forum with negative vibes , which should be commended !! :+1:

Yes great stuff, 3d printers… but the performance of 3d printers is about 1/20000 Fps for most objects. It takes a while… Did you know, before the 3d printing you can put the obj model in the sim ? Read the obj into Blender, convert it with the Khronos tool and put it in your SDK project, before you actually print it… or while you print it…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (things combine, though I must admit this is not a simmers thing)

Thanks. I understand there is a lot of needless negativity and discussing here has really helped me to see the bigger picture and understand that a lot of people here are having a great time :-). AND people have reached out to try to help, which is what community is all about and restores a little of my faith in humankind. I will have “another go” after next hot fix and try with lod .cfg thing; I don’t want to give it a break, but I will if I need to. Take care and keep the blue side up :slight_smile:

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1/20000 fps :joy: now that is LOD popping in the extreme! Love the idea of “printing things” into the sim. I did wonder at one point about going the other way and taking, say, the A32NX out Blender and seeing if I could 3D print it, just for a laugh. Maybe if I take time out I can refine my skills in this area.

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